Joe Babinsack with the annual Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide
Yes, it’s time for my annual, typically over-worded suggestions for the gift-giving season. Sure, it’s a partial recap of reviews, but I’m pointing out the good stuff for fans and for friends and family of fans.
Obviously if you’re into the mainstream, you know where to find stuff about the WWE and TNA.
Kayfabe Commentaries
My number one pick for professional wrestling fans of all ages and eras is Kayfabe Commentaries. Obviously the Bruno Interview is off-the-charts, but you can’t go wrong and I’m sure you can find a suitable name, topic or time period of the WWE, WCW or ECW that makes sense.
The subject matter is typically adult in most cases, and almost always for the “advanced” level of fan, but the casual or mainstream fan should find Kayfabe Commentaries enjoyable and informative.
Ring of Honor
I still have hopes, after all these years, that ROH can become the true alternative to the mainstream. If you want to expand the professional wrestling galaxy for a die-hard mainstream fan, this is a definite promotion to explore.
Find DVDs, event Tickets, and merchandise at
Also look for compilations featuring various, current WWE stars like some guy named Bryan Danielson.
Indie Promotions
On one hand, there are far too many to name, and I’m sure I’ll miss someone, but here’s a quick list of promotions of note:
Dragon Gate USA (
Evolve (
PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerilla) (
Absolute Intense Wrestling (
Tickets for live shows are a great way to experience the other side of professional wrestling and see the future stars today, plus enjoy the talents of guys and gals who tend to have a lot more passion for the business. (Well, they don’t always get paid well, so most are doing it more for the love of the artform).
If you’re seeing this where you should be ( an obvious choice is a newsletter, whether the one by Dave Meltzer or the one Bryan Alvarez or the others on this site, or signing up for the site itself.
But for those long time Wrestling Observer Newsletter subscribers, an awesome gift could be the “Official Index of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter”, as compiled by Grant Zwarych < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >. Grant also has stuff on Ebay.
Fiction, inspired by Randy Savage
This is a book I still need to review, but PDFs and me don’t mix well, so I’ll give it a plug in this format.
Savage: 1986-2012, by Nathaniel Moore, $20.00
Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness (WWE) Paperback
I just read Dustin Runnel’s book, which is short, honest (in pro wrestling terms) and quite the inspiration considering the battling of demons of drugs and alchohol.
For those who wonder why there’s such a vibe about Goldust these days, this book is probably a reason, and can be found at Amazon, on the cheap, but it is well worth it.
And may deserve a deeper look.
WWNLive for On Demand Wrestling Stuff
Yeah, I’m partial because Kayfabe Commentaries gives me access, and a little cross because I can’t seem to get much else from other promotions, but I’ve yet to have any significant issues with their products:

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