Blood Red Turns Green Volume 2 book review

A Review of Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Volume 2 by Paul O’Brien
Reviewer: Lavie Margolin

Did you think the scene where “Stone Cold” Steve Austin broke into Brian Pillman’s house with a gun was too over the top? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Shane “Sugarstick” Montrose is an aging star looking for one more shot at the top. He can barely keep his family together, lives like a rock star while frivolously spending his money, acting with no inhabitations and finds the wrong married women to maintain an extramarital affair with. Wondering why you’ve never seen clips of this guy on Youtube or can’t recall his name from the Observer reports? It’s because Shane and a plethora of other characters from Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Volume 2 aren’t real. No, not that kind. They really aren’t real. When you become engrossed in this book, you’ll wish that author Paul O’Brien was a writer for your favorite Monday night show as it would be far more interesting!

Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Volume 2 picks up right where volume 1 ended but it isn’t necessary that you’d have read any prior books to give this one a chance. Danno is the New York promoter who was expecting to enter a boom period and expand his territory now that he finally had the champion. Once he did get the champion, he realized it wasn’t the most important thing in the world.

Following the horrific events that unfolded in Texas, Danno Garland begins to lose his mind and bring the whole wrestling business down with him just when it seems like he should be on top of the world. Normally a book that flashes back and forth to different points in time is confusing and hard to follow. This book did it in a smooth way and it is easy for the reader to follow. You may come for the wrestling (or the crime fiction) but you’ll stay for the characters. O’Brien nails it every time. From Lenny Long to Ricky Plick, this is how you create a wrestling universe.

I voted for this book as the wrestling book of the year in the Wrestling Observer awards (category B, #12). Give it a try and you may too.  To find out more about Blood Red Turns Dollar Green Volume 2, you can go to author, Paul O’Brien’s website at

About the Reviewer: Lavie Margolin is a long-time pro wrestling fan and author of The LinkedIn Butterfly Effect. For my information on Lavie, visit his website,, or tweet him @Laviemarg

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