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Thumbs leaning upward.
Best match - Bryan and Wyatt
Worst match - NA
My first PPV since the Mania that had the Lawler vs Cole 60 minute iron man match.  Thought for sure they were pulling the trigger on Bryan tonight and wanted to see it.
Overall I did enjoy the show.  I fast forward the vast majority of the tv that I do catch, so I was very pleased at a complete lack of filler matches.
Didn't care for the pre show match.  The NAO are a fun enough act, but would work much better as bit players than the god damn champions of a fairly resurgent tag division.  Since they did nothing with the Rhodes brothers in the rumble hopefully that means they continue their team forward. 
Bryan and Wyatt was the best match I've seen in ages, but I admittedly don't catch a ton.  Wyatt's commitment to his character reminds me of Mankind's original run.  He really goes for it.  Just great pro wrestling.  It's a real pleasure to watch Bryan work.
Lesnar/Show was a smart way to play it, but was executed very awkwardly.  I didn't understand Brock, Heyman or Show's facials during the post match beat down.  Felt like all three we're phoning it in, but I might not be tied into the storyline enough to 'get it'.
Cena and Orton are two guys I don't have a ton of interest in, but I thought it was admirable how well they did with the crowd so against them.  I really liked Orton busting out the STF and AA.  I've never seen them do those spots, but I imagine it's old news to most.  I thought that was as good a run in finish as you're likely to see.  Everyone moves forward into smart programs.
The Rumble is a great gimmick that's almost always fun, but this one was a miss for me.  It should be a great jumping off point to give the middle card some direction, and they really didn't bother in this case.  Reigns and Sheamus were probably the only guys that benefited from the match in any way.  Ziggler, Ryback, Sandow and Del Rio all stood out as guys that took huge steps backwards when they should be building the shit out of these guys to carry them forward after Wrestlemania when this years part time players take off again.  Smart move putting Rey in the 30 spot if they weren't going to have Bryan... Too bad it didn't work.  Poor Rey.  I would have no problem with Batista showing up and main eventing Summerslam as a one off to help promote the movie, but to headline Wrestlemania?  Nobody wanted that when he was a headliner.  Big downer to end the show.  It'll be interesting to see what they do with Bryan, because everyone else seems to have something lined up.  Him winning the Chamber won't have 1% the effect winning this show would have had, but let's all hope anyway.
Thanks for everything you guys do, been with you since dial up.
Name Withheld please

Thumbs DOWN
Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
Worst Match: A close race, but I'll go with Lesnar vs. Show
This was the first WWE PPV I've ordered since SummerSlam, and the first non-NXT WWE show I've watched in its entirety at all (including free TV) since probably September. Boy did I pick the wrong show to break both of those streaks, and thank god these shows will soon be $9.95 and not $54.95 anymore. That was the worst Royal Rumble pay-per-view I've ever seen (and I've seen them all), and up there for the worst Rumble matches, save some fun spots.
Here's the thing: I'm not even as big of a Bryan mark as most of the crowd in Pittsburgh appeared to be, I'm more of a CM Punk mark. The Bryan fiasco will overshadow Punk's truly stupid elimination, by a guy who had already been eliminated (and it must be said, historical precedent or not, the idea that a guy who has already been eliminated or isn't in the match can legally eliminate someone who IS in the match is SO INCREDIBLY STUPID), to set-up a match that no one wants to see at the Chamber PPV, which then probably sets up ANOTHER match that ALMOST no one wants to see Punk wasted in at WrestleMania. Cool. Awesome. Anyway, here's the thing about the Bryan fiasco: it was so easily avoidable. All you had to do was put Bryan in at #20 or something and have him get eliminated, maybe in screwy fashion. Boom. Would the crowd have been pissed? Sure. Would they have turned on the match in such spectacular fashion and booed so much of it out of the building? Probably not. So this was so incredibly stupid and easily avoidable.
Anyway. The Rumble match itself pretty much sucked. Way too much dead time with too many guys no one cares about in for too long. The surprises mostly sucked (JBL is super-over as a mystery entrant, so he comes in and does the 1997 Jerry Lawler spot just to piss off the crowd EVEN MORE? Kevin fucking Nash, with half as loud a pop this time? a guy from NXT who's supposed to be unstoppable and yet had even less of an impact than Bo Dallas did? Sheamus was the only decent surprise). The match had a few fun spots, but when a midget comedy segment (and cool, Fandango is over in some cities and has a fun gimmick so let's have him get eliminated by a midget just to make sure no one on earth even thinks he's a midcard threat, YEE-HAW!) is probably my second favorite thing in the entire Royal Rumble match, that's a problem. The Shield payoff was nice and if they had called an audible and had Roman Reigns eliminate Blown Up Batista it would have at least left us with an enormous pop and a positive endnote instead of such a downer. But other than that, the Rumble basically sucked. Among the worst Rumble matches I've ever seen.
Bryan-Wyatt was great, maybe even better than I expected, and Wyatt going over was perfectly fine. The finish made sense and was believable and gave him some much-needed singles credibility.
Brock-Big Show was TERRIBLE. Brock Lesnar should not have needed a steel chair pre-match attack to beat the FRIGGIN' BIG SHOW. I've always liked Show, but the Survivor Series buyrate should show that he means absolutely nothing on top in 2014. Lesnar should have beaten him clean in two minutes with the F5, and if you wanna do the overly long and boring chair beatdown afterwards, knock yourself out. As it is, TWO overly long chair beatdowns was ludicrously long and stupid, and again, Lesnar shouldn't need a pre-match chair attack to beat Show! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. And boring. Boring and stupid.
Cena vs. Orton was probably a technically fine match with good structure, once we got past the obligatory Orton Chinlock of course, but good god was it impossible to get into it given the crowd reactions. Which were predictable given the crowd that comes to a Rumble PPV in a northeastern city, but you know, WWE doesn't care apparently. They just send guys out there knowing a match will die and get crapped on, apparently. I felt so bad for both guys, who really did their best and there was nothing wrong with this match whatsoever. It's not their fault they've been on top for the past decade, nor is it their fault they've been booked against each other ten thousand times, most recently LAST MONTH. The crowd was so obviously going to turn on this match that everyone could see this coming, except apparently World Wrestling Entertainment. Or they just didn't care. I don't know which is worse: not knowing everyone was going to turn on this match, or not caring that your #2 PPV of the year's big unified title match was going to get booed out of the building. Insanely stupid, and an insult to both guys. A perfectly fine pro wrestling match that never should have happened.
So to summarize the Royal Rumble PPV, it sucked, almost entirely because of booking. And boy does it not bode well for WrestleMania. Batista-Orton absolutely WILL get booed out of the building. Cena-Wyatt easily could get booed out of the building too. I'm still getting the WWE Network because of the sheer amount of historical footage (and NXT), but if the deal was simply "$9.95 for every PPV, including WrestleMania, and that's it", I would almost certainly not. WWE is in a depressing place right now, and the dumbest part of it all is that they could EASILY have a fantastic promotion, because they have all the talent to do it. And some of them even fit their preconceived notions of what a superstar entails. But jesus christ, they need to figure out a way to start giving the audience more of what they want, unless they really want to have all their main events hijacked every month from now on. Terrible.
John Carroll
Colonia, NJ

WWE Royal Rumble
Thumbs Down
Best Match: Daniel Bryan v Bray Wyatt
Worst Match: Big Show v Brock Lesnar
Boy that Daniel Bryan sure isn't over. WWE put him in the curtain-jerker against a REAL main eventer, the guy John Cena will face at WrestleMania. And the crowd definitely forgot about him for the next two hours.
And then everyone woke up.
This crowd decided that they got screwed when Bryan lost and spent the rest of the night entertaining themselves and punishing everybody else on the card. So Rey Misterio as #30 got booed (when it fact it wasn't his reaction) and even Batista got booed (which will be sweetened by tomorrow night).
But don't worry. WWE will make sure that in the next month or so, we will all forget this night ever happened and that Batista, Sheamus, Randy Orton, and John Cena are the REAL big four in the WWE.
Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

Thumbs slightly down
Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
Worst Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show
Well, apparently WWE's new business strategy is to burn money.  Yeah, let's not put Daniel Bryan in the Rumble match even though that's what EVERYONE watching wants to see.  Nope, those precious Rumble spots are reserved for true current superstars like Kevin Nash, JBL, Alex Rusev, and El Torito.
Seriously idiots?  Is it 2005 again?  What in the name of holy hell makes you think Dave Batista is a suitable big-name WrestleMania replacement for The Rock?  None of us asked for him to come back.  When Dwayne came back a couple years ago it was a big deal.  He's a WWE megastar and a huge name in Hollywood.  Batista was a marginal draw and a C-list movie star.  Having him win the Rumble tonight (much to the delight of NO ONE in attendance, mind you) was the equivalent of keeping Steve Austin out of the Rumble in 1998 and having the returning Ultimate Warrior win it.  Batista's not relevant and I guarantee the planned Orton-Batista 'Mania match, should it happen, will go down as one of the weakest WM main events in history.  Right up there with Hogan vs. Slaughter, Taker vs. Sid, and Cena vs. Miz.
Also, they had Bryan LOSE the feud to Bray Wyatt?  Really?  REALLY?  Wyatt advances from his feud with Bryan to feud with John Cena now?  Are you stoned?
The way this card was booked is so utterly baffling to me.  Nothing about it was logical except having Lesnar beat Big Show, which by the way was a terrible and pointless match.
I watched the show with ten other people, some of whom are more casual fans, and no one in the room liked Batista winning.
Batista has to be turned heel to save this run.  Has to.  The RAW crowd tomorrow is going to crucify him.
-Justin Ballard
Boston, MA

Cannot give an opinion on anything in terms of best match, worst match or thumbs up/down due to the issues I'll tell you about.
I'm currently in Vegas and was not able to find anywhere showing the Rumble and was not able to order it in my hotel. I started trying to order it online at about 4:55 and by 5:30, I was so frustrated I gave up and I kept getting a message saying the service was unavailable. I was finally able to order it on my Android phone using the app but the screen froze after 10 seconds of video constantly. I saw a bit of the Brock beatdown on Big Show and a choppy version of the Shield interview and the pre-match package of Cena-Orton.
I also spent over half an hour on hold with WWE support before finally getting connected and promptly disconnected before I could talk to anyone. I then got an email from WWE saying that I could watch either from the app or on a desktop or laptop if I used the link in the email. I logged on with my laptop that way and was able to start watching 10 entrants into the Rumble. I saw the Rumble match from that point on without issue.
They need to get their $hit together if they're planning on having online replace PPV in less than a month is all I can say.
I really enjoyed the Rumble. Seems obvious they should've entered Bryan into the match but I have a feeling that anticipation will lead to a bigger moment for him when the fans finally get what they want.
Paul Fontaine

Hi Dave,
  Just wanted to give my thoughts on the Royal Rumble. I give the show a thumbs up, not a huge thumbs up, but thumbs up regardless. It was a good effort, except for the final 4 when the crowd turned on the match, but otherwise a good show. I would have to say the best match of the night would have to be Bray - Bryan which was awesome, and worst match of the night going to Cena - Orton mostly because I just didn't care who won that match.
Pre-Show - I thought the live pre show format was cool with Josh Matthews talking with Flair, Duggan, and Michaels rather then the usual in studio segment running down the card. But the banter between them had alot to be desired, you know you are in trouble when Jim Duggan is the most well spoken person in the group. Flair looked dazed and confused and looked like he was holding onto the announcer's table for dear life, maybe a few beverages before they went on the air?
Outlaws -VS- Rhodes Brothers - Good match for what it was, short and sweet since the Outlaws don't look like they have the gas to go very long. Odd choice to have them win the title since the Rhodes brothers have been a great tag team and I don't think Goldust has ever looked better or wrestled better in his career. Maybe they are finally setting up a Wrestlemania match between Cody and Goldust?
Bryan - Wyatt - Excellent match that was just really incredible. Probably mostly because of Daniel Bryan, but Bray Wyatt can really move and wrestle well for a big guy. Wyatt really kept up well with Bryan, and this match was all over the place. Wyatt's upside down spider crawl or whatever that was looked creepy. But great match, stole the show in my opinion.
Lesnar-Show - Was very good just in the pure strength and physical factor with brutality. First time a match with Big Show that was not boring, but then again all he had to do was lay there and sell the chair shots. Lesnar is an athletic freak, can't believe he got the F5 on Show like he was a rag doll. Maybe too many chair shots, and Show really should have done a stretcher job for taking shots like that, but also good for what it was.
Orton - Cena - For me this match was was a restroom break and food run before the Rumble started. I can't stand Cena, and Orton has really been portrayed as a weak crybaby champion since winning the unified title and I've kinda lost interest in him too. I was just hoping that we would not have to endure yet another Cena title win, so in that regard Orton winning was great. And what's with Orton still having two world titles? I thought the title's were unified right? And I'm also wondering why I paid 55 bucks for a PPV and WWE is airing commercials in between the matches? But I digress.
Rumble Match - Was a good match until things completely hit the wall when Rey was the last entrant and the crowd turned on the match badly since Daniel Bryan was not in the match. The final 4 getting booed on live TV, they must have been freaking out backstage. Poor Batista, nothing was going to get him over at this point, and it was evident he was going to win and headline Wrestlemania. Don't see a quality match if Orton is still champ and they go with Batista-Orton. They will have to involve Bryan somehow at this point in the main event. But not much for surprises this year other then Kevin Nash, again. The crowd popped big for Ziggler, poor Mysterio had to deal with the crowd simply because he was not Daniel Bryan. They kinda cheated with a few entrants like Kane and JBL since they were not really involved in the match and those spots could have gone to someone else. Although it set's up a Kane - Punk match for Mania, but who really want's to see that? I was hoping for a big surprise, like maybe the return of Taker, Jericho, Hogan, or even Sting. That would have been awesome, but again I digress. But it was a good show, not the best rumble match, but there have been worse rumble matches in history. But you could literally feel the whole show just hit the wall when the crowd turned on the match when Bryan was not an entrant, wow! Crowd hijacked it again, cool! But I'm glad I purchased the show and gave it a thumbs up.
Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.

Hey Dave,
Thumbs up
Best match: Bryan/Wyatt
Worst match: Cena/Orton.. Well worked, crowd killed it.
I had four friends over for the royal rumble, three of which haven't watched wrestling since about 2007 and one who hasn't watched since Edge retired. They heard the yes chants everywhere and decided to come over for the show. We've already made arrangements for the elimination chamber, which is good news. They believe Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt and CM Punk are stars, never really having seen any of them, which is also good. The bad? Well, everyone was pissed that Daniel Bryan not only didn't win, but didn't make an appearance in the match itself. They're all very confused as to why an audible wasn't called for Reigns to win, after the crowd clearly turned on the show. Hopefully they have something good planned. I guess we'll see.
Ryan Thompson

Best Match: Bryan-Wyatt
Worst Match: Cena-Orton
Stevie Wonder had more vision tonight at the Grammy's than WWE Booking committee did going into this pay per view. When you are one month away from launching the WWE Network I would think you would want to give your fan base (aka consumers) what they want. Not saying they need to make Daniel Bryan a mega-star or give him a 1 year title reign, or even have him headline WrestleMania, but for the love of god if he won the Rumble and was in the "thick of the WWE Title Hunt" for another month would it have made any difference in the big picture?  Probably not! And it would have your fan base jazzed for the product as you launch the network!!  The Rumble wasn't bad, but the crowd said it all. Bunch of mid-carders with Punk and Batista and not a shock who won. Was just a match that you watched waiting for the inevitable. Cena-Orton is what is is. Lesnar-Big Show I actually thought they made it interesting. I would rather watch that than see Lesnar-Big Show do a 10-13 min "wrestling match." the PPV peaked with the first match and it was all downhill from there. If you didn't see it, no need to buy the replay folks.
Mike Oliva

Thumbs Down
Best Match: Bryan/Wyatt
Worst Match: Orton/Cena
I’m 45 years old and I’ve been watching my whole life. I get it - they don’t book for me, and they don’t care what I think. But what amazes me is that they don’t book for my eight year old son either - he went to bed asking why Daniel Bryan wasn’t in the Rumble, and who was this Batista guy? At least it’s not like the SummerSlam, when he went to bed crying when Bryan was screwed out of the title. He’s already learned not to invest in WWE faces...
Bart Beaty
Hi Guys,
I gave the show a thumbs up.
Best Match: Bryan vs Wyatt
Worst Match: Lesnar vs Show
Dont think we needed the Old Age Outlaws winning the tag belts in this generation but whatever. Could be planting more seeds for the Rhodes break up as Goldust wasnt there to save Cody from the pin. Pretty weak as well with Bill running Goldust into the barricade to stop him from breaking up teh pin when these guys are kicking out of more punishing moves than that.
Bryan vs Wyatt was a very well worked match and Bray more than held up his end of it. Thought the Sister Abigail into the barricade was a cool spot as well as Bryan's tornado DDT off the ring apron. They gave teh match plenty of time and I was entertained teh whole way. Bryan did a great job of helping to elevate Bray but what is next for Bryan now? Going thru teh Wyatt familyto get back at Bray? Havinghim rematch vs Bray woudlnt be great for Bryan fans as Bray needs to be kept stromg to get ready for Cena.
Show vs Lesnar was kept short which was great for me. Show took a lot of extra chair shots which seemed to go on for too long. He should have been stretchereor carted out and not walk out under his own power. Brock showed some good power oin F-5'ing show. Thought it was kind of weird when Brock took off his MMA gloves and was looking at his own fingers opening and closing his hands. Maybe that was his way of still selling the KO punch. Not sure.
Renee made a faux pas in her interview of teh Outlaws as she said WWF champions.
Cena vs Orton was a decent match. The fans really had no reason to crap all over it other than it was Cena vs Orton. Crowd was very lively like the Raw after Wrestlemania lively. Liked the spots of Orton using the STF and Cena using teh RKO. Didnt think they needed to use the headbutt spots with them perched on teh ropes after Wyatt & Bryan had already done that. Cena also botched the tornado DDT which looked awkward. Having The Wyatts interfere was fine with me as a finish to get Bray into teh Cena program and to avoid another Orton vs Cena match.
Rumble was OK, definitely not the best Rumble I have seen, and definitely a let down with Batista winning. Batista vs Orton (if that is still teh direction) is not going to be well received at WM. Batista looks very soft and old and not an animal. His legs looked very average and it looked like he kind of blew up after not doing a lot in there. Glad Nash was eliminated fast- never liked him as a performer and would much rather have teh surprise spot be Jake the Snake. Kofi's leap was incredible and adds to his list of Rumble hilight spots. Goldust eliminating Cody all but sets up their breakup and WM match. There was an inventive sign in teh crowd in teh front row.. "Punk will you GTS with me". Loved Sandow's t'shirt of the Sandow Equation. Surprised the fans turned so much on Mysterio, but anyone in that spot would have been with no Bryan entrant. It is really stupid to have someone that has already been eliminated to come back and then eliminate a valid competitor with Kane eliminating Punk..that makes no sense. Not really looking forward to a Kane vs Punk program either. Rusev looked fine in there but was just an unknown character to teh crowd and he probably would have benefitted more with vignettes introducing him for a debut if he even stays up in teh main roster. Hopefully we dont have a Shield breakup although it could lead to a 2 on 1 match at WM with Reigns facing Ambrose & Rollins.
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Best Match:  Bryan/Wyatt
Listen to the people. 

When your crowd is chanting for people who are not even in your 'Main Event' or Battle Royal, you have a problem.

When your crowd is loudly BOOING the final two participants in your Battle Royal, you have a problem.

When the BOO's are overpowering as your OVER FORTY chosen-one is pointing to the Wrestlemania pyro-sign exploding, you have a problem.

The crowd didn't drink the Kool-Aid tonight and Vince needs to fire his entire creative team if this is what he's got.

Listen to the crowd chanting 'YES' at every punch/throw and kick Bryan threw tonight and get a clue.

Colin Makamson

Thumbs in the middle

Best match: Randy Orton vs. John Cena

Worst match: Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar

This could of easily been a "thumbs up", then the Rumble left a bitter taste in my mouth. Besides that, the good things about this show were well above par and it was the best PPV since Summerslam by a mile. Maybe I hyped it up too much in my mind, expecting things that didn't come to pass. But, no matter what did or didn't happen, the first step on the road to Wrestlemania hasn't invigorated me for the journey ahead.

Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Road Dogg & Billy Gunn: Given the star power involved and the unexpected title change, this had a good feel about it, but it wasn't the hottest kickoff match I've seen. The only downside I can report on are minor glitches on where the screen would freeze and skip intermittently. Things like that don't bode well for the network.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt: At points I thought this was dull and way too long. By the end those thoughts were allayed. The quick fire shifts in momentum were excellent and contributed to Wyatt's best performance to date. Bryan can be thanked for making him look great, his work deflected Wyatt's shortcomings and the ovation Pittsburgh gave him was richly deserved. What really annoyed me though was Cole's comment about "The Exorcist" and how it isn't relevant. First of all Wyatt's spider walk is heavily influenced by Roman Polanski's masterpiece, and second of all, just because something happened a long time ago doesn't mean it's not important. It's called history, they should know that, it's the thing they rewrite all the time.

Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar: Besides the incredible F-5 this got me severely ticked off. The character that Lesnar is portraying doesn't fit the way the public perceives him. People see Brock as a monster, not a coward who needs to bring a weapon to a fight. Sure, he made Show look strong and the post-match chair shots got him over as a heel, but I think WWE could use him a lot better. Considering the amount of money they spend on him, this has to be considered a flop. Half of his matches so far haven't cut the mustard and I'm already groaning at the idea of a rematch.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena: Between the dichotomy of the indifferent crowd, the excellent match that was full of very believable false finishes, and the roar when the Wyatt's appeared, this was a classic. I normally hate a distraction finish, although I'll give this a pass. It was pitch perfect and with Cena and Orton hitting each other's finishers and kicking out of them, it had a Rock-Austin Wrestlemania feel. 

Royal Rumble: Like last year, this was predictable and the surprises were really disappointing. Those things aside, it had some good action. The highlights were Rusev's debut and showdown with Swagger, Kofi's spectacular leap that defied belief, Sheamus' return, El Torito's short flurry of offence, Cesaro's opening salvo, The Shield turning against one another, Reigns breaking Kane's record, and the spear he hit on Batista. The lowlights were Kevin Nash, the total lack of good surprises, no Jake Roberts, no massive game changing comebacks, CM Punk feuding with Kane, Goldust and Cody's moment being a blink or you'll miss it moment, and Batista winning. Since the announcement of his return it's been hard to look past him and when Orton beat Cena it pretty much confirmed that Batista was going to win, and there wasn't anyone else I could legitimately see as a contender. You'd think with thirty participants in an hour long match they could create some drama and mystery about the direction they're heading in. The Orton-Cena match did a better job at that, and it only had two people in it.

Jonny Clare

Thumbs in the middle
Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt
Worst Match: Cena vs Orton
This show started off well enough with a good opener and Lesnar vs Big Show was fine, nothing special but it didn't bother me. Cena vs Orton has been done so many times, that there's nothing new to see there. The Rumble match itself didn't blow me away, but there was some fun stuff like the 2 Kofi spots, and it was good to see some new blood in there in Rusev. I think the crowd in the building didn't buy what WWE was selling them, and it translated to my enjoyment of the show. I will not buy Elimination Chamber no matter what kind of card they put out there, and will just wait for it to show up on the Network. 
Mike Ritschel

Hi, Dave.

Thumbs down.  

Best match:  Bryan vs. Wyatt.

Worst:  The rumble, because of the way it was booked.

I ordered the PPV mainly to see Daniel Bryan.  Yet all they did was use him to put over Bray Wyatt and he didn't even enter the rumble.  I felt exactly like the crowd did.  So they put JBL, Fandango and El Torito in the match but don't have a spot for Bryan?  And then we got to see big, boring, tired, muscled Batista winning it.  (Yawn.)  And for those of you out there that think that this is all some sort of WWE master plan to have Daniel Bryan feud with the authority and end up being put over really strong in the end:  wake up!

Jon Karesh
San Mateo CA

Thumbs Down
Best Match: Bryan vs Bray
Worst Match: The Royal Rumble
Well I certainly won't forget that show but for the wrong reasons
Bryan vs Bray was a pleasant surprise, Bray's best showing by far. That Inferno match seems a long time ago
The card peaked there though.  Brock beating Show should have been a quick match but Brock having to use the cheap way of using the chairs before the match started rather than overwhelming Show on his own was a mis-step.  Also a mis-step was too many chair shots after the match to the point where it got diluted and lost its impact,  Moreso when Big Show just walked it off
Orton vs Cena in 2014 - to be a fly on the wall in gorilla during this match. I saw Orton throw a tantrum when fans were chanting for an absent Bryan at a house show in a match against Big Show, he did well not to blow a fuse here.  The match picked up late on with the trading finishers on top of the usual false finishes but the crowd delivered their verdict loud and clear. It was almost uncomfortable at times
Speaking of uncomfortable the last few minutes of the Rumble match.  The match itself was rather undewhelming and the crowd was mostly quiet I thought. One of the most disappointing Rumbles.  It seemed to meander without much pace and crowd vigour with lots of unover midcarders.  The crowd booing Batista just 6 days after his return -make of that what you will.  And then when Bryan did not come out - the crowd just turned on the royal rumble match - the most popular match of the year. 
WWE PPV has gone south since Summerslam but I was sure as always the Rumble was a can't miss success but they even made a mess of that this year.
still Vince knows best and we can just deal with it
Russell Tumnus

Royal Rumble 2014 feedback:

One word: Disappointment.

There's an uprising in the universe and Vince chooses to ignore it because he's thinking with the wrong head.

It's amazing how loud the crowds are for Daniel Bryan.  You can hear the eruption all across the world for that man.  The fans are just begging for the company to give him the proper push that he deserves.   Yet it seems like Vince is just having fun with the WWE fans; dangling that proverbial carrot in front of them, only to pull it back and give them a few "fuck yous."  

The closest situation I can remember that was similar to Daniel Bryan was the chants that RVD would receive about 15 years ago.  There would be loud RVD chants throughout arenas and even during other wrestler's matches, yet no push for him either. Wasn't HHH around then too?

I thought Vince always preached about, "what's best for business?"  Would pushing a red hot star like Bryan to main event, be good for business?  Would creating a new star with main event written all over him, be "what's best for business?"  Isn't the WWE supposed to be about "Entertainment?"  Is Daniel Bryan entertaining? YES! YES! YES! YES!

It's no wonder why the ratings are down, PPV buy rates are down and how the overall product has just become flat. 

Watching Cena vs. Orton for umpteenth time is not exactly entertaining. How many times are we supposed to watch those two in the main event?  Cena/Orton has been in the main event since what, 2006? I was about to go take a shit, until I started to hear the crowd's chant.  Only reason I stuck around to watch that match was to listen to the fans.  

The company can't even come up with new angles for Cena and Orton.  Oh I know, let's just rehash the Orton/Cana’s father angle again.  Why not bring in Cena’s mom in too while we're at it and have a Judy Bagwell on a pole match?

The WWE has become WCW of the late 90's.  They have the same boring, lack luster main event rosters for the last 14 years.  And have some pretty red hot talent in the mid card that they could easily push to the main event, such as Cesaro, Ziggler, Wyatt, Ambrose and Reigns.  Obviously the only one who is going to be getting the push, due to his size is, Roman Reigns.  And do we really need to see the Old Age Outlaws as Tag Team Champions?

It's blatant that Vince and HHH do not care for smaller wrestlers.  Not only is Daniel not in the Rumble, but when it comes down to the final three, it's all big guys: Sheamus, Reigns and that M&M head Batista. 

The only question remains at the end of the Rumble is, whose got the bigger hard on for large men, Triple H or Vince?

Patrick Doucette

Thumbs up
Best Match:  Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
Worst Match:  Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show
This show could get a thumbs up just for the opener.  Great match, and the loss didn't hurt Daniel Bryan a bit.  The tope into a Sister Abigail on the floor into the barricade is an early candidate for spot of the year.
Couldn't Brock have gotten everything he needed by delivering about a third of the chair shots he gave Show?  I know none of them were to the head, but I was reminded of another famous Rumble match with far too many chair shots.
How much more clearly does a wrestling promotion need to be told they need to create new stars after the reaction to Orton vs. Cena for the millionth time?
And then the crowd hijacks the Rumble when Daniel Bryan doesn't show.  They got behind Roman Reigns so hard when he and Batista were the last two, because at least Roman Reigns was something new!!  Then Batista throws him out the his music starts IMMEDIATELY!!!  Can't let us hear the crowd reactions, can you, WWE?  Plus, all tight camera angles for at least a couple of minutes.  Afraid to show us the crowd reaction, WWE?  You should be.  Watching the crowd react to the absence of Daniel Bryan was priceless.
Kevin Shride
Burlington, IA

I swore to myself after the complete disaster that was Battleground that I was done with WWE. I haven't watched any of their programming until tonight. My buddies wanted to split the Royal Rumble like old times and I figured why not. I should have stuck to my boycott.
Thumbs Down
Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt
Worst Match: Brock Lesnar vs The Big Show (was it even a match?)
This PPV is a prime example of what happens when writers don't listen to the fans. I've been watching pro wrestling for just over 30 years. I have NEVER seen a fan base actively attempt to ruin the rest of the card in protest of not seeing a single performer. Today I saw what I'm going to call "The Bryan Effect." He loses completely clean in the opening match and then the fans, understandably pissed off, ruined the title match and parts of the Royal Rumble in protest.
What's WWE going to do? Stay away from the east coast, Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto? Are they all going to be labelled bizarro world? Something has got to give.
The only positives that came out of this card were Bray Wyatt & Roman Reigns respective pushes continuing. The rest of it was a complete and total write off.
Oh yeah, shout outs to Kofi Kingston for drawing a legitimate "holy shit" moment out of everyone watching tonight.
Have a good one,

Justin Baisden


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