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Hi Guys,
I gave the show a thumbs up. A good show for free
Best Fight: Rio vs Cruickshank
Worst Fight: Meza vs Camus
Best KO: Cowboy
Best Sub: Bruce Leroy
Yves Jabouin vs. Eddie Wineland - was really looking forward to this fight and seeing how Wineland rebounds from his loss. Not a disappointment as it was all action.
Alex Caceres vs. Sergio Pettis - This was a decent back and forth fight. Pettis shows a lot of poise for not a lot of Octagon time and Caceres continues to improve slowly but surely.
Darren Elkins vs. Jeremy Stephens - Thought Stephens did a great job with his wrestling takedown defense as Elkins couldn't use his usual take down and wear down his opponent.
Donald Cerrone vs. Adriano Martins - Beautiful! What a KO by the Cowboy.
Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Stipe Miocic - Gonzaga gassed early after an early controlling of the round. Miocic's boxing was crisp and very accurate and he totally picked Gonzaga apart. Gonzaga didn't seem himself in this fight but he has probably reached his ceiling in climbing the rankings. Miocic winning was best for the division.
Benson Henderson vs. Josh Thomson - I thought Henderson had a great strategy in the 5th round. He was throwing headkicks to Thompson causing Thompson to bloc them with his broken hand. After a couple you could see that it was causing him considerable pain as he sort of dangled his right arm. Too bad the broken hand affected the outcome here though as Thompson still was able to take Bendo down and control him but just couldn't grip. Close fight and I would like to see these 2 go at it again.
Wonder if there will be any repercussions for Joe Rogan for a couple times saying the FOX robot mascot was ridiculous and to get rid of it to the garbage.
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Enjoy the Rumble everyone!!
Grant Zwarych
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Hi Dave,
  Just watched the UFC Fight night on Fox, and I would have to give the show a thumbs in the middle for an average night of fight's with the main event between Henderson and Thompson as worst fight of the night and best fight of the night would have to go to Donald Cerrone knocking out Adriano Martins as best fight of the night. Just really an average fight card, nothing really stood out to me as exciting but there were a few good moments on the main card, and a few good moments on the undercard on Fox Sports 1 which was also an average night of fights with nothing that great. The prefight show which was scheduled for 1 hr, only got about 10 minutes of airtime before the show on Fox Sports 1 due to basketball which ran long since it was live. I guess you can't complain about a free night of fights, but you would think a live fight card in Chicago would be more exciting. Cool to see CM Punk watching the fights, that makes two UFC cards in a row where a WWE star was seen on camera with Ric Flair being shown on camera during Wednesday's fight card. Coincidence?
1. Darren Elkins VS Jeremy Stephens - Stephens wins by decision which seemed fair.
2. Donald Cerrone VS Adriano Martins - Martins get's knocked out by Cerrone. Good win for Donald, hope he gets more fights on TV. Have not seen much of him since he signed with UFC, he had great fights in the WEC.
3.Stipe Miocic VS Gabriel Gonzaga - Snooze fest that went to decision. Stipe get's the win but boring fight. But since seeing the Mark Hunt / Bigfoot fight, I can't help but compare every heavyweight fight to that fight now.
4. Ben Henderson VS Josh Thompson - The ring entrance by both fighters was better then the actual fight! 5 rounds of boring in my opinion but Ben get's the win by split decision. Unusual since both these fights usually put on a good show, but Henderson usually goes to decision in all his fights. I'm a big fan of Josh Thompson, but this fight was not his best.
Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.

Thumbs somewhat up. Mixed bag. Lousy local yokel judging. Rogan was off his nut. Spouting Schaivello/Quadros/Florian-level idiocies all night. Including topping Florian for 'beautiful's. But 'how could it be 29-28? The guy only won one round' takes the cake here. Redeemed himself some by dissing the stupid fox robot suit guy thing. I think Britney has overtaken Arianny in the boob job competition but unfortunately I think they took it all out of her butt. And how can Buffer pronounce Henderson 'hen-der-SON'? Does he speak English? Why do they think it's cute for the ring announcer to mangle names?
Best fight: Bruce Leeroy-Little Pettis
Worst fight: Sullivan-Rhodes
Best performance (one of the guys on your site mentioned they need a bonus category for this too and I've thought the same thing for a long time): Cruikshank
KO: Cerrone
Sub: Bruce Leeroy
On the weblim, severely outsized HW Nikita Krylov puts Walt Harris away with a HK + G&P in 25s.
On the tv prelims, George Sullivan decisions Mike Rhodes in a forgivably poor fight as both were late subs. Daron Cruikshank has a career best performance doing a paint job on Mike Rio, surviving the mistake of taking Rio down and almost getting heel hooked, escaping and stunning him with a SBHK and finishing with punches just at the end of the 2nd, Hugo Wolverine UDs Junior Hernandez who doesn't start fighting till the 3rd. Chico Camus dominates all areas over Yaotzin Meza and the surprise is two judges giving Meza a round. Yves Jabouin giving Eddie Wineland a lot of trouble till Wineland drops him with a right and finishes with G&P in the 2nd. Bruce Leeroy looking a little lost in the 1st vs. Sergio Pettis but turns the fight with a major KD early in the 2nd and keeps it back and forth till finishing him with RNC just before the final bell. I think it's time to take Alex seriously.
On the top card Jeremy Stephens continues his roll pounding on durable Darren Elkins for two rounds and holding him off in the 3rd, which two judges somehow still gave to Stephens.
Adriano Martins goes strike for strike with Donald Cerrone until Donald KOs him with one clean shin to neck high kick late in the 1st.
Not unexpectedly Gabe Gonzaga dominates the 1st against Stipe Miocic but gasses completely and the conditioned Miocic puts a drubbing on him the last two, stepping it up toward the end. Again two judges even give Stipe the 1st.
For all that, even though none of their individual cards made a lick of sense, I think they got the right winner in the main. Seemed absolutely obvious that Ben won 3rd and 5th, Josh the 1st and 4th, and the 2nd was the swing round, and noneof the cards reflected that. I thought Ben edged the 2nd and won 48-47, but that close a win over a guy who broke his hand early in the fight didn't help his standing.

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