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Thumbs in the middle, leaning down

Best match: Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt
Worst match: Cena vs Orton

If not for the Bryan vs Wyatt match, I would be asking for a refund for this show. That match was far better than I expected.  The Lesner vs Show match did well as far as building Lesner for the match with taker at Mania.  The best part of the title match was the crowd reaction.

And the rumble...  It seems like the WWE's motto lately is when in doubt, look to what worked before.  I have no problem with Batista returning, but the fact that he has walked into a title program at the biggest show of the year makes me sick.  It is so easy to tell what the fans want right now, a true Daniel Bryan push.  The fact that there was room for El Torrito, JBL, and Kevin Nash in this years rumble and not for the most over baby face the company has had in a decade speaks volumes.  I get it that Bryan winning the rumble would cause a change in plans for Mania, but sometimes life can get in the way of some of the best laid plans.  Just imagine 70,000 people chanting in New Orlenes after Daniel Bryan finally won the title.  It would have been a moment for the ages, and a moment that this company just doesn't seem capable of making anymore.  Just my two cents.
Chris A Kunkel

Royal Rumble

Thumbs in the middle

Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
Worst Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

I really liked the idea of a panel of legends to commentate the show. Most sports do this and I thought is was a great idea especially with the three guys they used. As far as the show, I thought Lesnar/Show was the worst match because apparently you can take 50 chair shots and still walk to the back on your own. Big Show's selling was not very good and he should have been stretchered out. The rumble match itself should have had better surprise entrants. Not sure why JBL needed a slot or the Usos for that matter. Where was Jake the Snake?? I can see not bringing in Daniel Bryan if he was not scheduled to win, but it did make for an awkward ending. Also, should have played up the fact that Goldust threw out Cody way more than they did. Overall, a decent rumble, but far from the best.

Cory Walker

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Bryan vs Bray
Worst Match: Cena vs Orton

I can't hate on the show. No, Bryan wasn't in the Rumble. Yes, Batista won the Rumble. But these aren't things we didn't figure out ahead of time. I enjoyed myself for 3 hours and that's all I can hope to do.

People I actually feel bad for?

Rey Mysterio for being the wrong short guy who will never get a real shot on top.

Curtis Axel, Xavier Woods and Bad News Barrett, all of whom were announced participants for the Rumble and at some point were replaced.

Cody Rhodes who has the worst luck at drawing numbers since Ted DiBiase.

Great Khali, who was so slow they turned his entrance music off before he was halfway to the ring

Lana, who couldn't make the flight to Pittsburgh to be in her man's corner

Take care,

Emerson Witner

Thumbs Way Down
Best Match: Bryan/Wyatt
Worst Match: Rumble
Who books this shit?  Words can't describe how bad this card was.
Daniel Graulich

RR '14
Thumbs up (only because EVERYONE is talking about it and it was interesting for a variety of reasons)
Best Match: Bryan v. Wyatt
Worst: Orton/Cena v. Pittsburgh crowd
Things I liked: I rarely write but this PPV fired me up. I really thought the HBK/Duggan/Flair/Josh Matthews crew worked well. Didn't think Duggan would work in that role but he did. Flair brings a strong opinion which is what you need even if he is crazy. And HBK doesn't say much but he's a likable guy.  
Cesaro swing. Nash using the nWo music. Wyatt v. Bryan was FANTASTIC. Wyatt's exorcist walk was cool. Kofi's one moment of the year. Brock looking like a monster. JBL as a surprise entrant because he's never been in the Rumble.
Things I didn't like: JBL informing us every specific entrant number that won a Rumble. Not really a fan of Sheamus. Doesn't do much for me. Just a big, jacked up dude. The final 3 guys in the Rumble: Big, jacked up dudes. At least Reigns is fresh. Tommy Dreamer had a great idea via Twitter, Daniel Bryan should have revealed himself under the Rey Mysterio mask as the 30th entrant. Crowd would have went BONKERS. NO JAKE THE SNAKE?! C'mon. That's all the guy wanted for an entire year. 
Something feels off about Punk. Like he knows he's nowhere near the most interesting/entertaining guy that the fans love in the company now (DBry is). Maybe a break would serve him right. He just seems to be rolling with the punches. No fire. I'm not sure what you should do with him but a feud with Kane seems uninspiring. It kind of seems like when he's not getting that top guy push, he loses his motivation and he no longer seems hellbent on dropping pipebombs to get his point across. I expect more from him. Watching that interview with Ariel Helwani paints more of the picture. Just watch it and ask yourself if that's a guy who is passionate about what he does.
I think Dolph Ziggler deserves much better unless there's more to his story that I don't know (I admit, I'm not a subscriber). Want fresh? Fans would have loved if he would've been in it near the end. He's a damn near great wrestler (bumping style reminds me of HBK) and has it all except he's not Batista's size. I just don't get his misuse. 
Mania is going to be even worse. WWE should switch plans if they plan on Batista vs Orton. Yawn. Give the fans what they want. They want Daniel Bryan as the top guy. Bryan v. Brock sounds amazing but they'll never do that. 
I have to admit, I've been really into the product again. It's not because of the big, jacked up dudes. It's because of Daniel Bryan. But Vince (or H) won't change his mind based off one crowd. They're too damn stubborn.
Bill Z.don

Thumbs in the middle

Best Match: Bryan vs. Wyatt

Worst: Orton vs. Cena


Wyatt vs. Bryan was a terrific match, great action, crowd heat, great characters (Wyatt), and Wyatt became a star after this match. I enjoyed the Lesnar "match" and angle. Lesnar brings a intensity no one else can. Cena and Orton was stale years ago and was just rotten here. I hope to never see these two work together ever again. They tried but both characters, especially Orton, are stale. They need to get the title off Orton at the next PPV. Batista vs. Orton sounds boring. Wyatt should be taking Orton's spot in the pecking order. The Royal Rumble was so/so (1992 is still the best). Kingston spot was impressive. Reigns was made to shine. Nash was not in long enough. They could not bring in a couple more legends? El Torito and JBL were jokes and a waste of two spots. The Batista return has been just about the most lame return of a "big name" I have ever seen. The Goldust and NAO returns have been much better. It is time to give the crowd what they want and that is a Bryan push. Hey, he does not look like a larger than life turn the business around superstar, but hey, give the buying public in the stands what they want. People like Orton have worn out their welcome and should be mid-card talent at best. This event was worth 20 bucks. I am glad PPV will now be on the network.


Mike Malesev

Allen Park, MI>

Hi Dave
Royal Rumble
Thumbs down
Best match Wyatt vs Daniel
Worst match Lesnar vs Show
When I think of WWF booking I think of the Triple HHH match with Jeff Hardy, and how that guy is in charge. They say they want guys to be on top, and then work to run fans off.
You know what has just made me sad? Especially on RAW and Smackdown, over the past few years, how increasingly during matches, there is just silence in the crowd. No heat, just silence. Those long stretches should be so concerning. 
Dan Cerquitella
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Thumb Slightly Up

Best Match: Bryan vs Wyatt

Worst Match: Lesnar vs Show

Watch the Rumble at a friend's house with 12 other people. Reactions were all over the place. Everyone enjoyed the Bryan vs Wyatt match and was the best match of the night; mixed on Show and Lesnar; During the Cena vs Orton match, more people got up for bathroom breaks, eating and conversing than at any time during the show. The Rumble was a mixed bag. But when Rey was number 30 and not Bryan, everyone figured it was going to be Batista. Even though many were hoping for Reigns to upset to save the show.


Edwin Guerra Jr.

Hi Dave,
I know how a lot of people are complaining about Bryan not wining the Rumble match, but I think WWE is doing it right for business. Bryan to me works as an underdog who is chasing the title, but not as someone you want holding the belt for a long period. Once Bryan wins the title I think that's his ceiling.
Granted he is a good worker, but his mic skills, his gimmick needs work. CM Punk atleast has the mic skills to back him up. And Punk is a better ring worker than Bryan. 
Bryan's ring work IMO is not better than even in Chris Benoit prime years (since people compare Bryan and Benoit). And not even better than Guerrero back when he was alive.
Vincent Sluers

Hello Dave,
Thumbs up for the Royal Rumble.  
Worst Match:  I didn't think any of the matches were bad, I thought the show was solid throughout.
Best Match:    Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
I always thought it was about the fans, but once again WWE proved everybody wrong.  Maybe this is something new to WWE, but if there were no wrestling fans, I don't think the promotion would be in existence for over 50 years.  Considering they have 70 days until Wrestlemania, Vince and co. really need to put the belt on Daniel Bryan before it is too late.
Take care,
James McElroy, Illinois

Thumbs in the middle (Just because no Bryan in the Rumble, or atleast somebody new winning)
Best Match: Royal Rumble
Worst Match: Cena vs. Orton
Wyatt vs. Bryan: Wyatt looked like a million bucks out there. Bryan loosing here, had me hoping that he appears in the main event. ***1/2
Big Show vs. Lesnar: Exactly what I expected. Awesome F5 at the end. Kinda weird that they replayed all those chairshots, and not the excellent finish. No Rating
Orton vs. Cena: Honestly I have no idea if this match was any good, didn't care, so because I was bored I'll gives this a DUD (this doesn't get minus stars just because of the entertaining crowd)
Rumble match: Sigh. I've given up. This was an excellent rumble though, the best I've ever seen actually and flew by very quickly, but you know, who cares? ****1/2 (Could of been ***** if you know what I mean)
Depressing for a wrestling fan. Near all time great show though, which just needed that one extra ''thing'' that I bought this for. Oh well, looking forward to Orton vs. Batista... the way the New Orleans crowd completely poops on that match. And if you think, Batista turns, LOL. I predict Bryan's gonna be kept off TV, so the fans can ''forget'' him.
Oh also, fuck the network. I'm streaming WrestleMania.

Jose Deriola



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