Tuesday morning videos


1/27/14 WWE RAW "Backstage Fallout"      http://youtu.be/cAbwlE4EQjc


WILDKAT:  The Web Series (Episode 7)      http://youtu.be/N1ssmVraOMM
Midwest Professional Wrestling Alliance "Collision" TV (Season 1, Episode 8)
1/26/14 NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling TV     http://youtu.be/vNgYLTvzypg 
Vanguard Championship Wrestling "Hype Machine" TV (Episode 35)     http://youtu.be/KbsrkTHdNjk
Traditional Championship Wrestling TV  (Episode 14-04)      http://youtu.be/9yUQmBtEOGc

Top 25 Moves of Ayumi Kurihara     http://youtu.be/b2Qi7Xo-v5o
Top 40 Moves of Ricky Reyes     http://youtu.be/y9OgZfe_YtQ
Pro Wrestling 101-Calling the Match     http://youtu.be/fg9SMHHuLf0
Schamberger Labs (Episode 31)      http://youtu.be/tvloR_bc5D8
The Candice & Joey Show (Episode 18)     http://youtu.be/eKAEzqjlV6s
POWW "Inside the Ropes 2014" (Episode 2)     http://youtu.be/UuFh04zWDVc
Independent Women (Episode 10)      http://youtu.be/LcMpeybX-jQ
1/28/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling "Daily Blast"     http://youtu.be/2_w1J8BLWOU
"Worst Promo Ever"  (Episode 50)      http://youtu.be/BbOAE8qOnbw

What do you consider the main event for Sunday's WWE PPV?


Who is the biggest star of these people right now?


Who will be the next UFC champion to lose their title?


Will McGregor vs. Aldo top 800,000 buys?