ROH TV report

2/15/2014 ROH TV Report
Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino introduce this week's "Road Rage" edition of the show from the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.
1) The Romantic Touch vs Michael Bennett with Maria Kannellis: Veda Scott joins commentary and says that The Romantic Touch is obviously Rhett TItus under a mask. Maria takes the mask and says that men like The Romantic Touch disgust her as they degrade women. She says that everyone says that women don't have power in wrestling but she just thinks that the wrong women have power. She says she is going to take her power because she is not afraid to be in the ring with guys like Romantic Touch or of taking piledrivers. She says that men like Michael Bennett have power because she taught him his new finishing move. Bennett says since day one he has not the best in the world, he is better than the best. He says from now on it is about taking what he wants and he will take all the power he wants.
RT and Bennett shake hands bout RT kisses Bennett's hand then takes him down. They criss-cross and Bennett hits a Thesz Press and lays into RT with punches. Bennett hits a back elbow in the corner but gets monkey-flipped by RT. Bennett gets whipped into the ropes and holds on but RT rolls outside and trips him. Maria then distracts RT outside allowing Bennett to hit him with a clothesline. Bennett rolls him back inside as the show goes to commercials. On return, Bennett has RT in a rear chinlock. RT fights out but Bennett takes him down with an elbow. They trade punches and Bennett misses a charge in the corner and gets crotched. RT rams Bennett's head into the turnbuckle repeatedly and then runs him into the opposite corner. He does so again and backdrops Bennett. RT goes off the turnbuckles and hits a back elbow on Bennett for a two-count. RT throws Bennett outside and goes for a dive but Bennett uses Maria as a shield. RT rolls outside and dips Maria for a kiss but Bennett gives him a superkick. Back inside, Bennett hits a running TKO for a two-count. Bennett attempts a Side Effect (STO) but RT gets out and hits a high dropkick. RT goes for a pin attempt but gets distracted by Maria on the apron. RT brings her Valentine's chocolates and Maria knocks them into his face. Bennett then hits RT with a clothesline and applies an Anaconda Vice. RT submits to give Bennett the victory. After the match, RT attempts to carry Veda Scott to the back but she runs away.
2) Three-Team Elimination Match: Michael Elgin and Chris Hero vs Jay and Mark Briscoe vs Matt Hardy and ROH World Champion Adam Cole: In this match, when one person is eliminated, so is their partner. Ring Announcer Bobby Cruise announces that ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness has stipultated that if anyone in the match pins Adam Cole or makes him submit they will receive an ROH World TItle shot.
The show goes to commercials and on return, Elgin and Jay start the match. They circle each other and then tie up a few times. They shoulder-block each other and then miss clothesline attempts. They stare off with Cole and Hardy who jump off the ring apron to the floor to avoid being tagged. Elgin and Jay tie up again and Jay gets a drop toehold. Mark tags in and trades punches with Elgin. Hero tags in and ties up with Mark and Hero applies an armbar. Mark counters and applies a northern lights suplex and then applies a headlock. They trade holds and criss-cross with Hero hitting Mark with a big boot to the face. Elgin tags in and drops an elbow on Mark as the show goes to commercials.
After the break, Jay has Hero in a front facelock. They back into the corner of Cole and Hardy and Cole and Hardy again retreat to the floor. Mark tags in and the Briscoes hit their double shoulder-tackle on Hero. Mark applies a headlock but Hero gets out and trades kicks and strikes with Mark. They chase off Cole and Hardy again but Elgin and Jay brawl with Cole and Hardy on the outside. Hardy gets tagged in and takes a dropkick from Hero followed by a clothesline in the corner. Elgin tags in and he and Hero hit a double kick on Hardy. Elgin then picks up Hardy in a delayed vertical suplex. Cole attempts to break it up twice but Elgin picks Hardy back up both times before finally dropping him to the mat. Mark tags in and hits Hardy with punches before quickly tagging in Jay who chokes Hardy on the ropes. Jay tags in Mark and kicks Hardy to the mat allowing Mark to drop an elbow. Hardy gets Mark to the corner and tags in Cole who hits some kicks before Mark comes back with redneck kung fu. Cole shoves Mark to the corner allowing Elgin to tag in and unload on Cole with punches and kicks. Elgin hits a number of elbows to Cole's head in the corner and then hits a belly-to-back suplex for a pin attempt. Cole hits a chinbreaker on Elgin and Jay tags in and hits Cole with a number of punches. Jay headbutts Cole but Cole comes back and does his death valley driver into a neckbreaker. Cole taks Jay to his corner and tags in Hardy who kicks Jay in the gut. Hardy beats Jay down to the mat and tags in Cole. They drive Jay back into the corner twice and hit a double clothesline. Cole attempts a pin and then bodyslams Jay and tags in Hardy who hits a legdrop. Hardy hits an elbow-drop from the second rope on Jay and tags in Cole who hits an axe-handle off the second rope. Mark attempts to run in and gets held back by the referee allowing Hardy to enter and drop a fist on Jay. Hardy chokes Jay on the ropes and then punches him. Cole tags in and starts trading shoves and punches with Jay who hits the hot tag to Mark who hits both Hardy and Cole with redneck kung fu. Mark runs Hardy into the turnbuckle and Hardy falls to the floor. Mark then hits Cole with a number of chops. Mark gets whipped to the corner and Hero tags in. Mark does an elbow drop off the ring apron onto Hardy on the floor and Hero lays out Cole with a boot to the face as the show goes to commercials.
On return, Elgin and Mark are in the ring as Jay attacks Hardy on the floor. Mark misses a spin-kick on Elgin who hits a big boot. Elgin attempts to charge Mark but gets caught in a death valley driver. Mark goes to the top rope but gets knocked down by Hero. Jay knocks Hero off the ropes but Elgin gets Jay up on his shoulders and gets Mark in a bodyslam position allowing him to hit a Samoan Drop and fall-away slam combination. Cole then hits a blind tag and Hardy pulls Elgin out of the ring. Cole attempts a pin on Mark and then attempts the Florida Key. Mark gets out and htis a chop. Jay comes in and the Briscoes hit a combination razor's edge and reverse neckbreaker. Hero breaks up the pin and then the Briscoes brawl with Elgin and Hero. Hardy tags in and Jay gives him a reverse neckbreaker. Mark hits his froggy bow but Cole breaks up the pin attempt. Cole punches Jay on the mat and Jay comes back with a headbutt. Jay, Eglin and Hero spill to the floor. Cole hits Mark with a superkick in the ring and Hardy hits him with a twist of fate and pins him to eliminate the Briscoes. Jay and Mark start down the aisle but Jay attacks Cole on the apron and brawls with him before being separated by officials.
In the ring, Hero rolls up Hardy and then hits him with a roaring elbow in the corner. Hero applies a cravate to Hardy and then does a flipping neckbreaker in the corner. Hardy hits a side effect and Elgin breaks up the pin attempt. Cole tags in and lifts Hero in a suplex and drops him headfirst across his knee. Elgin breaks up a pin attempt again. Cole blows a kiss to Elgin on the apron and then runs at Hero who hits a roaring elbow. Elgin tags in and attempts a powerbomb but Cole runs him into the corner. Cole charges Elgin but gets caught and Elgin gives him an STO. Elgin lifts Cole for a suplex but Cole gets out with knees to the head. Cole hits a kick to Elgin's head but Elgin blocks a second one and htis a spinning clothesline. Elgin kicks Hardy off the ring apron and attempts a powerbomb on Cole but Cole gets out and hits an enzuiguri. Cole attempts a Florida Key but Elgin blocks it. Cole goes for a Candian Destroyer but floats over into a sunset flip instead. Elgin counters and attempts a powerbomb. Cole blocks it and attempts a superkick but Elgin blocks that and hits a spinning back-fist. Elgin attempts a powerbomb again but Hardy runs in and clotheslines him. Hardy dumps Elgin out of the ring and Hero makes a tag in the process and hits a kick to the face on Cole for a pin attempt. Cole fakes a superkick and Hero covers up so Cole kicks him in the knee. Cole jumps off the top rope but Hero avoids him and punches him in the face. Hero picks Cole up on his shoulders and then drops him onto his feet and hits a roaring elbow to the back of his head. Hero then pins Cole and earns a future ROH World Title shot. Hardy attacks Hero after the match but Elgin grabs Hardy in a deadlift German suplex. Cole attempts to superkick Elgin but Elgin catches his foot. Hero puts on his golden elbow pad and Elgin lets go of Cole's foot as Hero hits him with a roaring elbow.
Hero and Elgin then face off the ring before shaking hands and celebrating their victory.
The opening match was nothing special this week but the main event was really good and took up most of the hour. I really enjoy Cole's act as ROH World Champion and he and Hardy come off as natural partners. All the contenders came off well here and this match taking up the bulk of the hour made for a good show tonight.
Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

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