Wrestling Observer history special, the first 20 WrestleMania issues

Road to Wrestlemania Special
Valid until Wrestlemania
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The 20 issues included in this special are all issues covering the first 20
Wrestlemania events, which include:
April 15 '85; April 22 '86, April 6 '87, April 4 '88, April 10 '89,
April 9 '90, April 1 '91, April 13 '92, April 2 '93,  March 28 '94
April 10 '95, April 8 '96, March 31 '97, April 6 '98, April 5 '99,
April 10 '00, April 9 '01, March 25 '02, April 7 '03, March 22 '04
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April 15/85 (26)                     Observer's Final Issue (at least of the
legal sized format with pic.'s)
Brody/Inoki cover               Top 75 Ratings
                                                Bruiser Brody jumps to NJPW
                                                WWF Wrestlemania I 3/31 card
                                                Inside Japanese Wrestling
                                                Wrestling Notebook including
                                                -Flair vs Kevin Von Erich to
headline 5/5 Texas Stadium
                                                -Duggan beats DiBiase in
loser leaves town
                                                -Blackjack Mulligan arrives
in Florida
                                                -Dusty Rhodes wins TV title
from Tully Blanchard
April 22/86 (8)                       WWF Wrestlemania II 4/7 card coverage
                                                All eyes on Crockett Cup tag
tournament at the Superdome
                                                Roddy Piper & Jesse Ventura
both off six weeks to film movies
                                                Lawler wins Southern title
from Dundee in a cage
                                                Top 15 Single, Top 10 Tag
Team ratings
April 6/87 (18)**                  WWF Wrestlemania III 3/29 card
coverage-Hogan pins Andre
Double issue price               Riki Choshu update
                                                Major controversy in St
Louis: Bill Watts vs Kiel Auditorium
                                                UWF California tour not a
financial success
                                                West Coast live reports
                                                Shinobu Kandori announces
                                                Shiro Koshinaka & Keiji Muto
win IWGP belts
                                                Leon White wins European
version of world title vs Otto Wanz in Denver
                                                Owen Hart wins North
American title from Makham Singh
April 4/88 (10)                       Wrestlemania IV 3/27 card coverage
Randy Savage new WWF champ
NWA 3/27 Greensboro Clash of Champions I card coverage
Crockett in heavy negotiations with Ken Mantell of World Class
King Parsons wins World Class title from Kerry Von Erich
Bruiser Brody wins International title from Jumbo Tsuruta
Oregon State commission has public hearing
Eddie Gilbert new booker of Continental Wrestling
April 10/89 (10)                     NWA fires George Scott as booker, gives
a committee the book
                                                WWF Wrestlemania V & WCW
Rajun Cajun Clash 4/2 card coverages
                                                Biggest news in Japan is
behavior of fans in Tokyo
                                                Master of Pain wins CWA belt
from Lawler
WWF drops Bockwinkle, Morales and Grizzly Smith as agents
April 9/90 (10)                       Wrestlemania VI 4/1 card
coverage-Ultimate Warrior wins WWF title
                                                Things seem to have settled
down in NWA
                                                Midnight Express update
                                                Jeff Bowdren's "Best
circuits of the decade"
                                                Superstar Billy Graham
interview by John Arezzi
April 1/91 (10)                       Wrestlemania VII 3/24 card
coverage-Hogan wins title from Slaughter
                                                Cauliflower Alley club
                                                Fujinami wins WCW title from
Flair 3/21 in Japan-Flair leaves with belt
                                                Steiners win IWGP belts from
Hase & Sasaki
                                                Lawler wins USWA title from
Terry Funk
April 13/92 (10)                     Wrestlemania VIII 4/15 card coverage -
Savage wins WWF title from Flair
                                                Roddy Piper refutes scandal
                                                "Now it Can be Told" WWF &
sex scandal feature coverage
                                                Superstar Graham files
lawsuit vs WWF
                                                Phil Mushnick blasted by
Steve Planamenta
                                                WBF debuts
April 12/93 (10)                     Wrestlemania IX 4/4 card coverage-
Yokozuna wins WWF belt from Bret Hart
                                                                then loses
to Hogan
                                                AJ women 25th anniversary
All Star Dream Slam 4/2 card coverage
                                                Smoky Mountain Wrestling 4/2
card coverage
                                                4/2 Hollie & Lacey Atkinsson
benefit card coverage
Lots of debuts in WWF
March 28/94 (10)                  Wrestlemania X 3/28 card coverage-Bret
Hart wins WWF title from Yokozuna
                                                Cactus Jack loses ear in
match vs Vader in Germany
                                                Vince McMahon drops lawsuit
vs Phil Mushnick
                                                Tonya Harding update
                                                AJPW TV situation gets worse
                                                Satoru Sayama to return to
the ring
                                                Brian Pillman contract up in
the air in WCW
April 10/95 (24)**                Wrestlemania XI 4/2 card coverage-Owen
Hart & Yokozuna win tag belts
Double issue price               Weekly Pro Wrestling Tokyo 4/2 card
                                                All sorts of shakeups in WCW
over the past 10 days
                                                Much speculation on Steve
Williams status after missing AJPW tour
                                                AJ women 3/26 card
coverage-Manami Toyota wins WWWA title
                                                Vader stripped of US title
                                                Razor Ramone wins USWA title
from Bill Dundee
April 8/96 (12)                       Wrestlemania XII 3/31card coverage -
Michaels wins WWF title from Bret Hart
                                                Bret Hart's future in WWF in
                                                Complete Peace Festival card
to be announced next week
                                                AJ women 3/31 Yokohama Arena
card coverage
                                                Mankind & Marc Mero debut on
March 31/97 (12)                  Scott Hall checks into rehab
                                                Wrestlemania XIII 3/23 card
coverage-Undertaker wins WWF title
                                                Giant Baba able to get Steve
Williams into Japan-even with drug charge
                                                AJ women Queendom 97 results
                                                Major injuries on latest
Michinoku Pro tour
                                                Bret Hart takes back what he
said about Flair on Toronto radio show
April 6/98 (16)                       Wrestlemania XIV 3/29 card
coverage -Austin wins WWF title
                                                                Terry Funk &
Cactus Jack win WWF belts from New Age Outlaws
                                                Sean Waltman signed by WWF
                                                Single most influential pro
wrestler of modern era about to have final match
                                                La Tigresa arrested in
Puerto Rico for trafficking
                                                Meticulously booked AJPW
Champion Carnival screwed up by Taue injury
                                                Art Davie letter to NHB fans
April 5/99 (18)                       Wrestlemania XV 3/28 card
coverage-Steve Austin regains WWF title
                                                Review of the 3/30 ESPN show
                                                McMahon controversy from Fox
on Sports show appears to be cleared up
                                                Kurt Von Hess passes away
                                                Complete Idiots to Pro
Wrestling book review
                                                Lots behind the scenes on
Bret Hart quitting angle from Toronto Nitro
April 10/00 (18)                     Wrestlemania XVI 4/2 card
coverage-Angle loses IC & European titles
                                                NBC announced as 50% owners
of XFL
                                                Highlights of Vince Russo on
WCW Live
                                                McMahon comes out in favor
of regulation of extreme wrestling in New Jersey
                                                California getting into
debates of rules for MMA legalization
                                                Wrestling Title Histories
book review
                                                Court TV "Wrestling with
Death" documentary review
April 9/01 (18)                       Wrestlemania X-Seven 4/1 card
coverage- Austin wins WWF belt from Rock
                                                Fate of WCW talent (aside
from the 24 whose contracts were picked up)
                                                Proposed new rules for MMA
in New Jersey
                                                EMLL first PPV 3/30 card
coverage-Pero Aguayo loses hair to Universo 2000
                                                Pride 13 more detailed
Wrestling loses many veterans this week-Johnny Red Shoes Dugan, Rolando
Vera, Benny McCrary, Ozzie Timmins & Jack Wilson pass away
120 out of 140 WCW employees let go in one fell swoop
March 25/02 (12)                  Wrestlemania X-8 3/17 card coverage-HHH
wins WWF title from Jericho
Where Wrestlemania X-8 stands in all time records
                                                Vince gives his side of Hart
negotiations to Toronto Sun
                                                Zero One 3/2 card coverage
                                                Norm Kimber passes away
                                                Riot breaks out at Ultimate
Athlete MMA show on 3/16
April 7/03 (12)                       Wrestlemania 19 3/30 card
coverage-perhaps Steve Austin's final match
                                                Mirko Cro Cop knocks out Bob
Sapp in 1:24 in K-1 3/30
                                                Tito Ortiz appears and is
mentioned on Wrestlemania-rumors flying
                                                Satoshi Kojima wins AJPW
Champion Carnival tournament
                                                NJPW competitors for 5/2
show are told some matches will be shoots
March 22/04(12)                   After successful Wrestlemania-uncharted
waters ahead
                                                The business of Wrestlemania
                                                WWE Brand shakeup to happen
                                                Wrestlemania 3/14 card
coverage-Benoit wins world title
                                                Bob Sapp looking stronger
than ever after 2 years as Japan phenomenon
                                                ROH draws company's largest
crowd ever on 3/13
                                                Kensuke Sasaki wins IWGP
title from Hiro Tenzan

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