Traditional Championship Wrestling TV report

Traditional Championship Wrestling

By:  Nathan Favel

Original Air Date:  Saturday, February 22, 2014

Announcers:  Brandon Baxter – Play-By-Play

              Brian Thompson – Color

                        Tom Simon – Ring Announcer

                 Ken Resnick - Interviewer

                Welcome back to another exciting week of Traditional Championship Wrestling!  Tonight, we look at the fallout of Alan Steele’s betrayal of Michael Barry after the latter won the TCW International Championship.  Additionally, we find out what comes next for the new TCW Tag Teams Champions, The Good Ole Boys!

Jon Omari & Big Mike vs. Sigmon – Handicap Match

                Jon Omari cut a solid promo about being a big deal and being someone of note. Sigmon then claimed his supposed messiah, Jacob, told him that his opponents are nothing but sheep following a false idol.  He tried to help them see the light, but they wouldn’t yield to his suggestion.  From there, we moved into a match that was well-composed and meticulously thorough.  I must say, that if your idea of a good match is all about constant action, then you’ll find yourself alienated by this encounter. What you find here is the kind of content that is in line with what the word traditional stands for in the wrestling world, which is psychology.  Yes, psychology is present in many of today’s bouts, but not as much as a match like this embodies.  This bout committed itself to the fine details of offense and, refreshingly, stayed committed to its plan. This affair won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine and I’m glad I had a chance to see a more methodical bout like this on television.

Winner:  Sigmon

                Backstage: Cerebus was found talking to Roosevelt, where Cerebus was Roosevelt a confidence boost before his match. 


Roosevelt vs.  Barrett Brown

                This was a far faster, more visually appealing fight than our opener, with Brown bringing some excellent Cruiserweight sensibilities into the fray.  Roosevelt comes across like an evil “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, which is certainly a unique sight.  As far as the action was concerned, consider this Brown’s audition tape to WCW’s Cruiserweight Division.  Roosevelt, on the other hand, chose to remain in 1988 WWF, concerning his wrestling style.  Fortunately, they were able to infuse the two mentalities into something that you would find in Gabe Saplonsky’s EVOLVE promotion.  This excellent bout ended when Brown won, via pin-fall.

Winner:  Barrett Brown

Post-Match:  Cerebus punished Roosevelt for the loss and, after knocking him out, heaved him to the back. 

Backstage:  Lily found a note from Titan and Lars warned her to do something about it, considering that he kidnapped her a few weeks ago.  She didn’t seem worried about the situation.  Why is Lily not concerned about a potential stalker?  Why wouldn’t you press charges against someone who kidnapped you?  Why does Titan have a job?  There’s a tremendous amount of discrepancies with how this angle is being executed.

Backstage Interview:  Ken Resnick inquired into if Titan thinks that kidnapping his crush would lead to romance.  Titan said “Yes, it would”.  I think Titan could be described as a hopeful romantic… or an idiot.  

MAIN EVENT:  Titan w/ Boyd Bradford vs. Lars w/ Lily

                This was one of Titan’s best bouts, at least from the collection of fights of his that I’ve seen, anyway.  Lars sold all of Titan’s power-offense, which is crucial, considering Titan’s massive size.  With a moderate pace and lots of exciting action, this amounted to a fine main event.  After TCW’s resident giant decimated Lily’s new lover, the bout was ruled a technical knock-out, due to inability to defend himself.  From there, Titan was slapped by Lily, who in turn choked her and, once he released her, left the object of his affection to sob over her lover’s unconscious body.

Winner:  Titan – TKO

                Final Thoughts:  This was a solid broadcast that focused on moving the main storylines forward, while providing worthwhile wrestling.  I do wish they would have thought of a more practical way to do the Titan angle, but at least it is being done for the right reason. 

Next week, we will have DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE on the broadcast!  Boy, do I look excited for that, or what?

Until next time, thank you for reading.

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