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Hello Dave,
Thumbs up for the Chamber.
Worst Match:  I didn't watch the divas match, so my vote is for the Darren Young vs. Titus O'neil.  It wasn't a bad match, but considering that Young hit a pretty wicked neckbreaker on the apron and Titus won the match no less than 30 seconds later, that makes it the worst of the night.  
Best Match:  The Shield vs. The Wyatts.  For how awesome this was, I would rather see a rematch at Wrestlemania between these two teams, instead of the Shield breaking up and Cena vs. Wyatt.
Have a good one,
James McElroy 
Collinsville, IL.

Thumbs up to Elimination Chamber, which I attended live.  Best Match was the Elimination Chamber.  Worst match was A.J. vs. Cameron.  That was one of the worst matches I've seen in a long time.  The event met my expectations.  I expected it to be a two match show and it was.  I would give it a slight thumbs up.  I especially liked the drama at the end of the chamber match.  Besides the chamber and Shield vs. Wyatts nothing else was really any good.  I could see most people not liking it just because they screwed over Bryan yet again.  The ending actually gave me a depressed feeling, but the chamber was still a good match.
Aaron Pollwoda

Thumbs in the middle, maybe a little higher.
Best Match: Shield vs Wyatts
Worst Match: Darren Young vs Titus O'Neal
Ordered the PPV through PS3 and split it with friends.
Everything about the Shield vs Wyatt match was perfectly executed, especially the finish. Everyone brought it and Seth Rollins really stepped it up for this one. Wyatts dismantling of The Shield, leaving Roman Reigns to fight for himself was executed well, from camera shots to facial expressions. Love, LOVE this match.
The Elimination Chamber was also great, though the ending left me going to bed pissed and people leaving my house right away very angry. I was surprised that Sheamus was eliminated first. I could see him feuding with a heel Christian at WM30 based on their chemistry in this match. Great stuff from everyone. We were all pulling that Daniel Bryan would overcome the odds with Kane interfering and still pull off the win. They even had us believing that for a moment when Bryan kicked out of the first RKO. 

Not sure what Titus and Darren were doing on PPV in a singles match. They both need more work. I went in the garage to work on stuff during the Divas match and for most of Del Rio/Batista because I could care less. Rest of PPV was okay.

It still boggles my mind how WWE can do everything right with The Shield and The Wyatts and leave a bad taste in fans mouths at the end of the show. It's good to piss people off once in a while but this has been going on since Summerslam last year. I'm going to hold off on ordering the Network until I can have confidence that they'll put on shows that won't end my weekend on a sour note.
- Kent Ward

UFC 170
Thumbs in the middle.
Only watched the last two fights and both ended quickly in the first round, so there isn't much I can say about the show. At least the card wasn't filled with decisions after decisions. Cormier looked like 25 pounds heavier than his opponent, yet Cummins opted to trade with him. Not a smart strategy at all. Poor idiot. The main event stoppage was too soon, but it was because of how Mcmann reacted to the knee. She went down dead, the referee didn't have any option. In the replay we can see she was ok, but in real time she "sold it" like a pro. This was probably the weakest women fight that I ever saw; still it had more action than Machida's last Coma-inducing treatment.

WWE Elimination Chamber
Thumbs up. Not a killer show but very good one. The two main matches delivered and the undercard was good for the most part. Good paced and match oriented. No HHH or Sthep and just a few backstage segments. The last couple of weeks had been this way; so if this is the new approach it is excellent! No surprises at all, which is kind of weird for WWE. Yet another screwjob for Bryan, but that was expected. Given the way they shoot the fans at the end, it pretty much tells you that they are going with Bryan at Mania. At this point Batista vs. Orton for the title is suicidal. Don't know how but they better find a way to put Bryan in the title match at Mania, anything but that is asking for a riot! 
Best Match: Wyatt Family vs. The Shield. Awesome match! Best WWE match since Summerslam. To me a MOTY contender. The Chamber match had more action, but the fans didn't reacted that great. Think was due to the "we only want Bryan" factor. The heat for the finish was awesome, though. Orton should hire personal security! 
Worst Match: Divas match. Random, shoort, sloppy, weak finish, no reaction. 
 Leonardo Mendez Toledo

                                                  Thumbs Up
                                       Best match: The Shield vs The Wyatt Family
                                      Worst match: AJ Lee vs Cameron
(Preshow): Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs Ryback/Curtis Axel w/ Larry Hennig ***1/2
        Hot opener, crowd was rockin'. Cody looked phenomenal. Hopefully WWE will give him a big singles push because he's certainly earned it with his work over the last year. 'The Axe' sure looked smaller than I remember. Rhodes Bros. win by pinfall.
1)Intercontinental title: (C)Big E Langston vs Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter **
         It's really a shame Swagger wasn't blessed with charisma; he sure was blessed with pro wrestling talent. A guy with his gifts shouldn't be doing clean jobs to Big (Double) E('s). Not that he hasn't gotten chances the last few years that he's summarily blown. Noticed with no shock that Swagger's mouth was bloody after a collision with Big's knuckles. And they said RVD was dangerous! The champion retains via pinfall, of course.
2)WWE World tag team titles: (C)The New Age Outlaws vs The Uso Brothers **1/2
For the Usos, its only a matter of time, and perhaps finding the right gimmick. The ability is there, as are the genetics. But in a minor surprise, BadAss and Road Dogg's extra innings in the sun continue for awhile longer. Champs retain by pinfall.
3)Titus O'Neill vs Darren Young *1/2
          Gotta feel a little bad for Titus. Despite a great reaction for the Rhodes Bros. match, the crowd piped down during the opener and midway thru this one you could've heard the proverbial pin drop. Neither were bad matches, nor is it a lousy audience. They do know what they want to see, however, and its not RAW prelims. Titus wins via pin.
BTW, Bad News Barrett came out what felt like 12 times and delivered bad news to the Minnesota fans. These spots were horrid, and got progressively worse. Barrett used Daniel Bryan's name in one spot to try to grab some cheap heat, then in the next went after the local NFL squad. Innovative! The third spot was just to remind fans that the Hulkster will be hosting Mania; absolutely zero fan reaction to Hogan's name. After that I stopped listening.
4)The Shield vs The Wyatt Family ****1/2
            A legitimate match of the year candidate; not just from WWE, but any company. What a thing of beauty. I admit to occasionally being prone to hyperbole, but I think this may have been the best US 6 man tag match I've seen since Freebirds-Von Erichs circa 1984. All six guys had their working boots on, even the Wyatt family member who clearly shares DNA with The Warlord (in appearance only; Erick Rowan actually shows the ability and willingness to improve). The fans went absolutely apeshit the entire way, nearly 30 full minutes. I remember thinking this during his Rumble match vs Bryan, but it sounded sacrilegious; now I'll say it out loud: Bray Wyatt is already a more complete pro wrestler than either his father or Godfather. No, he hasn't had a dozen 5 star classics like Barry Windham, but its only a matter of time. What a natural. Ambrose is an old school heel; no danger of fans turning him into a babyface. He's hateable for all the right reasons. Seth Rollins was superb, at times resembling a taller AJ Styles. Even a huge WWE cynic must admit Roman Reigns is completely deserving of his push. Bray pinned Reigns to win the match for the Wyatts. Great booking.
5)Divas Title: (C)AJ Lee w/Tamina Snuka vs Cameron *
             I love AJ, and truly sympathized her spot tonight. Nobody could have followed that last match. However, my sympathy blew away by the time this clunker ended. AJ didnt have her usual excellent timing or effort, and Cameron has also looked better. Wrestling-wise, that is; both opponents looked as crazily hot as ever. But their match was ice cold. Cameron got the duke by DQ.
6)Batista vs Alberto Del Rio *1/2
             Wow. I knew Big Dave would get a hostile reception, but this was ugly. Absolutely NO audible mixed in cheers. The instant Batista started on offense, a chant of "Boring!" broke out. This wasn't 'turn heel' heat, or even boos that are generally in the spirit of pro wrestling, like Cena gets. This was legitimate, intense dislike. I realized that fans dont wanna see Batista turn heel-they want him to GO AWAY. His jerky personality shines thru, and fans these days seem more aware of wresters' out of ring positives and negatives. Yes, he won the Rumble, but can WWE still go ahead with plans to have him main event Wrestlemania 30? Only if they figure out a way to stick Daniel Bryan in there as either his opponent or the 3rd man in a 3 way match. Batista wins in a longer than expected snoozer.
7)Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Worlds Heavyweight Title: (C)Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus vs John Cena vs Cesaro vs Christian ***1/2
               Very good Chamber match. Fans were galvanized by Bryan. Sheamus and Cesaro started things out in a somewhat lackluster opening 5 minutes, but as soon as the number 3 man entered, it improved drastically. Star of the show: Christian. He showed at Summerslam vs Del Rio that he's actually better than most people knew, and tonight he took his big PPV main event spot and shined. Like the Hell in a Cell gimmick, the Elimination Chamber matches suffer with the lack of juice. And because there's no blood to add instant gravitas, guys are forced to do more dangerous stunts and take crazier bumps to make fans think they're seeing something huge. Sheamus was pinned first, followed by Christian. Cesaro meanwhile celebrated his big push by tapping out to the same guy that pinned him cleanly on TV 6 nights ago. As many expected, the Wyatts showed up and took care of Cena's chances of winning his 43rd World title, for tonight anyway. Also as most foresaw, Kane came down and helped eliminate Bryan, much to the crowd's chagrin. But even though it may have been predictable, it was still the right way to go. At this point, there's only one time and place to reward Daniel Bryan and his gargantuan loyal following with a World title: at WM30. I'll admit I threw up a little in my mouth when Michael Cole told us that Randy Orton vs Batista would be our Mania main event. But unlike in years past, I have faith that WWE brass will do the right thing, and find a way to end the years biggest show with the company's most popular wrestler by miles holding the strap at the end.
Derek Hamel

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