Dory Funk Jr. talks Billy Robinson

Billy Robinson by Dory Funk Jr.

Calgary Stampede July of 1969 NWA World Championship Match Myself and Billy Robinson

We rode in the parade, Billy, His Wife and I on the back of an open Cadillac Convertible with the top down It was such a natural thing for Billy and I to be together even though we were wrestling for the NWA World Championship that week in the Main Event.

The credibility of Billy Robinson and his wrestling skills made it the natural thing to do. In front of us was the ring being pulled by a tractor with all the rest of the wrestlers in the ring. Of course as we passed the grandstand with thousands looking on, the ring did break down holding up the entire parade. The convertible easily made its' way around the ring full of wrestlers and to the finish line.

I was in the Calgary Territory (Promoter Stu Hart) for 8 days. I wrestled Billy Friday to a 1 hour draw in Calgary to set up the return for the following Friday (Billy and Myself). Saturday in Edmonton we wrestled to a 1 hour draw and the same in Regina, Saskatoon, Lethbridge and somewhere else on Thursday and back in Calgary for the return match for the NWA World Championship Friday and yes you guessed it. We wrestled to a 1 hour time limit draw. All matches drew capacity houses.

That week with Billy Robinson was a learning experience in a different style of wrestling. Not amateur style but shoot style, Billy was “for real” mentally and physically as tough as they come like a champion should be. Skills I learned from wrestling Billy Robinson helped me tremendously through my next 4 years as NWA World Champion.

My thanks and appreciation to Billy Robinson, a real friend I will remember forever and cherish the time we were able to spend together.

My condolences to the family of Billy Robinson.

Dory Funk Jr.
At the Hayes Breakfast Stampede Week with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his young wife in attendance someone used the “F” word to Billy in regard to professional wrestling and the next thing I knew the offender was suplexed to the ground.

In the dressing room, Billy Robinson addressed his opponent who stood 6’ 6” 280 pounds and Pumped up like crazy. Billy said, “You are a big man with strong arms and if you even try to hurt me with your muscles I will break your bones.”

The dressing room door opened and the attendant said, “Robinson you are next.” Billy answered, “The name is Bill Robinson and you will address me as Bill, Bill Robinson, Mr. Robinson but not Robinson.

We will all miss Billy Rolbinson

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