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Thumbs mostly up. Entertaining card, mostly quick finishes. HWs are as usual mixed bag at best.
Best fight: Dantas-Leone
Worst fight: Coleman-Miller for the nonperformance by Miller
Best performances: Dantas, Volkov
Worst performances (we need this category too now, right?): Miller, Prindle
KO: Volkov
Sub: Dantas

Prelims: Chris Guttierez blows away Justin McNally @BW, finishing with a high knee and G&P. Brent Primus (rhymes with grimace) survives an upkick and finishes Chris Jones with G&P to go to 5-0, all 1stR, the rest by sub, @LW. Abdul Razak blows away Matt Jones @190 catch, using LKs to set up KO punches and finishing with an uppercut and G&P. In what is probably a HW tourney alternate fight, Eric Prindle involved in yet another questionable stoppage, claiming an eyepoke in the 3rd, but Javi Ayala had been taking him down and pounding him at will the whole fight and the ruling is correctly a TKO. Ayala porky but very mobile and seems to have plenty of cardio. Prindle seems to get worse every fight. Cortez Coleman drubs the overly passive Daniel Miller @MW, getting the stoppage late in the 2nd from a verbal tap to unanswered G&P. In the first HW tourney fight Bulgarian zombie Blagoi Ivanov comes back to take the last two rounds over Rich Hale for what should be a 29-27. Fight could have been stopped in the 2nd and should have been a 10-8 which of course the judges don't give. Ivanov exposed here for poor cardio but advances and remains undefeated. 

Top card:

In the next tourney fight, recently deposed champ Aleksandr Volkov drops porky Mark Holota with short lefts from clinch and finishes him with G&P. Almost the Travis Browne thing but with punches instead of elbows. Gotta like Volkov's chances to win the whole thing again. Replay shows Holota tapped but called a TKO.

Next tourney fight matches former kickboxing stars Peter Graham and Mighty Mo, who amazingly never fought each other. Even more amazingly, Mo wins via head and arm... smother... in the 3rd after dropping the first two rounds to Graham's leg kicks. Mo now 3-0 in Bellator with... TWO SUBS.

Last tourney quarterfinal is a slightly trimmed down looking Ryan Martinez vs. Lavar Big Johnson (if Johnson wins he fights Ivanov which should be billed as Battle Of The Undead). And he will, as he arises swinging from getting blanketed most of the 1st and flattens Martinez with a left hook then knocks him out with a followup right ground shot.

Main is a BW title defense by Eduardo Dantas vs. tourney runnerup Anthony Leone, as winner Rafael Silva had to drop out injured. Sort of a mismatch on paper. Dantas predicts a 2ndR finish. Excellent 1st for Leone, catching a kick and getting an early TD and keeping top position all round, staying just busy enough to avoid a standup while taking no chances with Dantas' sub game. 10-9. Dantas keeps it boxing and dominates most of the 2nd then reverses a TD directly into palm to palm choke with both hooks and back mount for the tap. Highlight reel material.


Thumbs in the middle. Lackluster card both on paper and in action. Nice to hear a ring announcer in UFC trying to say the names right, even with an English accent, but jeez, dude, buy the suit jacket. The rolled up sleeves with a vest and tie looks horseshit. Dan Hardy and the other guy okay on commentary after a shaky start, minus a tendency to go homie on a Brit Vs. Anything Else fight. Way better than Florian and Jonny Pipik, anyway.

Best fight: Pickett vs. Seery
Worst fight: da Silva vs. Scott
Best performance: Nelson
Worst performance: Guillard
KO: Gustafsson
Sub: Nelson, Gaudinot, Latifi all outstanding

Prelims: Louis Gaudinot quickly wipes out Billy Philly Whatever Silly Brit Name with a Jump Guillotine counter to a single leg @ FlyW. Even Sillier Brit Name Danny  'The Cheesecake Assassin' Mitchell in a over his head with Igor Araujo, who is about the exactly the same style but just more experienced. Both good grapplers but uh. Fight ends with some embarrassing mutual bitchslapping on the ground. Araujo takes the 30-27 UD. Mitchell descended somehow from British wrestler Albert Wall who was a rival of Billy Robinson and they RIP Billy, good for them. in MW fights, Claudio da Silva despite poor conditioning and the Brit ref doing everything but pulling his tights manages to snag the 1st and 3rd rounds and take the 29-28 UD over Brad Scott in a sloppy fight. Both these guys could drop a division or two, and TUF beanpole Luke Barnatt rocks the Mats (note to lead commentator: 'Swede' not 'Swedishman') Nilsson with a HK and finishes him with a knee late in the 1st. These guys look related in the Deliverance sense. One of only two fights the Brits will win all night. After a minute of inaction, Irit Latifi takes Cyrille Diabate down and finishes him with a second try at a D'Arce choke @ LHW. Diabate expected to retire.

Top card:

Stunning performance from Gunnar Nelson coming back from injuries, dropping Omari Akhmedov with a reverse punch, moving to mount, picking his shots with elbows, and pulling Guillotine to end it just before the end of the round. Akhmedov is not an easy opponent either. Would keep an eye on this guy. Scary hybrid of trad karate and JJ. Interesting addition to a suddenly (gee wonder why) exciting WW division.

Brad Pickett drops to FlyW and gets all he can handle from the better boxing and stubborn ground defense of late sub Irishman Neal Seery, despite help from the same biased Brit ref, giving Pickett a rest when hit perfectly legally in the eye, but Brad uses his strength to dominate the takedowns and groundgame enough to edge all 3 rounds. One judge gives Seery a round. Not the FlyW debut Pickett wanted, but he does own a win over Mighty Mouse @ BW.

Moving to ATT does not help as Melvin Guillard continues to not get it together, going too passive instead of his usual too cowboy, and forner teammate Blackzilian Michael Johnson keeps pressuring till Guillard pretty much punks out and quits fighting as the fight ensues. One judge gives Guillard one round. MJ looking good even with a non-engaging opponent. WW fight.

In the LHW main,Alexander Gustafson gets a takedown and controls enough of the 1st round to take it, but can get very little done on the gound. Manuwa's strength is astounding. He does land a body shot late that bothers Gustafsson. Gustafsson drops Manuwa with a knee and a punch flurry and finishes him with a couple of ground strikes early in the 2nd, and cements his position for the next title shot.


I only caught the main which was Remy Bonjasky's retirement fight vs. Mirko Crocop on Crocop's home turf. Was very sad to watch these two formerly great, now shot fighters lumbering around the ring. I have an ongoing suspicion of the legitimacy of some kickboxing fights, especially homie deals like this, and it didn't look to me like Remy was really trying to win, but nevertheless he got the 29-28, 28, 29 MD.


Again just saw the main but Canelo showed some positive benefits from the drubbing by Floyd, even using some of Floyd's defensive tactics vs. the much slower Angulo. It was like Canelo was Floyd in this fight. Just shows again how far Floyd is ahead of everybody else. Flawless performance unjustly marred by negative crowd reaction to ref Tony Weeks having seen enough and justifiably stopping it after Canelo rocked Angulo's head with a Joe Palooka bolo punch uppercut in the 10th. The judges had somehow given Angulo a couple of rounds. He didn't even come close to winning any. Angulo's cornermens' shirts revealed the info I did not know that Jose Sulaiman died in January. Now he can go be with boxing in the place he caused it to go to.
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