WWE house show report 3-22 Atlantic City

By Dave Rechichi

Triple threat for the IC Title. Big E defends vs Cesaro and kofi. Big E with the big ending on Cesaro for the win.  During the match Cesaro gives Kofi 13  actual revolutions with the Giant Swing during match.

Sin Cara over Heath Slater.

Naomi w/ Cameron vs. AJ w/ Tamina for the Diva's Championship. Naomi still has eye patch. Vicki out to make it non title.  Says Naomi hasn't been back long enough to get title shot. Naomi wins with the rear view.

Brodus Clay vs Kahli fans choice. Dance off wins over match. Brodus first. "The Stripper" by David Rose plays for some comedy only figured out by the adults in attendance.  Kahli's own music plays. Kahli wins dance off.

Christian vs Big Show. Christian cuts promo running down Atlantic City  calling it the poor man's Las Vegas.  Big Show wins with KO.


Los Matadores w/ El Torito over McIntyre & Mahal after Total Elimination on Mahal.  Torito runs wild on McIntyre & Mahal afterwards.

The Shield over the Wyatt Family.  Reigns pinned Harper with the spear. Same match as the previous night in Bridgeport. Crowd super hot for the hot tag to Reigns.   Bray came to the ring wearing a tan leather butchers apron.

Daniel Bryan over Kane in a steel cage match. Kane out first saying the match was canceled due to injuries suffered by Daniel Bryan on Monday night. Bryan out next heavily taped selling the injuries from Monday.  Bryan wins with the flying knee. He then climbs to the top of each corner of the cage to Yes chants.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?