WWE news: Daniel Bryan talks Yes chant and Total Divas

Chad Dukes of CBS Radio Washington DC 106.7 The Fan's "Chad Dukes vs.
The World" and interviewed WWE Superstar
Daniel Bryan Thursday.
In the interview we discussed the popularity of the YES chant, the
Royal Rumble snub, Total Divas on his bus, and why he doesn't get
ribbed anymore.
Any help in promoting this interview would be greatly appreciated! A
couple quotes are transcribed below.
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On if he catches any grief for fans chanting his name during other matches:
"Chad: Does it cause any frayed relationships or anything in the back
when guys are out there wrestling, and time and time again you hear
the crowd chanting for you? It's almost as if the WWE Universe wants
you to wrestle for all three hours of Raw, all the dark matches,
everything. I've never seen anything like this!
Bryan: Nobody's ever come up to me and said anything. Nobody's ever
come up to me and said, "Hey! I'm sick and tired of these people
cheering for you during my match!" But I mean there's nothing that you
really can say, you know, it's not my fault people are doing it. I
didn't start an internet petition to say "chant for me during
everybody else's matches" or anything like that. It's crazy and that's
one of the beautiful things about wrestling. Man, people can just go
out there and do what they want, you know what I mean. It's such a
unique artform in the sense that it's, you go out there and it's live
and anything can happen and the crowd can do anything and you just
don't know what's gonna happen at the end of the show and all that
kind of stuff. It's really fun and the crowd participation just makes
it more unique."
On the Total Divas cameras:
"The cameras are actually filming me now as we're doing this. We are
doing this and we are being filmed as we do this. Not only that but
our little dog Josie is trying to attack the boom that's hanging above
the bed. So yeah, it's just interesting because like there are days, a
day like today, where I should be able to relax be at home, be getting
ready for WrestleMania but here we are, actually today we're doing
some cake testing and food tasting. Which is fun right? It's a lot of
fun, we're in this beautiful cabin right by a creek, and all this
stuff, but it's funny, yeah these are times that should be down time
for a lot of people but we're off doing stuff. But a lot of it's fun
stuff. I probably would have never gotten the bus had I not been
pushed to do it by Brie and the show and all that kind of stuff."
On why he doesn't get ribbed for anything on Total Divas:
"People tend to not rib me in general, and I think it's a penchant I
have for when people do something like that I kick them in the groin.
So people stopped ribbing me a very long time ago and I think that
that's why. 'Oh yeah that's real funny-WHACK!' Because that is always
funnier than any rib you put on or any jokes you put on somebody."

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