Friday morning videos

By Thomas Rude


The DVD for XICW 175:  "The Best of Detroit 4" is in Progress   
The South Files (Episode 4) 
Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle (Episode 66) 
Southside Wrestling-Five Questions with Uhaa Nation
Heartland Wrestling Association Presents "Made for TV" Promo 
3/28/14 Renegade Wrestling Alliance's OMG Moment of the Week  
The Ashes of CHIKARA (Official Trailer 2)  
Warriors of Wrestling Present FALLOUT 2014 Highlight Video    
"Wiseguy" Jimmy Cicero on The Apter Chat  

WWE Inbox (Episode 113)
Natalya Grants Her First Wish:   Total Divas Preview

3/26/14 Ace Pro Wrestling "Overdrive" 
Insane Championship Wrestling "Worldwide" TV
3/16/14 Future Stars of Wrestling "High Octane" TV    
New England Championship Wrestling (Episode 52)

#IMPACT365-James Storm "He Pinned Me-But He Didn't Beat Me"  
#IMPACT365-Gunner "The War is not Over With James Storm"
#IMPACT365-Earl Hebner's Advice to his Son Brian After Joe vs. Eric Young
#IMPACT365-The Beautiful People "Ha Ha Swerve! Holla!"              
#IMPACT365-Bobby Roode Gave Bully Ray a Taste of His Own Medicine  
#IMPACT365-Eric Young on Being Disrespectful by Samoa Joe   
#IMPACT365-The Wolves Regain Momentum After Beating Abyss and Magnus
#IMPACT365-Magnus Talks About The Tension With Abyss   

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


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