Inside MMA TV report - Gracie vs. Bravo

***This week, Rousimar Palhares explains his behavior and Eddie Bravo talks his BJJ superfight with Royler Gracie.  We get a couple of record knockouts, a Kung Fu master talks BJJ, and more Kangaroo MMA, all this week on Inside MMA!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, March 28 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and co-host Bas Rutten.


International MMA


KSW from Warsaw, Poland:

--Marcin Rozalski over Nick Rossborough (what was interesting was Rossborough had some sort of a temp tattoo painted on his back, over his tattoos, of some kind of a billboard/advertisement.  Wonder if this will spread to the US)

--Michael Materla over Jay Silva

UK Cage Warriors from Amman, Jordan:

--Marcin Lasota over Paul Marin

--Abu Azaitar over Jack Marshman


Legacy 29

--Chris Pecaro over Thomas Longacre

--Jonathan Brookins (TUF 155 winner) beat Cody Fuller in a flyweight bout

--Myron Dennis over Paul Buentello


Rousimar Palhares’ Second Chance


Ron Kruck talks about the “dirtiest fighter in  MMA” (not to be confused with the dirtiest player in the game who is of course, Ric Flair) Rousimar Palhares.  His most recent offenses include a 90-day suspension in March of 2010 for refusing to release a heel hook in a fight, then he was suspended for 9 months in December of 2012 for elevated testosterone levels, and in October of 2013 he was outright fired by the UFC for refusing to release a heel hook.  Palhares fights Steve Carl this weekend for World Series of Fighting in his first fight since being released by the UFC.


Palhares said if people knew who he was, they wouldn’t think he was a dirty fighter.  He wouldn’t change anything from what he’s done, since you can’t learn anything if you don’t commit an error. (seeing as how he refused to release a heel hook TWICE, apparently he didn’t learn that “lesson” the first time)  His manager Alex Davis (who looks like Fit Finley) says he’s not a bad person or a dirty fighter.  He saw a lot of entities create him as a villain for their own purposes.


Fans in the media weren’t the only ones to criticize his unsportsmanlike behavior.  His upcoming opponent, Steve Carl, was hesitant at first because of his reputation, but he got over that, and now realizes if he’s afraid of getting injured after tapping, that would he had already lost the fight, so it wouldn’t matter anyway.


He does agree that he’s a dirty fighter to a certain extent, also referring to incidents in grappling matches too.  He might be a nice guy but with all this stuff happening, it means there is something wrong.


The NSAC forced Palhares to come to Vegas early for a random drug test, which he passed.  Palhares would like people to understand who he really is outside the ring, since he’s been branded, (and starts to cry.)


Carl says he doesn’t deserve a title fight, he’s 1-2 and coming off multiple suspensions.  The winner will face Jon Fitch for the WSF Welterweight belt.


Ray Sefo LIVE


Sefo joins us on the big screen from the Lions Fight arena in Las Vegas where he is enjoying their show.  He says Palhares’ team explained to Sefo that Palhares was trained a certain way.  But he’s a super nice guy and despite issues, he’s never permanently hurt anyone and is one of the best welterweights in the world.  Nevada is a second chance state and this is his second chance.


Sefo answers Bas, that fighters not showing up is the worst thing that can happen to a MMA promoter.


Chris Weidman Injured


The UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, is out of his fight with Lyoto Machida, due to a knee injury, which will require minor surgery.  This fight will be rescheduled for July 4th weekend.


Dan Henderson Tweeted that he’d take on Machida, but UFC didn’t take him up on that.  Bas says that even Anderson Silva wants to fight Lyoto Machida.


(Since Machida was a replacement anyway, can’t we just revert to the original Weidman-Belfort fight for July?)


UFC 173 Main Event set


Renan Barao, after dominantly fending off the seemingly brand new Urijah Faber, will now defend his title against Faber student and TUF winner TJ Dillashaw.


TJ Dillashaw told IMMA via Facetime that it would mean everything to him to be the new bantamweight champ.  He feels he’s been training for Barao for a while anyway.  Even though he was preparing for a different opponent, he was already mentally preparing to face Barao at some point, and calls this a real Cinderella story.


UFC Welterweight Injuries


--Georges St. Pierre tore his ACL while training (for his hiatus.) and will have surgery very soon.  He already tore his other legs’ ACL a few years ago.  To which Bas chimes in, “now they match.”


--Johny Hendricks is out 4-8 weeks after tearing his bicep in the Robbie Lawler fight. 


--Carlos Condit is also having surgery for the knee injury that happened in his fight with Tyron Woodley.


UFC takes Military Service seriously


Will Chope was cut by the UFC mere hours before his fight, after learning of his discharge from the military in 2009 for assaulting his then wife.


Athletic Doctors target weight cutting


The Association of Ringside Physicians made an official stance against TRT, and a month after it was outlawed by the NSAC.  Now they have targeted weight cutting.  They want weigh-ins closer to the fights, year round check-ups, and fighter education on the dangers of extreme weight loss.


Roy Nelson LIVE


In two weeks, the venerable MMA stars from the 2000s will do battle in the UFC.  Roy Nelson is also at the Lions Fights show as a spectator, and joins us live on the big screen. 


He says this is a big fight, and win or lose Nog will try to choke him out or knock him out and he’ll do the same.  This will be outdoors in a very hot environment.  He feels either one can win standing or on the ground, and both try to finish.  Training has gone better than his last camp, but it’s always a struggle when you bring in new guys.  He and Nick Diaz have known each other for 15-16 years and always like to bounce ideas off each other and that’s what’s happening in this bout with Big Nog.


Every fight is a must win, but people love them because they both try to win no matter what, and expects this to be an epic fight as a legend and the only guy to be Pride and UFC champion.


Bonus Highlights


Cage Fury from Philadelphia

--Paul Felder over Mark Stevens.  Promoter Rob Hadak calls Felder the best lightweight he’s seen in a very long time, and he’s had top fighters come through there.

CES MMA 22 Lincoln, RE

--Charles Rosa  armbarred Brylan Van Artsdalen.  What’s interesting is that when the ref, Dan Miragliotta, pulled Rosa off, Rosa bumped funny and separated his shoulder.

--43-year old John Johnston over Josh Hendricks


Eddie Bravo ON SET


They play part of the music video “jiu-jitsu” that Eddie Bravo did with his band.  It sounded like a regular band video.  Pretty good.


In 2003, Bravo upset Royler Gracie in a jiu-jitsu bout as a brown belt in a huge upset that made him.  At Mettamoris 3, Bravo will face Royler Gracie in a rematch this week. 


He calls the rules totally gangster.  20 minutes, no points, no advantages, just submissions.  If no submission after 20 minutes it’s a draw.


When Bas brings up how he once said if they had a rematch he’d beat him faster this time, Bravo was thinking he was probably drunk when he said that since he wouldn’t say that now.  The guys been doing jiu-jitsu since he was a few weeks old.  He’s never had a real job, he’s just been drinking watermelon juice his whole life.  Never smoke, drank, as opposed to him who partied a lot.  Royler was winning BJJ championships when Bravo was still doing karate.  He doesn’t underestimate him at all and can admit now that he was lucky to beat him the first time, but hopes to get lucky again.


Anything can happen, so he’s not one of those guys who will say he’s going to impose his will and win no matter what.  But he’s trained his ass off, and has worked with Machado and has learned so much from him, who is his original roots of BJJ.  Without him, his chances were slim to win, but now, he’s like Clubber Lang in the first fight.


He says no matter what happens, Royler is invited to his afterparty where they can do watermelon shots.


Sound Off:  Freddie Lee


Freddie Lee, owner of Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu Inc posted a video talking about MMA as something that doesn’t really require talent, just choking someone, since you can learn that in a matter of seconds.  As opposed to learning how to kick proficiently like in Tae Kwon Do, takes decades.


This BJJ stuff is like learning how to pull the trigger of gun, it doesn’t require much intelligence or hard work.  Just a bunch of violent people that want to hurt people.


Bas gets first crack and points out that Freddie has never competed, since he says he doesn’t believe in competing, but making comments like that makes you an idiot.  And Bas says never argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and will beat you with experience.


Bravo says this guy obviously hasn’t sparred jiu-jitsu or trained jiu-jitsu so he doesn’t know so gives him a break.  People that don’t know tend to hold on to the past as this is probably his livelihood with Kung Fu.  He sounds like he believes what he’s saying.  Before he ever rolled with BJJ he used to think it was either “super-advanced wrestling” or “caveman wrestling”, and was anxious to find out which.  He saw Royce Gracie and was impressed at UFC 1, but still wasn’t sure since he hadn’t faced a good wrestler yet.  First time he tried BJJ he was choked out 35 times and realized this is super-advanced wrestling.  So this Freddie guy just doesn’t know and he probably has like 4 students or something.


Friday Finishes



--Mike Garret finished Sam Heron with a kick to the face in the 1st second of the fight, setting the new world record for fastest knockout.


--Luis Felix finished Drew Fickett with a shin kick to the face

Sparta Combat MMA:

--Jose Beltran finished Josh Copeland with punches

Cage Warriors

--Damir Hadzovic finished John Maguire with punches

--Nicolas Dalby finished Sergei Churilov with a kick to the face


Viewer Submissions


Xplode Fight Series

--Benjamin Smith over Jason Louck

Tiger Muay Thai

--Tukkataton Phetpayatai over Petwanlop Kiatnadee

Bash at the Beach 4

--Ryan Stuckmeyer over Ricky Luckadoo in 4 seconds


Clay Guida LIVE


Former Strikeforce fighters Clay Guida fights Kawajiri in the UFC featherweight division.  Guida joins us on the big screen from his gym in Albuquerque.


Clay says this is the busiest he’s the seen the Jackson-Winkeljohn Gym with all the big fights coming up for everybody.  Guida is a big fan of the Big Lebowski, so many fans call him the “Dude”.


He says Kawajiri poses a lot of problems like with his strength.  He had a hard time with his last weight cut so he hopes he has trouble again.  He can make 145 easy and feels a little undersized still.  His gas tank is always above full and he’ll be tough to takedown, so Kawajiri’s strength on top won’t matter.  He wants to take Kawajiri into deep water and see what he’s made of.


Interspecies WTF?!


We see a clip form Southeast Asia where a guy is fighting a Kangaroo in a large ring.  The man has headgear and small boxing gloves.  The Kangaroo wins when he gets the guy in the Muay Thai clinch and does like a front mule kick to the mid-section.  (Can animals steal other animals’ gimmicks like that?)


Upcoming MMA shows

--Apr 4, Legacy 30

--Apr 11, RFA 14


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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