Independent wrestling results

By Thomas Rude

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Newark-RightCoastPro Wrestling at the Life Community Church:  Bazooka Joe pined FallahMichael Blake & Mozart Fontaine defeated Aaron Stride & Chris SteelerBilly Baxx pinned Francis Kipland StevensColton Quest defeated Harry M. Baldwin in a Weapons Match…Ryan Rush pinned Sean RoyalEric Chapel defeated Sonny Deeds in a Bull Rope Match…Nicholas Sohlo pinned Courageous CruzAmore Express (Alvin Alvarez & Jason Gotti) defeated Anthony Bowens & Damian Gibb.  (3/29/14)




Chicago-Anarchy Pro Wrestling at the Berwyn Eagles Club:   Damien Tyler pinned Brad KevinsSuperbad vs. D. Allure went to a No-Contest…Sunny Ago defeated Kevin Kross by DQ…Willie Richardson pinned Mike DanielsJeff Troy defeated   Marcello Spade & Jack Carpenter in a Triple Threat Match…Beast pinned Mike AnthonyBuddy Robert Jr. defeated Machine & Shane FuryZexx, BPB & Shane Eaton defeated Joey Brittian, Marley, Georgie SteeleMax Holiday pinned David Allen.  (3/29/14)


Villa Park-Fusion Wrestling at the Fusion Arena:   Mike Matthews pinned Chris MillerColin Cambridge pinned Brad KevinsBryce Benjamin pinned Steve BozJester Yorick pinned Colin SmithWill Richardson pinned Marco AnthonyRuff Crossing pinned Arc AngelDiego Corleone vs. Apocalypto went to a Double Countout.  (3/29/14)




Dracut-Chaotic Wrestling at the Lakeview Junior High School:   Scott Reed & Brandon Locke defeated Bryan & Matt Logan and Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia in a Triple Threat Match to become the new CW Tag Team Champions…Chase Del Monte pinned Mikey WebbThomas Penmanship won the Chaotic Countdown to earn a guaranteed Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match…Warbeard Hanson defeated Sean Burke in a Grudge Match…Kasey Ray pinned AlexxisBrian Fury defeated Mark Shurman & Scotty Slade in a Triple Threat Match to become the new Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.  (3/21/14)




Detroit-Michigan Championship Wrestling Association at the Madison-Carver Academy:  Owen Travers pinned Shane SaberSean Tyler pinned Roger LanierJack Thriller pinned Kid HybridGideon Malice pinned Lathan ClemonsJasmine pinned Ingrid IsleyDickie Bronson pinned Dan Shay….TD Thomas defeated Mark Gjoka by DQ…The DBA & Joey Disaster defeated The Evans Boys.   (3/28/14)


MELVINDALE-Pro Wrestling All-Stars at the Play Atlantis:  Chuck Stein pinned Chris MooreThunderkitty defeated Randi West by Submission…Chase Matthews defeated Lance Star in a Last Man Standing Match…Joseph Schwartz & Altas Hytower defeated Two Members of the State of Corruption’s S.W.A.T. TeamThe Great Akuma defeated N8 Mattson & Sabu in a Triple Threat Elimination Match…Frank Isaac Anderson vs. Movado went to a No-Contest…Officer Rod Street defeated Movado by DQ.  (3/28/14)




Pelham-Pure Pro Wrestling at the Pelham Community Center:  Labron Kozone pinned Scott LeeIvan Alie & Rolling Thunder defeated Blue Cyclone & Roo D. LewisJimmy Jannetty pinned J-SinnCorrey Duncom pinned Drake TungstenOuga Booga defeated Col. Spud Wade by DQ…Scrapyard Dog pinned Justin Flash…*GAUNTLET MATCH*Labron Kozone pinned Jimmy Jannetty, Scrapyard Dog pinned Labron Kozone, Scrapyard Dog pinned Ouga Booga to win the match and become the new Southeastern Champion.  (3/23/14)




Cleveland-Absolute Intense Wrestling’s “Girls Night Out 11” at Turners Hall:  Jasmin pinned Angellus LayneThunderkitty defeated Marti Belle by Submission…Sassy Stephie pinned KaelaKimber Lee pinned Hania the Howling HuntressNikki Storm pinned AngeldustVeda Scott pinned Kay Lee RayThe Social Network (Heidi Lovelace & Annie Social) defeated Jenny Rose & Seleziya SparxAllysin Kay pinned Leah Von Dutch.  (3/29/14)


Cleveland-Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Girls Night Out 12” at Turners Hall:  Athena pinned Mia YimThunderkitty pinned Sassy StephieAngeldust defeated Angelus Layne, Kaela & Marti Belle in a Fatal Four-Way Match…Kay Lee Ray pinned Kimber LeeNikki Storm pinned Hania The Howling HuntressVeda Scott pinned Leah Von DutchMia Yim pinned JasminSeleziya pinned Jenny RoseThe Jollyville F*ck-It’s (T Money & Nasty Russ) defeated The Social Network (Annie Social & Heidi Lovelace)Athena defeated Allysin Kay in a No-DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match to become the new AIW Women’s Champion.   (3/29/14)


Cleveland-Hard Knock Wrestling at the United Church of Christ:  Danny Stiles pinned Kano Josh EmanuelKombat Kidd vs. Tommy Kane went to a Time-Limit DrawMr. Friday Night pinned Shawn BlazeAftermath pinned ACHLatin Crime Syndicate defeated Cleveland Sucks, Ironman & Mr. RBI and Nightmare & David Tower to become the new HKW Tag Team Champions…Angel Camacho pinned Kyle O’Reily..Michael Elgin pinned Lamont Williams.  (3/30/14)


Dayton-Ring of Honor at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds:  The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer & Roderick Strong) defeated Tadarius Thomas, ACH & Caprice ColemanRD Evans defeated Kyle O’Reilly, Silas Young & The Romantic Touch in a Four-Corner Survival Match…Michael Elgin pinned Cedric AlexanderKevin Steen defeated Bobby Fish by DQ…Kevin Steen & RD Evans defeated reDRagon by DQ…Tomasso Ciampa pinned Matt TavenAJ Styles defeated Chris Hero by Submission…The Briscoes defeated Adam Cole & Michael Bennett.   (3/23/14)




Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain:  Shane Morton pinned Risque’ RayFreakshow pinned Curt NicholsThe Untouchables (Jeremiah Plunkett & Drew Haskins) defeated Steve Morton & Mark DunnavantMikey Dunn pinned Cody MortonLawrence pinned The RingmasterLarry Cooter & Brittany Love defeated JP Jones & Cha Z Pelosi.  (3/29/14)




Forfar, Angus-Wrestlezone Scotland at Reid Hall:  Chris Archer pinned Scott Swift in Tournament Semi-Final 1…Zach Dynamite pinned Alan Sterling in Tournament Semi-Final 2…Bryan Tucker pinned The Super ExecutionerShawn Johnson pinned Mr. MaliceChris Archer pinned Zach Dynamite in the Tournament Final…Aspen Faith, James Midas, Damien & Johnny Lions defeated Blue Thunder, Williams Sterling, Mr. P & Crusher Craib.  (3/29/14)



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