OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 764 that will be aired in Louisville on 4/12 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/764
We open with a photo of Warrior followed by a series of clips from the 4/6 Sunday Night Special. We see the street fight where Jamin Olivencia strips Timmy Danger down to his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boxers then pulls those off to reveal some tighty whiteys! As per the stipulations, this means that Jamin wins the match but the celebration is short lived as OUR OVW Champion Marcus Anthony runs out and locks Jamin in the Crimson Omen/full nelson. Ryan Howe runs out to put a stop to that and we segue into the main event of Howe versus Anthony. We forward to Howe having locked in his Whammy Bar on Anthony, who is tapping out but Danger (who thankfully is wrapped in a towel) is up on the apron distracting OUR OVW Official Josh Ashcraft. Another distraction draws Ashcraft's attention away as Danger runs in and hits Howe with the title belt, allowing Anthony to lock in the Crimson Omen. Ashcraft sees the limp Howe and calls for the bell to end the match.
After the show opening, we go to the announce table with OUR OVW Broadcast Team of Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus (who is also OUR OVW Ring Announcer for the evening). We will find out the fallout from Sunday and Dean adds that OUR OVW Owner "Nightmare" Danny Davis is here tonight and will set the record straight! Gilbert adds that he encountered Danger in the back and Danger was bragging about Danger International being a Fortune 500 company, as they hold all the gold in OVW (well, except for the TV title...and the Ladies title..and oh yeah, the Hula Hoop title:)
Match #1: Leon Shelly & Elvis Pridemore vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "King of Pink" Dylan Bostic & "Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna (w/"Career Killer" Timmy Danger)
Ashcraft is the ref here as Gilbert hopes the champs have done their research on Danger and his "career killer" tendencies. Champs whip each other into Shelly, who slips away from a Bostic backdrop and tags former OVW Champion Pridemore. Bostic takes some jabs from Pridemore but then yanks off Pridemore's hat, which makes him very angry! Pridemore plants Bostic into the mat but DeLuna pulls him off and whips him into the ropes. DeLuna catches and holds Pridemore so Bostic can give him the Super Backstabber for the pin.
Gilbert goes to ringside to chat with Danger and the champs. Danger's Important Thing To Say is apparently that the champs have new nicknames as Bostic is "The St. Matthews Bad Boy" while DeLuna is "The Hispanic Causing Panic". Danger is also happy about all his men winning last Sunday and that UConn beat Kentucky! Gilbert finally gets a word in edgewise and notes that last Sunday we saw more of Danger that we care to remember! Danger calls that an injustice! Davis comes out and says it seems like every time Danger talks, he has to come out here too. Davis says Danger is bragging about the tag champs now but he is in the process of putting together some tag teams for a mini-tournament that will play out over the next few weeks where the winners will get a shot at Bostic and DeLuna at the 5/10 Saturday Night Special! Davis then calls out Ryan Howe, saying everyone saw what happened on Sunday. Davis says that Danger's actions cost Howe the title match that he deserved, so he is granting Howe a rematch tonight! He adds that if Danger interferes in any way, shape, or form, that Danger will regret it. He also says that Jamin Olivencia will be sitting at the announce table to keep an eye on Danger but will be under orders not to get involved in the match. He adds that Jamin is also the #1 contender for Anthony's title (although Howe is getting the title shot tonight) and that no one without a manager’s license can be at ringside (I guess that would keep Bostic and DeLuna away). Gilbert is happy that Davis is here!
Stephon J Baxter III is in the back with Mohamed Ali Vaez (wearing a Metal Master shirt) and asks Vaez about "falling short" in his quest to regain the tag titles last Sunday. Vaez takes offense to the question, saying he had Bostic and DeLuna beaten until the "interference of his so-called partner" Adam Revolver cost him the match! Revolver pops in and wants to tag with Vaez in the mini-tournament. Vaez accuses Revolver of blowing it for them and doesn't want to tag with him any more!
Match #2: "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer (w/Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
One of the new unidentified refs is in charge here as Melvin blocks Dumeyer down then slams him. Dumeyer steps away from the charging Melvin, who pulls up before hitting the corner. Melvin applies the deadly bearhug to Dumeyer thus completing the Marauder Hat Trick! (Having beaten Lamotta and Clint Poe the previous two weeks)
Jonze and Lamotta come to the ring. Jonze says that Dumeyer has had some success lately (which Dean questions) and that he thought Dumeyer would be the last Marauder to fail him. Dumeyer says he wasn't the only one to lose, which upsets Jonze even further. Jonze says Dumeyer needs to be taught a lesson in obedience and orders him to get on all fours. Jonze pulls off his belt but Tony Gunn comes out with a ball bat in hand. Gunn says he has seen enough of this madness and calls Jonze a bully. Gunn tells Dumeyer that he doesn't have to take this and says he can roll out of the ring and join him! Jonze says Dumeyer needs to listen to listen to him-the voice and the brains of the Marauders-and not a loser like Gunn! Dumeyer rolls out of the ring and shakes hands with Gunn, who says he has just pulled a brick from the Marauders' foundation.
Dean plugs OVW Live Events in Austin, IN 4/13, Elizabethtown, KY 4/19, and a new venue at St. Leonard's (in Louisville) on 4/25. Of course, the next Saturday Night Special is 5/10 since the Kentucky Derby is on 5/3.
Gilbert is in the ring to chat with OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash. It is mentioned that TPT lost a first blood match on Sunday to Body Guy, who used a bottle of fake blood to win the match by smearing some on TPT's forehead and pointing it out to the ref. TPT says he's been busted open plenty of times but not last Sunday as Body Guy and Body Guard come out. The two enter the ring and corner TPT but Flash Flanagan runs out with kendo sticks to chase them off. OUR OVW Senior Official "Package" Chris Sharpe comes out to relay a message from Danny Davis that we're going to have a tag match right now!
Match #3: Body Guy & Body Guard vs "Hicks With Sticks" (TPT & Flash)
Fun fact: Flash and I share a birthday-April 6! Sharpe says out to ref as Body Guy gets worked over to start. Gilbert questions Body Guy's wisdom in picking a fight with TPT, who Titus refers to as "Old Yeller". Body Guy tags in Body Guard, who hammers on Flash briefly before tagging right back out. Flash does some armworking on Body Guy as Titus gives us a scoop by informing us that Body Guard's name is "Big John". Body Guy hits the Eyepoke Of Doom on TPT, who stumbles around and ends up in the Body Corner, where he is subjected to much kicking and stomping. Gilbert notes that Sharpe was not the ref in the first blood match and praises him for keeping a lid on the double teaming in this match, as that is what a good ref does. TPT finally fights off Body Guard and we get TAGS! It's everybody in the pool until Body Guard gets dumped out. Flash grabs the green kendo stick and winds up, which spooks Body Guy. This allows TPT to sunset flip him for the pin.
Bobby Black runs out and jumps on Flash's back and it's 3 on 2! Flash and TPT fall victim to the numbers game again!
It is time for a "Good Word" with "Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles and his trusty altar boy, "Cameron". Today's word is "help". He says a great travesty befell him in the ring on Sunday, not that he supposedly lost a match but that sadness overcame him as he looked into the eyes of what used to be a man. He saw the horrible creature that evil had twisted this person into and he felt that evil surge from this person and try to overcome him again and again. He says this same evil has overtaken the fans. He says to look at this person's lifestyle and that this person hides behind makeup which disguises the evil inside. Miles points out some fans as examples (and they laugh at him) of how glory has been turned in terrible pieces of trash and how they are blinded by the darkness of evil. Miles proclaims himself to be a ray of light and not afraid of evil then asks the fans to allow him to help them.
Paredyse comes out to say that he thought this was all over last Sunday. Paredyse is clearly upset and says just because Miles has a collar on that he thinks he can judge people? Paredyse gives a spiel about higher powers, judging others, and loving others then notes that just because Miles hits people with his funny little book and has a monkey boy he keeps locked up doesn't give him the right to judge others. Miles says that evil has overtaken Paredyse and the fans (by cheering for Paredyse) but he is the light and can lead them out of the darkness. Paredyse says that beating Miles in another match would mean nothing to the people so he says that he and Miles will have a "theological debate" next week and will pimpslap Miles verbally and mentally!
Match #4: "Skywalkers" (Aaron Sky & "Primetime" Robbie Walker") vs J Best & Dapper Dan
Dan is sporting a handlebar mustache, which Dean appreciates. The same new ref from earlier is in charge here as Dean also notes that Dan drove across the country to be here at OVW and tagged up with Best. Both teams want to get in on the mini-tournament and are looking to make an impression. Walker drop toeholds and armdrags Dan, then tags Sky in. They whip Dan into the ropes but Dan hangs on and turns to tag in Best. Best boots Sky in the ribs but Sky leapfrogs and dropkicks him away. Walker joins Sky in a double dropkick on Dan and Walker covers him and his mustache for the pin.
Match #5: "Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe vs OUR OVW Champion "Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony
Jamin Olivencia comes out to take a seat at the announce table as Titus (in a purple and black suit) goes to the ring for the introductions. Howe comes out playing a Fender Stratocaster as Gilbert reminds us that Howe has made Anthony tap out twice to the Whammy Bar but still can't get an actual victory. They go nose to nose then Howe throws some forearms but two dropkicks only send Anthony down to one knee. Howe comes off the ropes and Anthony lariats him, sending him flipping down to the mat. Anthony back Howe to the corner and rakes his face then pulls on some power bands before getting a head of steam and  and clobbering Howe with a running forearm. Anthony squats and presses Howe then drops him. Howe jumps on Anthony's back and grabs a sleeper but Anthony swings around and Howe's feet kick Sharpe, sending him to the mat. Ashcraft runs out but Sharpe is back to his feet and the refs argue. Anthony shoves Howe into Sharpe and he goes down again, this time to stay. Howe struggles but is able to apply the Whammy Bar. Ashcraft goes over to check on Sharpe as Anthony is tapping out. Danger climbs on the apron so Howe grabs him and applies the Whammy Bar to him! Anthony clamps the Crimson Omen on Howe as Ashcraft comes over and calls for the bell.
Davis comes back out and will make Danger pay for this. Davis says Danger likes to stick his nose is matches but titles mean more to him, so Davis is stripping Anthony of the title and makes a steel cage match for the 5/10 SNS between Anthony and Jamin! Davis also says Danger will be barred from ringside! Danger is not happy about this as the show goes off!
THOUGHTS: Will anybody call shenanigans on Ashcraft? I guess Howe is getting brushed aside for now despite making Anthony tap three times.Will Bobby Black be Body Guy, Jr.? I wasn't really into the Miles/Paredyse thing although I did like seeing a different side of Paredyse. I think the “theological debate” actually happened on this show as all that needed to be said got said. I suspect one person will have a surprise for the other next week. I found it interesting that the station they are aired on in Louisville is owned by a mega-church. The lack of female participation on this show has been noted. This mini-tag tournament is already shaping up with some new pairings; hopefully we'll see Gunn/Dumeyer vs two of Lamotta/Poe/Jonze. Speaking of Jonze, he and Paredyse had the same kind of hairdo this week. The pinfalls outnumbered the submissions this week 3-2. I am willing to wait and see what the theology deal brings us so overall, I'll just go thumbs in the middle.

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