Feedback: UFC on FOX & Bernard Hopkins boxing

Hi Dave,
  Just wanted to give my thoughts on the UFC main fight card on Fox. I give the show a thumbs in the middle, with the best match being between Cerrone / Barboza, and worst fight between Tate / Carmouche.  I didn't have time to watch the undercard yet as it still remains on my DVR. There is just UFC overload this week, don't have time to watch all these fights, why so much in a week? Just too much with the Fight card, undercard, and new Ultimate Fighter on Wednesday and today with a 3 hr undercard and long main card, and the pre and post fight shows, UFC is gonna burn out the audience if they do this too much! I like free fight cards, but space them out or something.
1. Yoel Romero / Brad Taveras - Good win by Romero, wow this guy is a beast! Where did Romero come from? He is going to be doing some damage, good fight.
2. Donald Cerreno / Edson Barboza - Great fight, best fight of the main card, good comeback by the cowboy after getting rocked at the start, very exciting fight.
3. Miesha Tate / Liz Carmouche - Usually the women have the best fight of the night, but not tonight. Tate barely gets the decision win. She was having real problems with Carmouche. I think Tate will need to prove herself with another win or two before being considered for a title rematch with Ronda.
4. Travis Browne / Fabricio Werdum - Wow! I thought for sure this would be a quick fight, would not have believed it would go 3 rounds, let alone 5 rounds. Was not sure who was going to win prior to the start, but Werdum quickly outclassed Browne and was showboating through out the fight, and really put a beating on Big Browne. Werdum should have really tried to end the fight quickly, but i can see why he wanted to be cautious when he knew he would get the decision victory. The looks on both of their faces during the fight were priceless, especially Browne, who appeared to be in shock. But Werdum is good, I was there live when he beat Fedor in San Jose, so I know how good this guy is. But Browne is a beast and it was still a surprise. 
Good night of fights, not the best fight card, would probably have enjoyed it more if I didn't have UFC burn out from all the fights this week, it was like an endurance test or something. And then throw in Raw, Smackdown, Impact, ROH, makes for a lot of time watching fights!
Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.

UFC TUF Nations Finale
Thumbs mostly up although Kenny sets a new 'beautiful's record.
Best fight: Poirier-Corassani & Cote-Noke
Worst fight: nothing really terrible. Main wasn't much fun
Best performance(s): KJ, Poirier, HM to Laprise, Theodorou, de la Torre
Worst performance(s): Smith
Notable on the weblims, late sub Mike de la Torre fighting over his weight very impressive in pushing Mark Bocek to a split decision.
Midcard: bizarre judging in Roop's apparently obvious 29-28 win over Kimura---one 30-27 and one 29-26, which would mean 2 10-8 rounds, which there just... weren't. Sudden late 1stR KO for Jimmo after not much action. Leslie Smith in on 8 days notice and clearly not in ring shape as she drops a squash UD to Kaufman, they went to a close SD two years ago in Invicta. Stunning 30s KJ Noons KO over Sam Stout with a boxing (not MMA) overhand right. 
Top card: Poirier blows away Corassani at the top of the 2nd after a RotY candidate back and forth 1st where both threatened.
In the 1st all-Canadian TUF WW final, Laprise from Ontario does a total paint job on Quebec homie Mercier for what should have been at least a 30-27 but has to settle for a 30-27, 29-28 split as the homies try to steal it.
In the MW, which is two non-Frenchies so nobody cares, Theodorou very impressive wearing out and slamming and pounding out Westcott in the 2nd. 
Surprisingly good coaches fight with Cote using improved wrestling to edge Noke, both in great shape.
Kennedy takes a boring decision over Pissbing in the main, helping neither guy, but at least Pissbing keeps his record of zero wins over active UFC fighters intact.
Card is followed by the new season TUF premiere with BJ and Edgar coaching. Looks like a very good crop of fighters. Really good qualifying fights, Nordine Taleb shows up AGAIN (apparently it was filmed BEFORE TUF Nations and Taleb got his shot in Nations from a good performance losing his qualifier for the other season).
Bellator 117
Thumbs middle to up. Some good performances but a lack of competitive fights.
Best fight: Patricky vs. Campos
Worst fight: Burley vs, Wright
Best performance(s): Parsons, Held, Lima
Worst performnce(s): Burley, Wright
KO: Parsons
Sub: Held
Weblims: Stunning performance from LW Jordan Parsons, KOing Bazer with a 1-2 4s into the 2nd after dominating the 1st on the ground. Nothing else worth writing home about. Houston Alexander had a fight but it was neither aired nor mentioned.
Top card: Patricky Pitbull takes the first LW tourney semi dropping Derek Campos twice early in the 2nd and finishing with G&P, after Campos dominated the 1st with aggression and combinations. 
Karl Amoussou has a disciplined performance, outlasting and taking a 29-28 SD over heavy handed but slow David Gomez, I had it 30-27. 
Marcin Held takes the other LW semi with a completely dominant 2ndR triangle on Derek Anderson after unexpectedly outstriking him (a theme we will see again before the weekend is over). Held getting better every time out and has to be favored but he can't try to strike with Patricky.
In the main, Douglas Lima takes the vacant WW title with a 2ndR LK destruction of Rick Hawn in a fight that looked good on paper but was Bambi vs. Godzilla in action. Lima looked three divisions bigger.
UFC FN Orlando
Thumbs up, good card
Best fight: I'm gonna give it to the three weblims with HM to Cerrone-Barboza
Worst fight: Magalhaes-Zackrich for the mismatch. Girls fight was pretty bad until the 3rd.
Best performance(s): Werdum, Cerrone, Romero
Worst performance(s): Zackrich
KO: White I guess. Nothing really clean.
Sub: Cerrone
Weblims: Really good opener between big, in shape HWs as Derrick Lewis wins an extended scramble and pounds out Jack May late in the 1st. Mirsad Bektic takes a FW MD over Chas Skelly in a very good fight marred by Skelly hitting two successive illegal knees in the 2nd and Bectic fighting in a fog the rest of the fight. Level stays high @FlyW as Dustin Ortiz takes a hairline close SD over late sub Ray Borg after three back and forth rounds of high velocity high tech action.
Midcard: Jordan Mein looks to be having an easy afternoon @WW over late sub Hernani Perpetuo (note to Rogan:=/= Thiago Perpetuo) until Perpetuo threatens with a knee bar in the 3rd and rocks Mein for the rest of the round, but still I don't see how it could have been a SD. Caio Magalhaes walks through inept late sub Luke Zackrich for a quick strikes TKO @MW. Alex White subbing for Mike Brown @FW upsets Estevan Payan with a quick jab KD and G&P stoppage. 'Alex White' is abut the only name Buffer pronounces correctly all night. @LW Jorge Masvidal dominates the striking and unexpectedly holds his own grappling for a UD over much bigger Pat Healy with two 30-27s, which seems a little homie. He won but Healy certainly won a round and the other two were pretty close. Thiago Alves looking a little smaller but showing no ring rust after two years out takes apart Seth Baczynski for a 30-27 WW UD, Seth kept coming and it was entertaining all the way. Nurmagomedov puts a three round wrestlefucking on Rafael Dos Anjos for a onesided, tedious UD @LW.
Top card:
Yoel Romero brings his wrestling back and mixes it all up and mystifies Brad Tavares @ MW for a onesided UD. I'm not sure Romero is human and you shudder to think what if he had started MMA at 25 instead of 35. 
Edson Barboza seems to be outstepping Donald Cerrone @ LW but Cerrone suddenly drops him with a jab, jumps on his back and chokes him out for the tap.
Miesha Tate looking tranked out most of the fight finally wakes up in the 3rdR and does enough to take a 29-28 over Liz Carmouche in what was the dullest womens' fight ever for two rounds and did nothing to improve either one's stock. They say Miesha put on 5 pounds of muscle but it looked like 5 pounds of boob job. 
In the main BJJ ace Fabricio Werdum surprises (almost, heh heh) everybody and puts a 5R kickboxing lesson on the poorly conditioned Travis Browne, who yet again seems to have fallen in love with his press clippings. Also hands him the first TDs of his UFC career, several times. Werdum is in career best shape @232 and even does a kipup after being pushed down in the 3rd. Werdum cements his status as #2 contender and next challenger to Cain for the HW title. One judge somehow gives Browne a round, but as always, if MMA judging bothers you, the antridote is to watch...
Thumbs up. Fuckin B-Hop.
Best fight: Hopkins-Shumenov
Worst fight: Quillin-Konecny
KO: Porter
Peter Quillin retains the We Be Offendin MW in a onesided glorified sparring session over aging undersized Lucas Konecny, who at least tried.

Shawn Porter retains the I Be Felonious WW and maybe does us all a big favor and gets rid of Featherfists Malignaggi once and for all with a dominant 4thR KO.

Fuckin B-Hop unifies the I Be Felonious and We Be Axin (and I Be Arrested, which nobody cares) LHW titles with an absolute paint job over Shumenov (who DOES NOT HAVE A TRAINER). Hoppy won the last 11 rounds with a clean KD in the 11th and one of the judges still voted for the other guy (and the other two had it much too close, only giving Hoppy 8 rounds). And the thing is, he's doing it these days without fighting dirty, which he of course excels at. He's just outboxing these bigger, younger guys. Amazing. if he can finish unifying the LHW they should give him his own building at the HOF.
Crimson Mask