TNA Sacrifice live coverage from Orlando

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Tag title changed hands in what was announced in a letter by MVP to Christy Hemme as a no DQ match.  Good opener.  Good fast open.  They had heat on Eddie Edwards until he hot tagged in.  The finish saw them do a combo power bomb and back stabber on Robbie, Ion went to hit Edwards with a laptop, but he moved and Ion hit Godderz.  Edwards did a double foot stomp off the top to Godderz's back and then Richards came off the top rope with a double foot stomp to the chest and Richards pinned him to win the title.

Samuel Shaw dedicated the next match to his mother, Christy.


The winner is the guy who puts the other in a padded van and takes him to the insane asylum.  They worked hard but it wasn't much of a match.  Shaw put him out with the head and arm choke and put him out.  Shaw tried to hit on Christy Hemme and Anderson made a comeback.  They ended up fighting outside the ring.  Shaw got the better of it and then Hemme showed up and teased hitting on Shaw.  She gave Shaw a low blow and Anderson recovered and gave him a mic check into the back of the padded wagon, shut the doors and the wagon drove off while Anderson and Hemme celebrated.  The finish was awful on many levels.

EC3 and Spud did an interview to build the next match.  EC3, when asked if he did anything wrong by Jeremy Borash, said how is it wrong if you've made a name for yourself.


Okay at best.  EC 3 was mostly trying to avoid Angle.  Some stalling early.  Spud was the most entertaining of the four playing the little chicken.  But this was more like a TV semi-squash than a PPV match.  A funny spot was Willow doing a plancha while holding an umbrella and the fans chanted "Mary Poppins."  Taz had just referenced Mary Poppins on the broadcasat.  The finish was Willow doing the twist of fate on Spud, into an Olympic slam by Angle and then the swanton by Willow on Spud for the pin while EC 3 was outside the ring and not all that anxious to get in.

Eric Young interview said that since he was five his dream was to be world champion and he did it.  He said this has been the best two weeks of his life and the craziest.  I'm doing this for everyone that heard the words, "No, you can't, you're not good enough.  I heard those words and I didn't take it for an answer."

Knux and his girlfriend are in a car.  Her name is Rebel, not Tanaya.  She said just the two of us but he said just the four of us.  Rebel, Knux, Crazy Steve and The Freak.  She didn't want those two and she was mad.  He said we're going to pick them up now.


Sanada retained the title with a moonsault after Uno missed a sabretooth splash.  There were several cool spots in the match but it felt really choreographed, plus the crowd really didn't care much about it.  They did cheer both when it was over and they shook hands.  Uno did a sick cradle DDT for a near fall before missing the splash.  Sanada was trying to play face by shaking everyone's hand afer the match.

James Storm interview.  He called himself the starmaker.  So now he's Kenny Bolin.  He said he made Gunner a star and made Gunner's father a star as well, but now he's going to take Gunner down.


This match was something else.  In almost any arena, this would have been a fantastic brawl.  But this crowd was so dead during the match it was almost sad to watch.  Storm destroyed him most of the way, using all kinds of weapons.  Gunner kept refusing to quit.  Storm  was using chair shots.  They traded garbage can lid shots.  Storm used a draping DDT off the apron onto the guard rail, hit him with a beer bottle and Storm was bleeding from it.  Storm worked on the cut.  Storm took a belt off Brian Hebner's wants and whipped Storm with the belt.  Storm used a superkick.  The one thing was, they did an I Quit match and nobody did any submissions except one Boston crab spot by Storm.  At another point Storm used a shard of glass and gave Gunner a low blow.  Gunner kept refusing to quit, and later said "Piss off" when asked.  Gunner came back with three F-5s and a superplex onto a guard rail set up in the ring onto two chairs.  One of the chairs was destroyed.  Gunner took a shard of glass and threatened Storm.  Storm wouldn't say I quit until Gunner went to stick the glass in his eye and Storm quit.  Some weird chants in this one including an A.J. Styles chant, but even the chants were only a few people because most of the crowd was dead.


I pity them performing in front of this crowd after that last match.  They didn't get much of a reaction.  Match was okay.  Velvet Sky was at ringside interfering freely.  Love used a Chono kick but Rayne kicked out.  Rayne used a spear and had the match won when Sky spent over and shook her ass which distracted ref Brian Stiffler.  When Stiffler turned around, Sky sprayed hair spray in Rayne's eyes and Love pinned her holding the panties. 

Bully did an interview.  Bully said Roode is one of the best wrestlers in the world but this isn't a wrestling match, this is a fight, this is in his wheel house.  Bully led fans in chanting "tables."   


They worked a good match and even got the crowd into it.  Lots of teases of putting people through tables but always blocked.  Lots of teases of power bombs and suplexes through tables.  Ref Brian Stiffler took a bump and sold it being motionless for a couple of minutes, which was a silly oversell.  Bully put Roode through the table with a power bomb when Stiffler was down, so it didn't count.  Bully came back, put Roode on two table set up next to each other on the floor.  Bully teased going off the middle rope to splash Roode through the table, but Dixie Carter, dressed to look like Snuffy Smith (a charatcter who looks like Sami Zayn) as a tech, shoved Bully off the table and he went through the table.  Yes, isn't it supposed to be that you put someone through a table, not fall through, but it's TNA.  The fans knew it was Dixie and chanted Dixie sucks before she took off her hat and fake mustache and beard and revealed herself to be Dixie.

Magnus did a promo saying he's taking back the title and he doesn't care if people call him paper champion.  He said you can call him Wreck it Ralph because he doesn't want to be anyone but me.

They did a great video of Eric Young starting with Scott D'Amore and Team Canada and through all kind of comedy gimmicks and all his incarnations.  Young is doing a good job on promos with the gimmick.  The thing is, to pull this off, he has to have a great match tonight. 


Young retained the title in a good match.  Magnus had kicked out of a piledriver and Young seemed like he panicked.  Young kicked out of Magnus' elbow off the top.  Magnus went for a piledriver, Young reversed it and catapulted Magnus into the corner.  Young hit a second piledriver and then used an elbow off the top for the pin.  Young played it up like a big emotional win.  Solid clean win.  At one point Magnus pulled out a big metal object, but ref Brian Hebner took it away from Magnus and it never played a part in the match.  

Really interesting no MVP on the show at all.

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