WWE Total Divas TV report

Season 2, Episode 6

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

Nattie & TJ Take A Trip: Nattie has to go to New York for work (she's on the cover of Flex Magazine), so she brings TJ along for a romantic getaway. And TJ invites along his sister, because he's rather clueless (and he wants his sister to have a nice vacation). They fight on and off throughout the episode about various things (lending money to his sister for a bouncey castle being the most wacky reason). They make up and decide to make more decisions together.

Vinny & Ariane Cat-Sit: With Nattie & TJ away, Ariane and Vinny have themselves a vacation in the form of staying in their house to look after their cats. The car-ride from the airport to Nattie's house is probably the most annoying Ariane's ever been on this show. And that's saying something. And then she snoops around her house a bunch. And then she throws a party. And one of Nattie's cats escapes. The two stories collide when Nattie's neighbour calls her about the missing cat and the party. They do find the cat.

Brie & Nikki: They fight over factory chicken in a grocery store. They're in a music video for somebody I've never heard of. Brie educates her sister about factory farming through the magic of YouTube. Nikki gets freaked out and doesn't eat much for the rest of the episode. Heath Slater appears. Brie takes Nikki to a farm and they chase after chickens.

MVP: Vinny. Putting up with Ariane. Playing with the cats. Sitting in the massage chair. Have a sweet beard. Vinny was the best thing on this show by a mile. Honourable mention to Trinity, who shows up and acts as Ariane's conscience.

MIA: No John Cena at all. Barely any Summer Rae or Eva Marie.

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