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Thumbs somewhat up. Be nice if they got word out when they're gonna start prelims at 6:30. VERY sleazy of them not to mention on the air the weight stip on the main that made it so only Warren could have won the title, and not to announce it from the ring at ALL.
Best fight: Warren-Silva
Worst fight: Martinez-Contaldi
Best performance(s): Caldwell, McGeary, Koreshkov
Worst performance(s): Contaldi
KO: McGeary, Koreshkov
Sub: Caldwell

Missed the first two weblims. Sidney Outlaw outworks, outlasts and busts up Mike Bannon @LW. Good component skills, very good boxing, will be very good when he puts them all together. 30-27 UD. Lester Caslow repeats a previous 3rdR chokeout of Jay Haas, this time in the 1st @FW. Haas goes to 11-14 and might wanna rethink this whole deal. Darion Caldwell continues to impress with another early 1stR submission over JoePingitore and goes to 5-0 @FW. Former NCAA champion wrestler and already knows how to use it to set up subs. Guy to watch. British alleged prospect Eugene Fadiora has no answer to aging journeyman Tim Not Mr. Wrestling Woods' basic Muay Thai and drops a onesided upset UD @MW. Ricardo Almeida somehow gives Fadiora a round. Woods even scored the only TDs in the fight. Woods goes to 7-4 and Fadiora to 13-2. Ryan Contaldi misses MW and does not appear in ring shape, or even very good street shape, and is not, gassing after 1 round. Jesus Martinez looks better but gasses after 2 rounds. Martinez gets a second wind very late in the fight and finishes the 3rd strong scoring a KD. Martinez gets a 30-26 UD with a dubious 10-8 in the 2nd, dominant but not very damaging. Gemiyale Adkins also misses WW and much taller, longer Dante Rivera seems to dominates for 30-27 X 2, 29-29 MD. They work very hard but it's not very good. 

Main card: 

Liam McGeary remains impressive, knocking Mike Muccitelli cold with a left hook in the second engagement of the fight, remains undefeated and advances in the LHW tourney. 22s. They are listed at 6'5" and 6'6" but McGeary looks several inches taller.

Marcos Galvao misses BW too. Thomas Vasquez undefeated but Galvao is a big step up in comp and pretty much ragdolls him for the entire fight. Vasquez does manage to get top position in the last 10 seconds. For all his great JJ, Galvao has never won an MMA fight by submission. Should be 30-27 X 3 and is.

Andrey Koreshkov blows late sub Justin Baesman away with a liver shot and flying knee. Koreshkov vs. McDonough in the WW tourney finals which pretty much has to be a great fight while it lasts.

Rafael Silva misses BW, understandably as he came in as a late sub and just did not have time to cut all the weight safely, and very nearly screws up their blatant attempt to get a belt onto Joe Warren, dominating and even outwrestling Warren for the first two rounds, but can't maintain his pace and Warren takes over for his usual humpfest for the 48-47 UD and the entirely gratuitous 'interim' title. Since Silva missed weight the stip was that if he won the title would remain vacant (and slip back into the nowhere from which it came), and if Warren won he would win it, which in and of itself was the correct way to handle it.


Thumbs mostly up. Entertaining HW minitourney without a dull moment and an okay fight for the vacant WW title, marred a bit by the injury scratch of favored Nieky Holzken.
Best fight: All the KOs in the tourney were entertaining.
Worst fight: nothing really bad
Best performance(s): Zimmerman, Mwekassa
Worst performance(s): nothing really
KO: Mwekassa

Errol Zimmerman opens the tourney with a rock em sock em 1stR 2 KD Rule TKO over Ben Edwards.

Other Anderson SIlva drops Sergey Kharitonov with an uppercut early but burns out in Denver's altitude going for the KO and has to settle for a 29-27 UD as Sergey who trained at altitude just keeps coming. I thought Sergey had taken the 2ndR as well as the 3rd and it was 28-28 and would have to go to an extra round. Zimmerman with a big advantage in less energy expended going into the final which is good for him as conditioning is not his long suit.

In the alternate fight, African boxer Zack Mwekassa, really a cruiserweight, wrecks Pat Barry's return to kickboxing, walking through his kicks to score a 1stR 2 KD Rule TKO, being a bit academic because the second was an uppercut that lifted Barry completely off his feet and knocked him cold. 

In the final, Silva had no chance to recoup and Zimmerman, who came in early to acclimate, walked through him for the 3 KD Rule TKO in the 1st (in tourney fights it's 2 KDs in a round and 3 in the fight, in tourney finals and other fights it's 3 and 4) and goes into the HW GP later in the year.

In the main, Mark du Bonte opens strong and manages to hold off the better conditioned Karapet Karapetyan's late surge to take the 48-47 SD and the vacant WW title. Decent fight.

There was a highlight reel SBK KO which they put on the net right away from an undercard fight, by Raymond Daniels. 


Thumbs in the middle. Usual house fighter setups on the undercard, entertaining main with Floyd having some trouble figuring out Maidana.
Best fight: Mayweather-Maidana
Worst fight: nothing out and out bad
Best performance(s): Khan, Maidana
Worst performance(s): Collazo
KO: none

Pretty good work from FMJ protege J'Leon Love in the opener, surviving a rocky 5th to decision Marco Antonio Periban. Some 10R 'title'.

Adrien Broner drops back to Jr. Welter, which I seem to remember somebody suggesting would be a good plan, and takes a one sided confidence builder decision over light hitting Carlos Molina. Some other 10R 'title'.

Good performance from Amir Khan, scoring 3 KDs and pretty much never letting Luis Collazo into the fight and taking whatever 'title'. Collazo cooperates by not letting his hands go until the 12th. Khan seemed to handle WW fine, not being pushed around by Collazo, known as a strong guy. Both lost a point in the same round for fouls. Like a 15 point spread in the scores with 2 judges correctly giving Khan all 12 rounds.

In the main, excellent performance from Marcos Maidana, landing more on Mayweather and making him miss more punches than his last several opponents combined. I had Maidana ahead after 6 rounds and the fight even up to the 10th, with Floyd finally finding range to sweep the last 4 rounds with Maidana tiring a bit but still making it a fight till the end. I had it 7-4-1, 116-113, similar to two of the judges, but could see several swing rounds and in this case the one draw card was not that farfetched as the fight was actually competitve. Maidana is not as crude as he appears. Floyd unifies a couple titles.

Crimson Mask

Just got finished watching New Japan's Wrestling Dontaku..
Match of the Night--- Ishii vs Honma
worst match-- Sukuzi/Benjamin vs Iizuka/Yano
rating- Thumbs Up but definitely some bad stuff on the show.

There were 4 bad matches I thought...
- Sukuzi/Benjamin vs Iizuka/Yano-- heatless brawl, stupid DQ finish
- Briscoe vs Kojima -- nothing to see
- Ibushi/Taguchi was very disappointing. dead crowd and weak match aside from a couple spots.
- Gracies vs Nakamura/Sakuraba--quite boring
- prelim 8 man tag.. big Mascara Dorada fan. he's got great balance walking the ropes and that corkscrew plancha thing was cool. Komatsu got some good nears falls and continues to impress.
- Young Bucks sv Forever Hooligans.. they had the fans laughing a few times. entertaining/fun
- Nagata/Nakanishi vs Goto/Shibata... good simultaneous torture rack/arm bar spot. the Nagata/Shibata stuff was particularly good
- 8 man survivor series style match
Honma/Ishii was very good. That was a crazy super headbutt by Honma to the floor. there were some great nears falls and fans really got behind Honma. I love both guys. Lots of hard chops. The battle to gain leverage for the brainbuster late was excellent, crowd into that big time. Strong finish with the hard Ishii elbow's to Honma's jaw and then the 2 head butts. Honma got busted open a little there.

I really liked the main event. That calf killer spot got a lot of heat. Sounded like Nogami mentioned it was USA's best dropkick vs Japan's best dropkick, which is possible. I was thinking earlier in the card that Yujiro wasn't on it... I guess i was wrong lol I can see how then interference bothered people but i enjoyed the match, thought it was well done.
I'm happy AJ Styles won the IWGP heavyweight title, I've been a fan of him since the early ROH days.
Dan Petrucci

Thumbs Way UP for a memorable show
Best Match: IWGP & Never title matches
Worst Match: Suzuki Gun vs. Yano & Iizuka

Jr. Tag Title match was very good. 15 minutes of the shit they'd been working on in multi-man matches throughout April on the smaller shows, and they nailed all of their shit.

The Shibata thing was weird. For anyone who missed it, Shibata got rocked from a slap by Nagata early in the match. It looked like he waited until the dropkick in the corner to receipt him. The finish was Goto botching the Shoten Kai on Nakanishi and having to hook a Sharpshooter for a tap. Shibata got like legit pissed off with Goto for that, and then basically wanted to fight a fan in the crowd. He walked off completely disgusted. Weirdest shit.

Ishii/Honma was your prototypical MOTYC Ishii-style match. Couldn't have asked for more.

Main event was your prototypical MOTYC Okada-style match, with the Bullet Club interference kept to a minimum (interfered once for heat, 2nd time they were all thrown out, they came back at the end for the finish). Then, a swerve at the end that is in the top 10 of the last 30 years. Sure I read an article that hinted at it, and maybe even saw the subtle disinterest in that 6-man on the 4/24 show that just aired 2 days ago.. But it was still a shock when it all connected.. Well done..

Styles cut the best promos of his career after the match, and the Bullet Club has a fun brotherly feel to them, as they sat around pounding beers and talking shit. The booking seems to be bothering a lot of people, though I couldn't care less. I'm bummed for Okada but this was so great. A fun memorable show, with 2 top of the list MOTYC's and a strong Jr. Tag Title match. You can skip a lot of the stuff on the undercard, but the good shit on this show doesn't get better than it was done.

Tony Ceto

Main event was very good.

However, very irritated and annoyed at finish with interference for a New Japan/IWGP title match.  It feels like AJ Styles brought bad TNA finishes to Japan with him.

Could the Bullet Club be any more watered down?  After Yujiro joined and the post match celebration, I texted my friend and said this looks like nWo 1997.  Then they did the "too sweet," Wolfpack horns.

James Brown