Mike Winklejohn talks Jon Jones' performance at UFC 172

Mike Winkeljohn stopped by Submission Radio to discuss Jon Jones' performance at UFC 172 and his thoughts on the Travis Browne vs Werdum fight at UFC on Fox 11.

Mike also spoke what would happen in a potential Jones vs Cormier and Jones vs  Velasquez following up on Javier Mendez's comments from our last weeks show.

Other news includes the motivation behind Donald Cerrone looking to fight so frequently and his thoughts on Arlovski being back in the UFC!

Mike Winkeljohn full interview - http://bit.ly/1hoT99w (Starting at 1:06) 

On if Daniel Cormier has what it takes to get past Jones reach

“I think he’s very athletic and very strong and so yeah, he could. With that being said, then we’ll see who wins. Just because he got through once in a while and he will get through once in a while. He’s going to take a lot of damage on the way and he’s going to get worn down on the way, he might get knocked down on the way, but when he gets in there, oh well big deal. We saw what Jon did with Glover inside. It’s not the end of the world for Jon Jones. He’s very good inside, in the clinch, he can trip you from anywhere and he could hurt you from all kinds of positions. I think Cormier’s got a tough night ahead for him because of all the strikes that Jon has. Of course, you know Cormier is great. He can lift anybody, he’s got such a strong core and he’s always scary, but just by getting to Jon doesn’t win you the fight by any means.”

On a potential fight with Cain Velasquez, what Jones strengths would be?

“We’d definitely want him at the longer ranges. Inside Cain there’s relentless pressure, you come off his level then doing what he’s doing, pushing him up against the cage. But again, Jon’s an anomaly in that all these things that Cain’s been used to be doing with people with his pressure, he’s just going to fall into a lot of traps that Jon has and he’s a real strong guy, if Jon gains some weight before he gets into the heavyweight division, it’s that would be a hard fight, but Jon would find a way to win.”

Rating Jon Jones’ Performance at UFC 172:

“I’d give him a B+”

“I really wanted the finish. I think he’s very creative, but I know that he’s capable of so much more. If he was the average guy he’d get an A, but Jon’s not the average guy. He’s capable of so much more.”

Instructions for the final round:

“I was really worried about Glover’s uppercut inside. Not overly worried, but I said ‘that’s all he’s got on the inside for you really that you have to worry about. Don’t go back into that space where you start spinning big power shots. Your smothering him with the small shots coz you own him with elbows and he can’t generate much energy except for his uppercut’. So with that being said I wanted to avoid the uppercut, I wanted to hit him hard enough with the elbows that put him in some other place so that when we step back we will find some clean shots with a little bit of longer strikes.”

On Jones Game Plan

“We have a tendency in our gym to have people attack people’s strengths. So by going into Glover’s world and beating him at what he thinks he can beat Jon at, just mentally beat the guy up. So that was part of our game plan, but honestly Jon did it much faster and much sooner then I actually thought he would and spent more time in that area.”

On if he thinks Jon Jones has hit his prime yet

“Not yet. Not even close. I think we’re gonna see.....I keep telling people, an Anderson Silva type of power on one strikes is coming. And because of that, his wrestling is going to come back to a high level. I think we haven’t seen that yet. Jon doesn’t have a lot of stand-up time experience. A lot of the guys that have the striking skills, come from outside and Jon’s young to the striking world and he’s on the path to being the greatest. “

On Jon Jones keeping his hands out at Glovers face and if it’s dangerous in the way of eye damage

“Yeah you know, that’s not being practiced in the gym. He’ll do that a lot of the times when we’re throwing mitts and it is very distracting and we will throw elbows from there, so I take that back, I guess we do a little bit of it when we are practicing. As far as eye pokes, he’s using his hands and palms on people all the way and people (when) move in he comes up to throw a palm which is a legal strike and I know you can’t go there, it’s honestly just a thing that’s inherent of what Jon does. He likes to keep people away with his hands out there and show people his hands. He has no intent to hit people in the eyes. I know Glover complained about getting pokes in the eye but I never saw any swelling on Glover’s eyes.”

On the origin of Jon Jones Unorthodox techniques

“A lot of it is, (because) I came from a big Kempo background. It’s funny how over the years, I used to tell people to do the kicks you always see people, they call them oblique kicks, but of course we don’t call ‘em that, it’s people’s legs. I’ve always been trying to get my guys to try and do it, and they always said ‘ahh coach, that’s Karate stuff’ and now it’s mainstream. People are doing it everywhere because Jon Jones uses it so much and you seeing more and more fighters use these types of things. I think it’s just, if it works use it and think out of the box. People are always thinking they have to be Muay Thai, Wrestling, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, but really at the end of the day it’s, you’ve got to find out what works and being unorthodox sometimes works much better than the orthodox.”

On what Cowboy Cerrone needs to get over his last hurdle and put himself into title contention.

“He needs to not always have to be the cowboy and pretend you’re the toughest guy. I love cowboy to death, his attitude is so straight forward, like we even bounce of each other sometimes but he should be the world champion already and I think with a few adjustments he will be the world champion.”

Motivation behind Cowboy Donald Cerrone wanting to fight so frequently

“He hasn’t told me specifically, but I think he likes his toys and he likes his money and we all do. Not that I have any toys. You know, there’s no doubt a lot of it is money but a lot of it is also motivation you know, Donald I think he gets bored if he doesn’t have a goal to move forward toward.”

On what went wrong in the Travis Browne fight

“You know, I don’t know who that guy was. That wasn’t the Travis Browne that I know, that I’ve seen fight or that fights in the gym and fighters can tell you (that) they have those nights and with Travis Browne, that wasn’t Travis. You know what; he ran out of gas quickly and hurt his hand on the very first punch, he never I think busted his hand before in a fight and so all that played its toll on him you know. And for whatever reason and I won’t speculate on those, but that wasn’t Travis Browne at all. It was just one of those nights where you just can’t let go, you can’t engage, you can’t catch a breath. It could be a little of a fact that he was a favourite in a lot of people’s minds and that may have put too much pressure on him. I’m not sure, but I know Travis is defiantly one of the most intelligent people in the world and he will figure it out and be back.

On Werdum’s performance against Browne

“He did very good I think, can’t take anything away from him. He kicked the shit out of Travis standing up as well you know, and that was not to be expected; but again it wasn’t just Travis I think Werdum was better than his ever been”

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