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Thumbs Up

Best Match: Shield vs. Evolution
Worst Match: Rusev vs. Truth/Woods

Loved the Shield vs. Evolution match! I really wish Ric Flair was used as a manager of Evolution...not the same without him. Great match and build up though. The cage match was good, but the ending was absolutely crazy with the possessed kid. I have been wanting a Cena heel turn for years, even though I realize what they sacrifice in doing that. I'm not really interested in seeing another Kane/Daniel Bryan match at Payback so I hope they come up with something else.

Cory Walker

Hi Dave,

I thought the NJPW show was a thumbs up but not nearly the level of the shows of 2013.  Best match was the main event (****), slightly ahead of Ishii vs. Honma (***3/4).  I thought the show was entertaining with only a few bad matches, the worst being the Yano and Iizuka match (*).  I even thought the Gracies match was entertaining for what it was (**) although it was one of only 3 matches on the show less than *** the other being Kojima vs. Brisco (also **).

Andrew "southern_style" Kessler

Thumbs Up

Best Match - Shield/Evolution
Worst Match - Cena/Wyatt

Show was largely entertaining. I refused to watch the preshow match with the midgets (sorry Vince, I just don't find them funny aside from maybe once a decade). Aside from some pixelation, no issues with the Network - though I watched on a 20 minute delay. The ability to pause a PPV.....I mean "special event" is another plus. With all being considered, the Network is a great deal for the price.

- Cesaro/RVD/Swagger - ok match. Better once Swagger was eliminated. Hopefully Cesaro has something better in store for his next "special event".

- Rusev squash - was what is was expected to be.

- Barrett/Big E. - There was once a time when the IC title meant something, but then the Attitude Era and beyond came along and ruined that title with each year becoming worse and worse with only slight chances of hope. Barrett's been doing well and hopefully this isn't the death knell for him now.

- Shield/Evolution - very good match. Easily the best match on the show and probably the real main event. I hope that a match like this shows(Vince/HHH) that once they remove Reigns and push him, that they do give Rollins and Ambrose a chance as they are clearly worth it.

- Wyatt/Cena - Really did nothing for Wyatt as it showed despite the interference, Cena still wins. Even at Mania, despite the interference of two other men, Cena still beat Bray - this time Super Cena overcame the odds to only be beaten by a kid. The kid thing is nicely creepy, but they should have kept the mask on him (and the choir on Raw). Leaving the masks on and never showing their faces leaves it a bit more mysterious and creepy. And speaking of Cena, if they won't fully turn him heel, then they should have him heel on his non-fans at the very least. Sort of the way Bret Hart was a heel in the states and a face in Canada, Cena could be a face to the kids (for their merchandise of course) and heel on everyone else. Might give him some new life and possibly respect.

- Paige/Tamina - They did what they could. I would like to see the WWE bring in Paige's mother Saraya Knight to feud with her daughter. Really, how many times could they actually have a legit mother/daughter would be something different and bring something new to the table.

- Bryan/Kane - Was what it was. Bryan did what he could despite who he was booked with. It's not a knock against Kane, but he's not much past a special attraction these days and shouldn't be in the main event in this capacity. Bryan should have had a better opponent (like Cesaro probably), but WWE doesn't thinking about booking in the long term. Ok match, but didn't measure up to the promos and booking leading to it.


Matt Fata
Yonkers, NY

Slight Thumps Up
Decent show but there was a huge lack of transparency in the rules of some matches, didn't know if the title match was FCA, didn't know if the cage match was escape only or what, didn't know there was no dq in the elimination match, whether there were tags in the 2 on 1 big no-no. 
Best Match: Shield vs Evolution **** 
Didn't meet the standards of the Shield/Wyatts matches but still good, well paced but expected more back and forth post comeback.
Worst Match: Paige vs Tamina DUD
Tamina looked as green as Kermit the Frog, just awful. Poor Paige.
Everything Else
Cesaro vs RVD vs Swagger ***1/4
A little awkward early on, two hit in the head one busted open but second half was good.
Rusev vs Woods/R-Truth **
As squashes go this was fine, I like this Rusev guy he looks a good athlete just a pity his persona is thirty years out of date.
Barrett vs Big E ***1/2
Really liked this match, good pacing and they did a lot more than I expected for a match in it's position on the card.
John Cena vs Bray Wyatt **
Way too slow early on, did hardly anything first ten minutes but tried after that however too much interference etc.
Daniel Bryan vs Kane ***
They were rushing like hell cause of all the stuff they crammed in, plus the smart crowd knew Kane never stood a chance but both guys tried and the early 2000s hardcore match feel was fun.
Thanks Dave
Tom Griffiths
Shropshire, England  

Thumb in the middle

Best Match: Ishii vs Honma ****3/4

Worst match: Yano & Iizuka vs Suzuki & Benjamin Dud

First half is disaapoint and second half is good. NJPW show was overbooked and too rush. 

Crowd is dead and don't care about it. What's wrong with crowd?

NJPW fans wrote on twitter said "Gedo and Jado must go" and "We need new bookers with experience and familiar with gaijin"


Thumb in the middle

Best Match: The Shield vs Evolution ****1/2

Worst match: Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods 1/4*

Cena vs Wyatt is overbooked just like Yano & Iizuka vs Suzuki & Benjamin. Was it coincide?

Jose Gonzalez

Thumbs Down
Best Match: WeeLC
Worst Match: Rusev
Botch a mania is gonna have a field day.
Video was circa-2005 YouTube quality the entire show, illegal streams have looked better. And once every two to three minutes it did some kind of five second instant replay/rewind. 
No matter how sloppy, no matter how predictable, no matter how cheesy, no matter how fake sports entertainment can be,  a hot and happy crowd can sometimes overcome it. We all knew WeeLC was gonna be botchey, and super choreographed, but they beat their expectations and came off like the match the writers spent the most time on, rushing the rest of the pay per view like Scott Hall's HOF speech.
A lot of the show was predictable, but the Rusev match didn't even do the Dual Camel Clutch everybody expected. A bathroom break match that elevated no one.
We hold The Shield, Randy, and Hunter to a higher standard, and without that New Jack bump, this was second rate. Not even HBK vs. Razor Summerslam second rate... compared to the Wyatt vs. Shield match this was just going through the motions. I bet the live crowd wasn't fully into it because the 9:00 start kinda threw them off.
Daniel Kane hit the check box of everything that could go wrong. Dead crowd, sloppy wrestling, Diesel only having five moves- six if you count the hair- therefore Kane too, poor timing, PG extreme, spoilers, ring crew botches... & Daniel just can't carry a Kane match like Austin could. Hope DB isn't in a tag team with Big Show called YesNoMaybeShow by next year's Mania, cutting Internet worked shoots.
Andrew Taylor
Albany NY

I'd give the show a thumbs in the middle. The best match of the night was Evolution vs. The Shield. That was an awesome match. The worst match of night was Russev vs. Woods and R-Truth. For the most part the matches sounded better on paper than in execution. Also at the beginning of the ppv they really should define the premise of the Extreme rules so we understand that the rules are enforced loosely or all together ignored.

Pete Schirmacher

NJPW Wrestling Dontaku

Thumbs Up but barely. This continue the new trend of 50/50 shows from NJPW. Half of the show is good the other part not so much.
Best Match: Styles vs Okada. Not a killer match but still a great one.
Worst Match: Yano & Iuzuka vs Suzuki & Benjamin. How many "worst match" awards Yano and/or Iuzuka already have? The scary part of it is that they are dragging Suzuki down with them.

1. El Desperado, Mascara Dorada, Bushi & Capt NJ vs Tenzan, Kushida, Tiger Mask IV & Komatsu. **1/4

2. Young Bucks vs Forever Hooligans. They did a bunch of really impressive stuff but the comedy got on the way of it. ***1/4

3. Yano & Iuzuka vs Suzuki & Benjamin. 1/4*

4. Kojima vs Brisco. **

5. Goto & Shibata vs Nagata & Nakanishi. **1/2

6. Ibushi vs Taguchi. ***1/4

7. Ishii vs Honma. ***3/4

8. Tanahashi, Makabe, Liger & Naito vs Gallows, Anderson,Tonga & Fale. Hottest match of the day, all due to Tanahashi. The elimination aspect also helped because otherwise it would have been another "weak link gets pinned tag match" with no repercussions.  ***3/4

9. Daniel & Rolles Gracie vs Nakamura & Sakuraba. This wasn't the worst match but hell it was boring. The only entertaining thing about it was the post match "brawl". 1/2*

10. AJ Styles vs Okada. For the first 20 minutes or so the crowd wasn't that much into it, but after the Calf Slicer spot they pick it up. After that it was all hot until the finish. Funny how this came to be. AJ won the main title in his very first match with the company, not the best example of traditional logical Japanese wrestling booking. It was still the best match on the show. ****

Leonardo II Mendez
San Sebastian, PR

Show - Thumbs Up
Best Match - The Shield vs. Evolution
Worst Match - Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods
I thought this was a good show. The rise of the new guard was evident throughout the night. The Shield vs. Evolution was the match of the evening. Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose all shined bright. The cage match dragged terribly. The kid was a cool visual, but the match did no favors for Wyatt, in my opinion. Bryan & Kane had as good a match as one could expect, and my expectations were low heading in. Plenty of cool spots during the match. Only drawback to the match was the fact it looks like this feud is continuing. Why?
Annette Boyer
Observer Online Subscriber

humps Up

Best Match- 6 man

Worst Match- Cage

This was a good show. Pretty hardcore. The Shield showed why they are the future if this company. The cage match stunk up the place and the weird kid scared me but my Uncle Michael who isn't a wrestling fan watched it with me and he loved that part. The divas match iped a palixgram. The main event was cool. Bryan did as good a job as he could with Kane. Wee LC was fun and good comedy. Had family watching it with me like I mentioned and my brother Tim who's been upset since he broke up with his girlfriend Farrah laughed during this match for the first time in days. Good show overall

Lyle Chipperson
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Just got back from the show, the building was jam packed to the rafters, if it wasn't sold out, it was 99% of the way there. Crowd was hot for the most part, but not as hot as other crowds I've seen at MSG or Nassau. Biggest crowd reactions were for Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, The Shield, Cesaro, and the Wyatts. Biggest heat was for Evolution, particularly Batista, John Cena, and Big E got a large negative reaction when he was on offense as well.

Thumbs way up Best match: Shield vs Evolution Worst Match: Rusev vs Truth / Woods. The three way to open was good, although it would have been better as a single with Swagger and Cesaro, RVD is showing his age and needs to call it a career. Barrett vs Big E was decent and got a lot of hear, the crowd was really into Barrett. Everything about Shield vs Evolution was great, the crowd response, the match, the finish, especially the balcony dive spot. Cena va Bray as a match was nothing special I thought, but it served its purpose, I assume to build to the rubber match at the next show. The women were the women, they got put in the death spot and no one cared. Kane vs Daniel Bryan was good, but not great. The crowd booed loud when they went backstage and cut to the pretape, but got back into it quickly when they came back out. Huge reaction for the flaming table and for Bryan in general. Not much of a reaction for Kane. Overall it was a great show.

Geoff Gillott

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