Christopher Daniels interview

Christopher Daniels was recently interviewed by v2 Wrestling in the UK. The full interview can be heard at
Here are some of the highlights.

On whether Frankie Kazarian will be departing TNA soon: "I can't really confirm 100% but I can tell you that the odds are very good that rather soon the both of us will be doing what we want to do in the world of professional wrestling."

On why he was released by TNA: "I'm not sure what their reasoning was. It wasn't money, we never even got to (talking about) money. Part of me takes it personally. Anybody that is in some sort of entertainment field where they are their own product, when you're told "No, we don't want you", of course a little bit of you takes it personally."

On rumours that Vince Russo is back in the TNA fold: "I never saw Vince, and the creative team never said one way or the other. They're denying it now, but when I was backstage, Frankie and I never saw any hint that Vince was there."

On the likelihood of working with Jeff Jarrett's new promotion: "I'm certainly hoping to work with Jeff Jarrett, I think he's a great mind. I think that if someone could take something and make it out of nothing, I think it's Jeff Jarrett."

On breaking kayfabe: "I definitely respect the business enough to try and protect it as much as possible. When I came up, kayfabe was solid, but now I've seen the change in the mentality. The curtain has been pulled back and it's hard to unring that bell now the word is out. It's one thing for everybody to be in on the gag, but you don't want to make people aware of it while they're watching the product. Like, people know there's a gimmick to magic, but they never really know what the gimmick is. You want them guessing what they're watching."

Daniels also named his dream opponent, talked about the influence of Hogan and Bischoff in TNA, and revealed whether he sees a return to Ring of Honor in his future.

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