Tons of independent wrestling results



Ironwood-UPW at the Pat O’Donnell Civic Center:  Nathan Gust pinned Jordy LeeDarkchild vs. Chris Redcloud went to a No-Contest…The Patriot pinned Brad SharpeDavan Nash pinned Tyler JacksonMark Preiebe pinned Johnny SmashThe Goon pinned Peter B. BeautifulJudge Jesse pinned Ian GaugerBushwhacker Luke & Tyler Jackson defeated Insider OutsidersBryan Skyline defated TW3 & Joey Avalon in a 3-Way Extreme Rules Match.  (5/10/14)




Elyria-Mega Championship Wrestling at the LCCC Fieldhouse:  N8 Mattson pinned Cameron WestBill Collier pinned El Tigre AzulChase Aaryons won a Battle RoyalMad Dog Manson & Jack Massacre defeated Soad Pop Johnson & Tommy KaneSimply Tasty defeated The Bearded Dragons & Incredibly AmasinghAngel Dust defeated Brittany Force by DQ…Joey the Snake pinned Brandon X to become the new Mega Champion…Soda Pop Johnson pinned Joey the Snake to become the new Mega Champion.  (5/3/14)


Harrod-W.A.R. Wrestling at the Allen East Community Center:  Juice Jennings vs. Aaron Williams went to a Double Count-Out…Matt Taylor pinned Zakk SpadezSless Taylor pinned Jimmy ShaneVernal Lee Samson pinned Hakim ZaneThe Soul Shooters defeated The PainkillersJeff Halloway pinned Austin ManizLevi Connors pinned Chris HallThe Scarboni’s defeated Brrian Beech & Sherman TankJock Samson pinned Remi Wilkins.    (5/3/14)


Nelsonville-Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment at the Hocing College Student Center:  Duke Beefhammer pinned MorimotoBraddeck pinned Nick AbbottMatt Vertigo & Otto Von Boogie Meister defeated Dane Stratmore & Kris KahozTommy Chill vs. Jerry Bishop went to a No-Contest…Pretty in Pink (Corey Mason & Nathaniel Rose) defeated Devlin Anderson & Flash FuryBrandon Fields pinned Duke BeefhammerJimmy Malloy pinned Dirk Extreme.         (5/3/14)


Piqua-Dynamic Championship Wrestling at the National Guard Armory:  Jeff Richards pinned Chris CardinalEvan Steel pinned Chris PainTommy Blaze pinned Brandon JamesShawn Draven pinned Andrew StrykerVandal pinned Bruce GreyBig Jim Hutchinson pinned Mac Mcphat to become the new DCW Champion.  (5/3/14)


Zaneville-Southern Championship Wrestling at the Newton Township Fire Department:  Bryen Douglas pinned JakeRockin’ Redneck pinned Bobby WatsonLockdown defeated Spade by Submission…Tom McClane defeated Mac Diesel by Submission…Mark Mattox pinned Rok WylerJT Hogg pinned Mike Howerton to become the new U.S. Champion.  (5/3/14)




Jasper-AIWF Youngblood Wrestling at the YBW Arena:  The Young & Reckless defeated The GarvinsOpie-2-Dope pinned Justin BlazeAdam Powers pinned AcidThe Fugitives of Sin (Cra-Z-C & Jason Williams) defeated Maniac and DeKayMikey G vs. The Executioner went to a Time Limit Draw…DethRow pinned Thomas CageRobbie Evans defeated Jay Anthony, SwitchBlade & John Davis in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match.  (5/10/14)


Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Jeremy Flynt vs. Forsaken went to a Time-Limit Draw…Shane & Steve Morton defeated Mark & Ray DunnavantJP Jones vs. Lawence went to a Double Count-Out…Jeremiah Pkunkett defeated Larry Cooter & Ringmaster to become the new ASW Heavyweight Champion…Yukon Jack defeated Mikey Dunn in a Steel Cage Match.  (5/10/14)




Beausejour, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Brokenhead Recreation Center:   Jess Youngblood & Billy Blaze defeated Kevin Cannon & Bobby CollinsBrian Rich vs. Travis Cole went to a Time-Limit Draw…Heavy Metal pinned Anthony WayneDanny Duggan pinned Ricky StarksCAM!!KAZE & Jason Kincaid defeated Anderson Tyson Moore & Tyler ColtonSIGMON defeated Nate Hardy by Submission…Chris Hero pinned AJ Sanchez.  (5/11/14)


Morden, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Morden Access Center:   Jess Youngblood pinnede Kevin Cannon in an Elite 8 Qualifying Match…AJ Sanchez pinned Anthony WayneJason Kincaid pinned Kevy Chevy in an Elite 8 Qualifying Match…Heavy Metal pinned Sydney MansonDanny Duggan pinned Ricky StarksCAM!!KAZE pinned Bobby Collins in an Elite 8 Qualifying Match…SIGMON defeated Jethro Hawg by Submission in an Elite 8 Qualifying Match…Chris Hero pinned Anderson Tyson in an Elite 8 Qualifying Match.                 (5/6/14)


Neepawa, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Yellowhead Arena:   Tyler Colton pinned CAM!!KAZE in a Elite 8 Quarter-Final Match…Mr. Inkredible pinned Jess Youngblood in an Elite 8 Quarter-Final Match…JA Sanchez pinned Ricky StarksDanny Duggan vs. Jason Kincaid went to a No-Contest…MENTALLO pinned SIGMON in an Elite 8 Quarter Final Match…Bobby Collins defeated Anthony Wayne by Submission...Chris Hero defeated Heavy Metal by DQ.  (5/8/14)


Selkirk, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Selkirk Arena:  CAM!!KAZE & Jasdon Kincaid defeated The Cannon Cartel (Rob Stardom & Bobby Collins)AJ Sanchez pinned Fil DeadlyKory Kinkade pinned Travis ColeStefan Epic pinned Brian Rich...Jess Youngblood & Billy Blaze defeated Anderson Tyson Moore & Tyler ColtonMatt Fairlane pinned Ricky StarksSIGMON defeated Anthony Wayne by Submission…Chris Hero & Danny Duggan defeated Heavy Metal & AJ Sanchez.  (5/10/14)


Souris, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Souris & Glenwood Memorial Hall:  Danny Duggan pinned SIGMONTyler Colton pinned Anthony Wayne in an Elite 8 Qualifying Match…CAM!!KAZE defeated AJ Sanchez by DQ…Mr. Inkredible pinned Brian Rich in an Elite 8 Qualifying Match…MENTALLO pinned Ricky Starks in an Elite 8 Qualifying Match…The Saints of Los Angeles defeated Kevin Cannon & Bobby CollinsHeavy Metal pinned Jess YoungbloodDanny Duggan defeated radio personality RJ Lilley in a Special Challenge Match…Chris Hero pinned Jason Kincaid in an Elite 8 Quarter-Final Match.     (5/7/14)


Winnipeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Holy Cross Gymnasium Hall:  MENTALLO pinned Mr. Inkredible in Elite 8 Semi-Final Match…Chris Hero pinned Tyler Colton in an Elite 8 Semi-Final Match…Anderson Tyson Moore pinned CAM!!KAZEJason Kincaid won the Five-Man “Multi-Man Mayhem” Match…Dick Blood defeated Rob Stardom & Bobby Collins in a Handicap Match…Heavy Metal pinned Matt FairlaneThe Super Friends defeated Brian Rich & Scottie Raver in a Loser of the Fall is Fired Match (Sanchez pinned Raver)…The Sons of Anarchy defeated The Saint of Los Angeles in a No DQ Match to become the new CWE Tag Team Champions…Jess Youngblood & Billy Blaze defeated Ricky Starks & Travis ColeDanny Duggan defeated AJ Sanchez by DQ…Bobby Jay pinned SIGMONMENTALLO pinned Chris Hero in the Finals of the Elite 8 Tournament.  (5/9/14)




Aberdeen-Wrestlezone Scotland at the Beach Ballroom:  Zach Dynamite pinned James MidasBingo Balance pinned Andy WildRoss McTavish defeated Alan Sterling by Submission…Granite City Hotshots defeated Thunder Buddies in a Ladder Match to become the new Tag Team Champions…Grado pinned Scotty 2 HottyX-Pac, Scotty Swift & Mr. P defeated Damien, Johnny Lions & Chris ArcherAspen Faith defeated Len Ironside in a World of Sport Rules Match…Jack Jester pinned Crusher Craib to become the new Wrestlezone Champion.  (5/10/14)



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