OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 769 that will be aired in Louisville on 5/17 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/769
We open with a series of clips from this past weekend's Saturday Night Special from the main event cage match Jamin Olivencia and Marcus Anthony. We also get a few "ref cam" shots as OUR OVW Senior Official "Package" Chris Sharpe is wearing a camera on his head. Anthony throws Jamin over his shoulder and rams Jamin into the cage but Sharpe gets caught in the line of fire and goes down. Anthony motions to the back and ref Josh Ashcraft runs out to make a count but Jamin gets his shoulder up at 2. Anthony locks in the Crimson Omen (full nelson) and immediately Ashcraft starts to signal for the bell but Sharpe grabs his arms. The two refs argue, which ends with Sharpe dropping Ashcraft with a punch to the face! Anthony turns to confront Sharpe, which allows Jamin to give Anthony a Standing O for the pin and thus becomes (once again) OUR OVW Champion!
After the show opening, we immediately go to OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus. Shannon the Dude serves as OUR OVW Ring Announcer for tonight as the landscape has changed in OVW since we also have new tag team champions and a TV title match is tonight's main event. Dean says Danger International's stock is dropping after they lost all their titles at SNS but Titus insists that they will rise again.
Match #1: Dylan Bostic & "Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna (w/"Career Killer" Timmy Danger, Adam Revolver, & Marcus Anthony) vs Leon Shelly & Elvis Pridemore
Ashcraft is the ref here as Bostic & DeLuna are very angry after losing the tag titles to the Skywalkers at SNS! Bostic beats on Shelly and feeds him to DeLuna, who gives him a double-handed choke slam before throwing him to the corner and slingshotting Pridemore in. Pridemore gets dragged over to the Danger International corner for beatings. Dean tells us that Gilbert went skydiving on his time off last week. Anyway, DeLuna spears Shelly then grabs Pridemore so that Bostic can give him the Super Backstabber for the pin.
Gilbert joins Danger International at ringside and remarks to Danger that his group was brought to its knees at SNS. Danger denies this, saying there are no cracks in this foundation and that they will be stronger than ever. Danger has already gotten DeLuna & Bostic a rematch at the 6/7 Saturday Night Special plus Anthony will be in a number one contender's match on the 5/17 Elizabethtown event. On top of that, Revolver has a TV title shot in the main event! Gilbert asks Revolver if he really needed to join Danger to turn his career around. Revolver says he expected that question and says it’s his time, adding that Gilbert should ask Mohamed Ali Vaez how it feels to be at home, hurting, and nobody to watch his back. Revolver says Danger (who is on the phone) was here to pick him up and help him. Danger hangs up the phone and says that "the boss" is coming, so Revolver needs to make a statement by winning the TV title-or else!
Dean says he has a treat for us tonight. He introduces Jim Cornette, who admits that he has cut down on his actual wrestling appearances but is staying busier than ever, including his weekly podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience. He plugs his book that his co-written with Mark James called "Rags, Papers, & Pins", which documents the merchandising of Memphis wrestling. Cornette says he will be appearing at the Louisville Fairgrounds for the Kentucky Flea Market on 5/23-26. He says OVW holds a special place in his heart and you never know if you're seeing the next wrestling superstar here. (No sign of Kenny "Starmaker" Bolin though:)
Gilbert plugs some OVW Live Events: Elizabethtown, KY 5/17 (and mentions that Ryan Howe will be Anthony's opponent that night), Louisville's Derby Park 5/18, Austin, IN 5/24, a OVW Future Talent Showcase here on 5/25, and Frankfort, KY on 5/30.
Match #2: Dapper Dan vs Ryan Howe
Howe comes out with a Flying V and it sounds like he's playing "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". One of the yet-to-be identified new refs is in charge here. Howe grabs a headlock, gets shot into the ropes, and blocks Dan down. Howe yanks on Dan's considerable mustache and pulls him to center ring. Howe grabs an arm and gets whipped to the ropes but grabs the mustache again. Howe yanks it 3 times before calling for and applying the Whammy Bar for the submission.
Howe celebrates by playing air guitar with Dan's walking cane.
Match #3: The Body Brigade (The Body Guy & Bobby Black w/ Body Guard Big John) vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions the Skywalkers (Aaron Sky & Robbie Walker)
The Brigade limps out to mock Flash Flanagan and Trailer Park Trash, who they injured on last week's TV and at SNS, respectively. Body Guy wants the mic but the Skywalkers come out and pose, thus the Brigade attacks them at the bell. Skywalkers recover and hit stereo atomic drops, sending Body Guy and Black into each other before giving them stereo dropkicks. Body Guy rolls out as ref Sharpe calls for the bell. Skywalkers quickly work over Black, who eventually escapes via a hairpull takedown. Body Guy tags in and suffers the same fate until he sort of stumbles into Sharpe, which allows Big John to pull down the top rope and send Sky tumbling out to the floor. Big John pops Sky before Black rolls him back in. Sky gets suplexed by Body Guy then Black tries to do the same but gets rolled up for 2, so he decides to just choke Sky instead. Body Guy comes back in to twist Sky's head but Sky escapes between Body Guy's legs and we get TAGS!! Walker comes in all fired up, hitting a spinning heel kick on Body Guy for 2 but Black makes the save by hitting Walker in the face. Body Guy tries a suplex but Walker blocks it and small packages him for the pin.
DeLuna, Bostic, and Revolver run out and attack the champs as Danger and Anthony get in the ring, Danger says that his guys are taking back the titles from those punks (Skywalkers) at the 6/7 SNS and will leave them in a pool of blood. Sky then gets fed to Anthony, who powerbombs him.
Match #4: "Big Country" Clint Poe vs Deanta Davis
Poe offers a handshake but Davis slaps his hand away. Gilbert says that Poe didn't join Raul Lamotta and Nick Dumeyer in turning on Tony Gunn to rejoin the Marauders at SNS. Poe lariats Davis then gives him a belly to belly suplex followed by a powerslam for the pin, which is counted by the other yet-to-be-identified new ref.
Gilbert goes over to talk to Poe and wants to know if he is a Marauder or not. Poe says that he is done with the Marauders, which brings out their leader Shiloh Jonze. Apparently, Poe is now Jonze's favorite Marauder. Jonze also says he understands that Poe is frustrated and made a boneheaded mistake at SNS. Jonze says that he is in a "magnanimous mood", he will allow Poe back in the Marauders with no physical punishment! Poe says he will never, ever be a Marauder again! Poe adds that it's time for him to stand alone.
As The Rock would say, "FINALLY, THE LADIES HAVE COME BACK TO O-V-W!!!!"
Match #5: Jessie Belle vs Mary Elizabeth Monroe
Jordan Baker is OUR OVW Official for this match as "Rated G Superstar" Mary Elizabeth is making her debut here. Mary Elizabeth hiptosses and slams Jessie for 2 but is slowed down by a double throat jab. Jessie bangs Mary Elizabeth's head into the turnbuckles then chokes her with a boot. Jessie does two suplexes and sets up for a third but Mary Elizabeth blocks that and rolls Jessie into a dragon sleeper thing (which she calls "Rainbow Cross) which forces Jessie to tap out.
Jessie initiates a sore loser attack! Barker and the other refs come out to help Mary Elizabeth to the back.
In the back, refs Sharpe and  Ashcraft are in a supply closet where Sharpe is telling Ashcraft that he is no longer allowed to ref championship matches. Ashcraft hands Sharpe some papers and accuses him of harassment. He adds that OUR OVW Owner "Nightmare" Danny Davis got a copy of these as well. One of the unknown refs pokes his head in the door and tells Sharpe that Davis wants to see him. Ashcraft is on the phone and mentions something about "the boss" coming.
OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia comes to the ring in his "World Wrestling EnterJAMINt" shirt. He says at SNS he was put in a position that he didn't think he could face since he had been beaten down and concussed and had lost faith in himself. He had to dig deep but the support from the fans brought him through it. He says he is done with the past and it's on to the future, bringing up the number one contender's match in Elizabethtown. He says the one thing about Jamin Olivencia that won't stop is having the people behind him and having his soul ignited, so he says to bring on any number of people but the fact remains the same: Jamin stays on top because of the fans. If others want war, come and get it because they are all going down!
Match #6: Adam Revolver (w/Timmy Danger) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Announcers still wonder who "the boss" could be? Ashcraft is the ref here so apparently Sharpe's edict was overturned. Dean reminds us that Danger has destroyed some careers, so maybe "the boss" should get rid of Danger, lol. Melvin shoves Revolver to the corner then armworks him. Revolver gets shot into the ropes and slammed, so he rolls out for some consultation with Danger. Revolver chops Melvin, who fires back with forearms and a lariat. Revolver steps out to meet again with Danger but Melvin yanks him back in and bangs his head into the turnbuckles. Revolver throat jabs Melvin and hammers away on him then sets up for a suplex. Melvin blocks it and hits one of his own. Revolver begs off and offers a handshake and Melvin obliges but crushes Revolver's hand. Revolver rakes Melvin's face and quickly climbs up top but Melvin grabs him and throws him off. Danger gets up on the apron and Ashcraft goes over to him as Bostic and DeLuna run out to hit a deathdrop on Melvin. Revolver lays on top of Melvin for a cover but doesn't quite get 3, so he pounds on Melvin's head before setting him up for a tenpunch. Revolver doesn't even get to one before Melvin pushes him off and slams him twice. Danger, Bostic, and DeLuna are now all up on the apron to distract Ashcraft as Anthony runs out and gives Melvin a powerbomb. Revolver crawls over for a cover but still can't hold him down for three. Skywalkers run out through the ring and dive out onto Bostic and DeLuna, then Paredyse follows and leaps off the top onto Anthony. Revolver pulls a chain from his tights and slugs Melvin with it then covers him for the pin and the TV title.
Revolver is a happy man as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: I was surprised to see The Skywalkers win the tag belts this soon. I wonder who "the boss" could be? Maybe Josette Bynum? Bin Hamin? Kenny Bolin? Lumpy Magoo? Obviously, Ashcraft is associated with Danger in some form even though he's been doing some great 2.9999 counts lately. So by my count, there are three Marauders now (Jonze, Lamotta, & Dumeyer). So we have a show with two new champs going in, a third belt changing hands, and a visit from Jim Cornette, but this show had two lovely ladies wrestling on it and that alone gets this show a thumbs way up!!

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