Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Here's a few notes from the 13th induction ceremony of the PWHF.
Greg Oliver from SLAM! Wrestling inducted Leroy McGuirk. He noted that September 27, he's gonna held Titans in Toronto VI, a benefit dinner for the PWHF. Oliver did a good job at recapping McGuirk's career. The master of ceremonies Brian Blair told a story of the first time he met McGuirk when he first dated Mike McGuirk. He wasn't sure if he was really blind, because you know, it's wrestling! He said he had quite a few scary moments with Leroy.
Smith and Ross Hart inducted their father, Stu. Smith told a story where Stu accidentally broke an opponent's leg in amateur wrestling. He also ran a list of guys who came out from Stampede, besides his sons, such as Archie Gouldie, Nicolai Volkoff, Brian Pillman, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Lance Storm, Dynamite Kid and many others. Ross said his dad was a true wrestler and that he was an inspiration to a lot of wrestlers.
Davey O'Hannon inducted Lord Alfred Hayes. He started by doing a long speech about everyone in the room. He said Hayes was the nicest man in this business. He said he never heard a bad word from his mouth and that he could handle himself as a shooter. He also apologized because he wasn't aware that he was going to do this speech therefore didn't prepare for it. I don't know if the person who was supposed to do it cancelled or something, but there was probably a dozen people in the room who could have done a good speech without preparation. O'Hannon wasn't one of them but then again, it wasn't his fault.
Joyce Grable inducted Sherri Martel.
She started by saying: "You'd never taught you see me this year.  Here I am!" making reference to her beating cancer. She said Martel was a great person to be with, very funny, good to be around and had the biggest heart. She said that some of us have demons and sometimes our demons overtake your life. She ended saying that if you were around Sherri Martel, you would have a good time. Very emotional speech.
Brian Blair, who's the new president of the CAC replacing Nick Bockwinkel, donated 1000$ from the CAC to the PWHF. They noted that next year will be the 50th anniversary of the CAC.
Stan Hansen and Barbara Goodish inducted Bruiser Brody. Hansen told a story of the first time he saw Brody in Louisiana and he swung a huge 2x4 and struck 20 people with it...and he was a babyface! He said he had a lot of success teaming with him. Goodish thanked Hansen for helping her and thanked everybody who continued to call her and give news to her after the passing of her husband.
They didn't have anybody to induct Don Muraco (or that person cancelled) so Blair did it. Muraco was supposed to be here but he had cancelled a few weeks ago because of a surgery. He is supposed to come next year for his ring. Blair didn't say much, past talking about his physique and that he was a good guy. He also told a story involving Muraco, Patterson, Gerry Brisco and himself that ended by a "you had to be there".
JJ Dillon inducted Gary Hart. He said Hart was one of the best managers of all time and never had the exposure he should have had. He said everywhere he went Hart was on top. He quoted Dave saying that the Texas Stadium show with Kerry Von Erich and Ric Flair was a very good example of the wrestling mind Hart was.
Greg Valentine inducted the Fabulous Fargos: Jackie Fargo and Don Kalt. He started by saying his dad didn't want him to be in the wrestling business so he sent him to Calgary and Stu Hart! He said Original Sheik gave him he name of Babyface Nelson and he hated that name so when he was offered to team with Fargo as Johnny Fargo, he would have done anything to switch names! He told stories on him and Don Fargo doing photo ops for Bill Apter with bottles of wine and cigars. "This was how trained!" He told Fargo there were many stories he couldn't tell but that he had a book coming up and he would be them in it. To what Fargo answered: "Well, I have a book coming up too!" Fargo said that he was afraid to die before coming here. Very entertaining speeches although it turned into a Don Fargo induction more than a Fabulous Fargos induction. Nothing was actually said about Jackie.
"Mr. Wrestling II" Johnny Walker was inducted by his son Robert and Dick Beyer. Beyer said that last night he saw a man and asked "Who's that old guy there" and it was Walker. He said that Walker was one of the best wrestlers in the business. His son Robert is the youngest of three sons. He said they were a true wrestling family as two sons did amateur and his mom was making wrestler's costumes. Walker talked about wrestling in Jacksonville for Don Curtis and thanked Beyer. Then JJ Dillon came for a story. He said he was managing in Florida in 1981 and got into a verbal fight with Wrestling 2 in the ring and 2 wanted Dillon so bad in the ring that he said he could beat him up with one hand behind his back. Dillon saw the opportunity and said he would take him up on that and said that if he was so confident that he wouldn't mind putting the Florida Heavyweight title on the line. The match happened and as they were strapping his arm, Dillon attacked 2 and beat him for the title. It meant so much to him that he had made a replica of the belt, brought it here this weekend and asked Walker to signed it and that he was gonna cherish that for a longtime.
Ray Apollo inducted Bill Eadie. He said he teamed and wrestled with Eadie and it was a miracle he was still alive! Eadie apologized to all the guys he might have potatoed! He thanked everyone especially the fans. He said the fans know more about the wrestlers than the wrestlers themselves. He said he had a lot of great tag team partners but that the best he's ever had was his wife.
The dinner/ceremony lasted 2h30.
Pat Laprade
Coauteur d'À la semaine prochaine si Dieu le veut (Libre Expression 2013)
Co-author of Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs (ECW Press 2013)

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