Feedback to ROH/New Japan and Bellator

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Young Bucks/ReDRagon
Worst Match: Decade/Jado & Gedo
I was in attendance for the show in Manhattan. I'm not sure how the audio on the show was, but according to your review it couldn't have been mic'd well, because this crowd was electric the entire night.
There were a couple of slow spots for the crowd, most notably the Decade tag match, and Liger-Cole (which was due to how crazy they went for the Bucks match before it). Other than that, this was as great of a crowd I have seen since ECW One Night Stand. And I've been at the last two Mania shows.
Okada was the most over New Japan talent, while there were a ton of Bullet Club shirts in the crowd. Overall, an amazing show from everyone.
Paul Collins
Somerville, MA
I have read several different reports on this show over the last few hours and wanted to share my thoughts on the show. Definitely a thumbs up from me, probably the best show I have ever been to. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to write in. I keep hearing reports from people who covered the iPPV that the crowd was pretty quiet. I do not understand this at all. I attended the show live and it was easily the best crowd I have been a part of. Most of the crowd was really loud for the majority of the show and definitely reacted to many, many spots throughout the night. I don't know if the energy of the crowd did not transmit over the live Internet feed but the Hammerstein was rocking all night long.
WORST MATCH: Hiroshima Tanahashi vs Michael Bennett
I think it is unfair to call this the "worst match," because that implies it was a bad match, which it was not by any stretch. It was my least favorite, but it was a good match that I did enjoy.
BEST MATCH: Young Bucks vs ReDragon
I lost track of how many spots I saw in this match that I had never seen before. These guys definitely stole the show. They worked their asses off, the crowd was going NUTS, and it was just non-stop action from start to finish. I was physically exhausted just watching the effort all four men put forth.
HONORABLE MENTION: Adam Cole vs Jushin Liger
If I had one criticism of the show, it was that the matches were TOO fast paced. It was just one great spot after another in rapid sequence. I was still processing something amazing when two more things would happen. As fantastic as Young Bucks vs ReDragon was, there are large sections of it I don't really remember because everything happened too fast. It was certainly exciting, and I can't wait to rewatch it on the DVD, but the old school wrestling purist in me wishes the wrestlers in that match (and everyone in ROH in general), would just SLOW DOWN a little. A truly great wrestling match should not be full speed ahead at all times. It should have peaks and valleys, in ebb and flow, and tell a story. The only match that really did that was the Cole vs Liger match.
I am sure a lot of that had to do with Liger being 49 years old, but be that as it may, everything in that match actually meant something. There were no high spots just for the sake of high spots. Liger and Cole took the crowd on a journey, told a story, and showed that you don't need countless dives and high impact moves in rapid fire sequences to have a very good match.
That being said, this was a great night of wrestling. Every match was entertaining, everybody put forth a ton of effort, the crowd was rocking all night long, and it came across as feeling like a very special night.
John Ferrigno
Cromwell, CT

ROH thumbs up
Best match: Okada v Elgin v Styles
Worst match: Gedo/Jado v Whitmer/Strong
Thought the show was really good. Had a minor issue as right before the intermission, my screen went black. I just assumed they were in intermission so I watched some of the Bellator prelims but 20 minutes later the screen was still black and I looked in the bottom corner and it said "off air". I just had to refresh the screen and I had the feed back. I had buffering about every five minutes for maybe a second at a time after that.
The picture quality was far better streaming than the weekly show is so I was pleased with that. This was the first time I've ever ordered an iPPV from any company and I'll probably give them another chance. I'll definitely get the June PPV.
Bellator thumbs up
Best fight: Chandler v Brooks
Worst fight: Tito v Shlemenko
Star of the night: Michael Page
Fun show with lots of finishes and I felt like I got my money's worth. I thought Chandler/Brooks was a draw but Brooks won the fight overall if you were judging that way so in a sense the right guy won. I also had King Mo winning the main event by round scoring but if I was judging Pride style, I'd have given it to Rampage. Tito isn't done just yet either. The LH division is not that strong and he could easily make a title run if his body can hold out.
Will definitely give them another chance as well should they come back. If it were me, I'd book Alvarez-Brooks, Jackson-Newton and Tito-Mo as the top 3 matches for the next show. Chandler should really go back into a tourney. Volkov also looked really good although he looks about the same size as Gustaffson so I suspect he'd be a LH in UFC.
Paul Fontaine

First I just wanted to say I was surprised to see what you said about the crowd in the iPPV. It was absolutely deafening in the building and rarely ever quiet. I have been to  half a dozen ROH shows in the Hammerstein and tonight was the loudest it has been start to finish.

Thumbs way up.
Best match: Kushida/Lethal
Worst match: Briscoes/Bullet Club

An absolutely incredible show. The best live show I have been to in years. I was absolutely blown away by Kushida. I've liked him in the Timesplitters and expected good things but this match was something else. The entire crowd bought his final near falls as if he was winning the title. There were several great matches on this show but the way they won over us all made this my favorite. There was really nothing bad on the show. It was just top to bottom so much fun. All of the title matches delivered and it was mind blowing to see the Young Bucks get maybe the second or third biggest reaction from the crowd. The reactions some of those nearfalls and spots got were even louder. Just a great night to be a fan.
Christopher Gilleski


Fantastic show.  So much fun live.  I saw you mention that the crowd wasn't good but I'm 100% sure it just didn't translate well on iPPV.  ROH audio has been real terrible for a long time and it was honestly a pretty fantastic crowd.

I give best match to KUSHIDA vs. Jay Lethal because they really got those people to believe KUSHIDA was going to win the gold even though it honestly made no sense for that to happen.  KUSHIDA came off like a real big star by the time that match ended. 

I honestly felt this was a perfect show live - and I haven't felt that after an ROH show in years.  It's a damn shame that it seems like everyone watching on iPPV didn't get nearly the same type of feeling.
Matt Lovallo

war of the worlds...
rating-- Thumbs Up
best match-- Steen vs Nakamura
worst match-- Gedo/Jado vs Roddy/Whitmer... even then the chair shot false finish was good but everything before was pretty weak
- I thought Tanahashi worked very hard tonight. Given the fact his ex girlfriend stabbed him, I enjoyed the Maria interference throughout.
- Young Bucks vs Red Dragon was very close to my match of the night
Very good show
Dan Petrucci

Thumbs up(for Chandler/Brooks and I got my moneys worth in entertainment)
Best fight Michael Chandler vs Will Brooks
Worst fight Mike Richman vs Goitu Yamaguchi

Well I certainly got my money's worth in entertainment but boy was it a bad night for Bellator. 2 awful decisions in the main events, Tito steamrolling their middleweight champ, and an embarrasing post match scene after the main event(certainly entertaining though).

Chandler vs Brooks was an awesome fight from rd3 on I had it scored a draw after giving Brooks a 10-8 3rd. I thought every round was clear who the winner was with the only question whether it was a draw. Horrible judging with 2 judges giving Brooks rd 5 and totally fucking up Chandler vs Alvarez 3, totally could have been avoided by not having this match for a fake title.

Rampage vs Mo wasn't very good as expected but once again I thought Mo clearly won rds 1&3 but all 3 judges somehow gave it to Rampage for apparently having Mo in his guard for most of the round. Mo classless in defeat but still enjoyed it for calling out Bjorn for being the scumbag that he is.

Tito winning was a feel good moment even if Bellator threw their Middleweight Champion under the bus fighting a guy in reality 2 weight classes bigger than him...good luck in the future convincing anybody Schlemenko is worth your time. There is a reason UFC doesn't let it's stars fight lose/lose matches. Great for Tito embarrasing for Bellator.

At least Michael Page looked awesome, so they got that going for them...which is nice.

Wade Haugen

Thumbs Up (From a forty-something fan from the tape trading era when Liger was king)
Best:  Red Dragon over Bucks
Worst:  Tanahashi over Bennett (Hard to believe on a joint ROH/NJPW show that a former world champ would be booked into a Santino style clown show)
Despite the show's shortcomings (poor booking, flat finishes to the Liger match and the show itself, lousy crowd), it was still worth at least double what I paid for UStream.

Edward Branscomb

First off, thanks for sharing my Natalya article!

ROH/New Japan War of the Worlds Feedback

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Hard to say. A lot of great matches on the card. Probably the main event with Styles vs. Elgin vs. Okada

Worst Match: Nothing bad on the show. Wall to wall great wrestling. 

Amazing show. Not one single bad match all night. Each match was entertaining in its own way and delivered some great wrestling. 
All the New Japan guys who you really wanted to see step up and show the world what they could do, did exactly that. Nakamura was great in his match with Steen, Tanahashi vs. Bennett was excellent, as was Okada in the main event. Speaking of, the inclusion of Okada into the main event, making it a 3-way title match was a great call. All three guys put on an excellent performance. 

No real problems with the USTREAM feed either. During the main event I got a few glitches in the picture, but nothing that detracted from the experience. I'm really happy that ROH has successfully returned to iPPV. 

Both promotions came out looking great after Global Wars and War of the Worlds. Hopefully we get some more joint shows in the future. All the wrestlers really stepped up and the crowds for both shows were insane! Good insane.

Great stuff!
Zachariah Dominello


I ordered the Bellator HD PPV tonight but have only gotten a black screen.  Its now over an hour into the broadcast and it still has not been fixed.  I ordered through Cox San Diego which shows PPVs through indemand. 

I called technical support but could never get through to an actual person for over 30 mins.  When I finally did, I got an automated message saying they were aware of the problem with the PPV and had no time estimate of when it would be fixed.

-Daniel Estrada

Overall: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Tom Lawlor featuring ReDragon vs Young Bucks
Worst Match: Whitmer and Strong vs Gedo and Jado (wasn't bad)
If ROH could bring this production value to their TV show I probably wouldn't even watch WWE. Crowd just wanted to see high spots. Probably the worst crowd I can remember from the Hammerstein. I was really hoping for a New Japan hard hitting near 5 star match, but it was still a great 3 hour card. I LOVED the Paul Silas and Steen segment. I think Silas is great and would love it if they're facing each other at Best in the World. I'm going to be really bummed if Steen ends up going to WWE. This show was worth every penny and left me feeling more satisfied than any WWE show, other than Mania, in more than a year.
-Matthew Burrill

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