Bob Sapp talks about a number of things, and see if you can understand him

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Bob Sapp sat down with Submission Radio and didn't hold back on any of the details of his storied career. Admitting that he is now retired Bob gave the guys the truth about why he chose to lose his MMA fights. Bob also talked about how badly he wanted the Tyson fight how he could knock him out and expressed his thoughts about why Nogueira  needs to retire. 
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Interview Transcript

On losing fights all these years to pay for his medical bills.

“Towards the end of my career what ended up happening is I had some large medical bills at that time for being a professional fighter our medical bills we had to get carried by our self which means we are unable to get medical insurance so we had to pay everything in cash so if you get a gash on your eye that’s going to cost you roughly about 7,000 US dollars if you ofcouse have to pay for your trainer and you want to pay for your manager and ofcourse just your normal living expenses if your fighting for about 40,000 dollars after taxes your looking at about 31,000 is what your going to have. Now if your paying your trainer and your manager 10% and then you’ve got to do another 7,000 dollars for a bill just for your fighting that can really really put you in the hole. Now towards the end of my career I had to make a decision should I number 1 help others which means should have I given someone my money to the fighters that came before me and pay some of their medical bills for some  of them that had brain damage same thing with some of the pro wrestlers should I also give back to my fans should I allow them to come to some of my fighting events should I then go around the world and make sure I can of course collect revenue and I of course can share my revenue with all of the fans before I do end and that’s exactly what I did. As far as what retired me it’s very simple I have what’s called accountability I have the ability to do my own accounting and when you have well over 10 million dollars theres no longer a need to step into the ring anymore so when your able to do that and follow the great steps of financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey when your able to put that all together with the wisdom and the truth that you encountered through your travels one of which ofcourse is Japan when you combine the two that gives you profitability so now I have the ability to strictly make a profit.

“I no longer have a need to go into the ring for 40,000 for a fight when I’m making well last month it was somewhere in that realm of over 1 million dollars. I don’t need to do that any longer.”

On fighitng Mike Tyson

"Oh man I really wanted to get in there badly.” I really wish it would have came through looking back on it in the past I would have really stayed in Las Vegas had I known he would have kind of have some problems that he that what ended up stopping that at least that’s what I was told. So I would have stayed in Las Vegas of United States because I think Mike Tyson and myself would have really put on a true entertaining fight and you know what Mike Tyson I would have knocked you out!”

When Bob would have retired from MMA if he didn’t need to pay off all those bills

“I think that if I never had any of those things I would probably be just like any other fighter keep going and going and going and then you would see me my face would look like it starts to get the droopiness kind of puppy dog look I would start to have some slurreds speech.”

“I would have no point you know it’s crazy from my point of view and from what I was taught from what I can see everybodys running to go to some finish line that they have no idea when they will finish so I decided to as everybody decided to run of this cliff I just simply stopped and I see everybody running I say what are you guys running to besides jumping off the cliff nobody’s able to tell you. I mean once you have your house and all your things I do have a movie theatre and a big screen tv and all of these and 6 dogs and 4 cats once your able to have all these things that are paid for and of course you have no debt what is the overall end game?  You know I mean if you simply stop and you do your sound investments your money continually makes money for you and you already have everything that you need. You’re still gonna eat so that’s fine so what am I going to do like smash my computer and go off and buy another computer next week because it just happens to have higher resolution I think no.”

I see people that just continually go go go but they have no end game that’s one of the problems that you see in fighting they just simply jump in the ring and they have no end game I used to be really kind of a vocal about saying fighters should get more money and all of these things and Dana White should pay more money and I used to think maybe he should pay more money I am now starting to rethink this by saying a lot of these fighters are just a little bit lazy they want to just to go into the ring and get millions of dollars instead of saving there money instead of ofcourse taking care of their self for after the ring. There just going in there for short term profit instead of long term gains.”

“When they go in there for ego instead of a pay check you end up getting yourself in big problems so they really need to define what they would like to do with their lives and when do they want to stop and how do they want to stop so I stopped I am popular of course for being a very famous fighting for winning towards the beginning all the champions and then of course I’m popular for losing all at the end well the overall end game for me was of course money and of course to gather revenue for my future and of course to allow me to relax and that’s exactly what happened I made money at the beginning I made money at the end and now I’m making money all the time so that was what my overall goal was and I did that and did it with wonderful fans and wonderful people.”

If you would like to be able to retire at a young age and to do what you like to and to do what you like at anytime and to have your money to go out there and get punched and beaten up for you and wake up at 6 in the morning or 5 in the morning then I am somebody that you should of course learn from and watch.”

On thoughts about Antonio Nogueira retiring from MMA

“You know I think he’s a tough guys and he just needs to slow down I think he needs to stop you know there does need to be an overall game plan and so now you’ve gotten your self to create a bad habit so before he’s getting in there for the strictly fighting thrill and of course to make money and now all of a sudden its changed to let me just do this for ego and no matter what as I get older and I damage my body I will just make sure that I’m in there well that’s quite silly much like getting a brand new car getting insurance slamming it into the wall and then just going back again getting more insurance payin more for it slamming it in the wall again you’ve got to learn how to stop and you have to ask why am I doing this? When should I stop? And then that of course that will allow you to have that success and the measure of improvement”

“When people are talking about him no longer are they talking about Nogueira is very successful there saying man look how beaten up this guy is he has to stop you know we’re all going to stop some time right? We all will either die or we will get beaten up so much in this sport by age that we will be forced to stop so what is the overall end game?”

On the Yakuaza in Pride

“I only know of some have herd form the newspaper and the public media. When I’m coming from the United states I’m coming to Japan that’s a completely foreign contra to me there speaking a completely different language its far from somebody walking up to you and saying “hey I’m an illegal gangster and I’m in some criminal activity so therefore shake my hand and here’s millions of dollars and by the way smuggle some white powder on and really it’s powdered sugar instead of it being cocaine” no that’s far from what happens so nobody’s coming up to me and admitting anything and nor would they and nor would I even know what the heck their talking about so you know do I know anything about that no are there crooked promoters? Absolutely! There’s crooked promoters there’s crooked fighters remember a lot of fighters are in fighting because they have the lack or inability to communicate there using violence as a form of solving there problems and there just going to rewarded for that now if you do it to an extreme level they just throw your butt in prison some of these fighters actually have prison records and when you start getting this guy really beat this guys look how bad he destroyed him this injury he did to this fighter some of the fighters that are going in there to win.

On if he could have one rematch who would he choose?

Antonio Nogueira you both of us me of course with expertise level I think now I could come at him of course I’m talking about he body would be well in condition so non injured really ready to go Antonio Nogueira I would really love to do that rematch.”

Thoughts on drugs being a problem in MMA

“No the only things that will enhance your performance is training and to have a plan a lot of these things tell you that there enhancing performance but then again you look at these fighters there beat there broke and so obviously nothing has been enhanced if anything it’s hurt them it’s been a hindrance”

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