WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken

May 20, 2014

WWE Main Event from London opened with pyro and Paul Heyman in the ring to cut a promo. Heyman suggested changing name of the show to “Paul Heyman’s Main Event” while once again reminding everyone that Brock Lesner ended Undertaker’s streak. After introducing his newest client, the crowd started chanting “Cesaro” when the aforementioned client got in the ring. Heyman put over Cesaro and tried to make him a heel to the crowd by saying Cesaro left Europe for America. Heyman started to cut a promo on Mark Henry when the “World’s Strangest Man” interrupted him. Henry took exception to Heyman referring to Cesaro as the strongest man in the world. Heyman ran down Henry as Cesaro taunted him until Henry grabbed Cesaro and put him in a bearhug. Cesaro escaped and they had a stare down.

Damien Sandow beat R-Truth. Sandow dressed as Sherlock Holmes and he also cut a promo before the match in character as the famed English inspector. Truth interrupted him and cut a promo that ended with Truth saying Sandow was “seven colors short of a rainbow.” Sandow wrestled the match in dress pants, a tuxedo shirt, bowtie and dress shoes. Truth gained the early advantage and Sandow bailed out of the ring to inspect his shirt with a magnifying glass he brought with him. Sandow bailed out of the ring again moments later. Truth gave chase and Sandow rolled back in the ring only to bail out once more before a commercial break.

Sandow as Sherlock Holmes was (I guess) intended to be humor but it is segments like this that are a prime example of why I do not watch WWE when company comes over. Anyway, Truth had the advantage after the break but Sandow threw him over the top rope to the floor. Sandow got heat on Truth and did a Russian leg sweep into the Elbow of Disdain. Truth got a hope spot but Sandow cut him off. Sandow continued to get heat on him until Truth gave Sandow a drop toehold that sent Sandow smashing into the second turnbuckle. Truth fired up and made a comeback before using the falcon arrow for a nearfall. Truth also delivered a leg lariat for another nearfall. Sandow avoided a scissor kick and used his You’re Welcome finisher for the pin.

Naomi (with Cameron) beat Aksana. Beforehand, a recap from Total Divas showed the orbital bone incident so this was supposed to be a grudge match. Aksana missed a knee drop early on in the match and Naomi ran wild. Naomi applied a standing guillotine into a rolling takedown of sorts in a cool spot. Aksana cut her off when Naomi went for a springboard off the ropes. Aksana very briefly got heat on her until Naomi made a quick comeback that included an enzuigiri. Naomi gave Aksana a jumping and draping piledriver. After that crazy high impact move, Aksana simply cut off Naomi and gave her a tilt-a-whirl slam. Naomi countered with a Bubba bomb then she hit the Rear View for the pin. The Funkadactyls danced afterwards in celebration.

Cesaro (with Paul Heyman) & Mark Henry had an impromptu arm wrestling match. Heyman cut a promo admitting he made a mistake for allowing Cesaro to take part in a match with Henry considering Cesaro had already beaten him previously. Heyman said fans still want to know who the world’s strongest man is so he suggested an arm wrestling match instead of a wrestling match. Henry quickly accepted the challenge and Heyman began to renege on the offer. Henry cleared the announce table at ringside. Henry and Cesaro locked arms to begin the contest. Heyman distracted Henry and Cesaro hit him with a cheapshot. Cesaro turned the desk over on top of Henry then Heyman announced him as the winner and “world’s strongest man”. Henry was pinned under the desk when the show closed.

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