Tons of independent wrestling results

By Thomas Rude



Piedmont-Pro South Wrestling at the PSW Arena:  Dameon Ceretone pinned Chris GanzJimmy Rave pinned Drew GameScott Aries pinned Charles ZandersBig Tomb, Jed Johnson & Kyle Matthews defeated Ace Haven, Donnie Primetime & Chris McCain.  (5/2/14)


Piedmont-Pro South Wrestling at the PSW Arena:  Ace Haven defeated Jed Johnson by DQ…Ace Haven & Donnie Primetime defeated Big Tomb & Jed JohnsonDrew Game pinned Brad CashScott Aries pinned Donnie PrimetimeChris Ganz & Josh Storm defeated Dameon Ceretone & James HardyKyle Matthews pinned Jimmy Rave.  (5/16/14)




Milford-1st State Championship Wrestling at the Community Center:  Boraquis Don’t Play vs. 410 Massiv went to a Double DQ…Big Country pinned BigJohn GreenePitbull Gary Wolf pinned Scott DukesCraziiWolf & Jake Roberts defeated Pretty Ugly & Sal SincereRockin’ Robel pinned Adam FlashMuddy Waters defeated Sonny Deeds by DQ…The Funky White Boy pinned Dirty Money to become the new 1CW Heavyweight Champion.  (5/18/14)




Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena:  Team 2 Star (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated 2 Hot 4 U (D’Angelo Steele & Encantador Valentino)…Mike Anthony pinned Golden StarCruz De Angel & Atomico defeated Destructor Alfa & Destructor SrJoey Marx defeated Skitz M. Jones & Colin Smith in a Triple Threat Match…Revelion Chicana (Destructor J.r Dark Scorpion) defeated Syndicato (Marcus Conrad & Barry Ryte)Marshe Rockett pinned Acid JazEl Traidor, Golden Dragon & Kuni Silencio defeated La Maldicion (Jester Yorick, Punisher 747 & Mojo McQueen)GPA pinned Bryce Benjamin.  (5/18/14)


Norridge-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Norridge Parents’ Club Fundraiser:    Clancy O’Connor pinned Benny Bargas….Tri-State Air Strike (Chris Miller & Colin Smith) defeated The Arc Angel & Ricky the JanitorJester Yorick defeated Brad Kevins & Joey Rose in a Triple Threat Match…Ricky the Janitor pinned TJ SteelWillie Richardson pinned Sean MulliganElite Paine (Hunter Paine & Marco Anthony) defeated The Asylum (Diego Corleone & The Lunatic) to become the new CSW Tag Team Champions…Carlos Rivera defeated Colin Cambridge by DQ…Steve Boz vs. Grin went to a 10-Minute Draw…Acid Jaz pinned Marshe RockettMarshe Rockett pinned Jason DukesVal Venis defeated Nick Cutler by Submission.





Eldersburg-Adrenaline Championship Wrestling/Big Time Wrestling at Liberty High School:   El Tico Loco pinned Danny MilesDiaz & Kacee Carlisle defeated Robby Illuminati & Renee MichelleProdigy PTV pinned Kindred to become the new ACW Champion…Flex Armstrong pinned Bam ShawThe Patriot pinned Desert StormPretty Ugly defeated The Wildcardz, Super Phoenix & Michaels Amaydo and Skull & Jason Scythe in a Four-Way Dance…Tommy Dreamer defeated Shane Douglas in an Extreme Rules Match…Jake Roberts, Bob Starr & Pat Anthony defeated Shaun Cannon, Lousi G. Rich & Rayburn.  (5/17/14)




Delanson-In Your Face Wrestling at the Duanesburg Area Community Center:  Mike Johnson pinned the Schohoharie AssassinThe Noerthern Studd & Liam McFerran defeated E-Z RidersRicky Williams pinned Bobby Ocean to become the new In Your Face Wrestling New Breed Champion…Ronnie Ribbs defeated Ian Daniels by Submission…Good Lord Willing defeated Prince Ashaul-Naul in a “Throw in the Towel” Match…C.J. Scott pinned Lenn OddityFronz Roddy defeated Roman Dominguez by DQ…Chip Stetson & Ricky Williams defeated Northern Fury (SGT. Fury & Vigo).  (5/5/14)


Lockport-Empire State Wrestling at the Kenan Center:  Ron Falco & Brett Mednik defeated The Rochester Wrecking Crew in a Cage Match…Will Calrissian pinned Colt CabanaGregory Iron won the Open Invitational Battle Royal…Pepper Parks pinned Tony NeseThe Flatliners defeated Kevin Bennett & Sonjay Dutt…Chris Cooper defeated defeated Trent Barreta & Brandon Thurston in a Triple Threat Match…Chris Hero pinned Bill CollierCarlito pinned RJ City.  (5/17/14)




Columbus-Northern Wrestling Federation at Bonekrushers:  Jordan Lachey pinned Crazy EddieMatt Stevens pinned Big RigDustin Lillard & Sean Harddrive defeated Pompano Joe & MalpracticeNicholas pinned Miguel SanchezAnthony Bryant & Samson defeated Jeremiah & Ryan FitzgeraldKYRON pinned The ExecutionerJay Donaldson & Brody Cormick vs. Angel & Nasty Russ went to a No-Contest.  (5/17/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena:  Ron Mathis defeated Jock Samson by DQ…Painkillers (Jacob & Donnie Hollows) defeated Smart Bombs Deluxe (Bruce Grey & Jon Murray)Matt Taylor pinned Jeremy MadroxRemi Wilkins pinned Great American BeastZakk Spadez won the 30-Man Gem City Rumble Match…Zakk Spadez defeated Aaron Williams & Gerome Phillips to become the new Rockstar Pro Champion.  (5/9/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena:  Dave Crist pinned Kyle MaverickTom McClane & Ganger defeated G-Force & G-ForceGerome Phillips pinned Duke BeefhammerKyron defeated Aaron Williams by Countout…The Revolution defeated Nate Wings, Ace Perry & Josh CraneZakk Spadez & Alan Wasylychyn defeated Dirty South (Lil C & Trice)Ron Mathis pinned Austin BradleyAlex Colon pinned Great American BeastSmart Bombs Deluxe (Jeremy Madrox, Jon Murray & Bruce Grey) defeated The Fight (Draven, Chad Cruise, Jarrod Harris & Matt Taylor) in a Badstreet Come As You Are Street Fight.  (5/14/14)


Newark-Ohio Championship Wrestling at the National Guard Armory:  Mikey D pinned Luis PerezThe Heat Seekers defeated Jeff Cannon & Jock SamsonErnie Ballz pinned Jimmy ShanePapa Dingo pinned James AveryJuice Jennings pinned Bruce GreyRobby Starr pinned Matt Taylor.   (5/17/14)




Jasper-AIWF Youngblood Wrestling at the YBW Arena:  Opie-2-Dope defeated DeKay & Micheal Garvin in a Triangle Match…Brock Garvin pinned Adam PowersAcid pinned ManiacYoung&Reckless defeated The Fugitive of SinsSwitchBlade pinned Eric MichealsMikey G vs. The Executioner went to a Time-Limit Draw…Master of Mayhem defeated Parental Advisory.  (5/17/14)


Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain:  Forsaken pinned Chris KernShane & Steve Morton defeated Lawrence & Ray DunnavantShaun Fatal defeated JP Jones by Submission…Jeremiah Plunkett pinned Larry CooterWolfie D defeated Mikey Dunn by DQ. 



Red Bank-TWE Chattanooga at the TWE Arena:  Tiffany & Austynn Madison defeated Rock-C & Black WidowPretty Boy Misfits defeated Jaden Newman & Corey DyeBilly Jester pinned Trevor WatkinsCrystal Fire pinned Jessica WetmoreCrazy & The Widowmaker defeated John Arden & Dustin FamousRay Fury defeated Toy Dodson by DQ…Chip Hazard defeated Mickey Dreggs & Drew Game in a Three-Way Dance.  (5/17/14)


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