WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken

August 12, 2014

WWE Main Event from Seattle was part of the go-home week of programming leading to SummerSlam. Likewise, Brock Lesner vs. John Cena and Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon received top billing and a lot of hype show focused on the two matches as the push towards SummerSlam continues. Besides the hype for Sunday’s card, Main Event also featured two good matches. The participants for advertised tag team title match became clear after an angle that opened the show.

The Usos did an in-ring promo that addressed their open challenge for a shot at their tag team titles. They said they went to the Authority and asked for the open challenge. They also want to be great like teams such as the Hart Foundation, Road Warriors, Edge & Christian and the New Age Outlaws. RybAxel came out to accept the open challenge. Rob Van Dam interrupted RybAxel while they were cutting a promo on the Usos. RVD said he would accept the challenge. Ryback said he needed a partner. RVD introduced Sheamus as his partner. Everybody bickered. Enter Kane in a suit. He ordered a triple threat match for the tag titles to take place later on in the show.

Seth Rollins beat Kofi Kingston. No Xavier Woods or Big E with Kofi and also no mention of them on commentary. Still, this was far from a squash. After some early exchanges, Rollins reversed an Irish whip and soon thereafter gave Kingston a biel throw. The crowd chanted “you sold out” as Rollins used a neckbreaker for a two count. Kofi made a comeback with a springboard clothesline before giving Seth a backdrop over the ropes to the floor. Kingston did a flip dive over the ropes and out to ringside. Kofi went for a flying bulldog off the apron only to get caught and set crashing into the barricade before a commercial.

After the break, Rollins did a Stinger splash in the corner and grounded Kingston with a body scissors. Kofi escaped the hold only to get rammed into the turnbuckles. Moments later, Kofi kicked Seth as he charged into a corner and Kofi jumped off the top with a forearm smash. Kingston ran wild and hit the boom drop before signaling for trouble in paradise. Rollins avoided the finisher and Kingston used a double springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Seth cut him off and gave Kofi a reverse STO into the second turnbuckle for a nearfall.

Rollins went for a buckle bomb but Kingston reversed it into a frankensteiner that sent Rollins smashing into the top turnbuckle. Kofi got two nearfalls with a schoolboy and an SOS. Seth snapped Kofi’s neck on the top rope and climbed to the top turnbuckle. Kingston crotched him and went for a superplex. However, Rollins blocked it and did a sunset flip then he carried Kingston across the ring to the opposite corner for a buckle bomb. Rollins finished Kingston off with a curb stomp for the pin.

Renee Young interviewed RVD and Sheamus. She asked why RVD picked Sheamus and RVD admitted Sheamus picked him. They talked about being them yin and yang before saying they would win the titles in the triple threat.

The Usos beat RybAxel and Rob Van Dam & Sheamus in a triple threat match to retain the tag team titles. The crowd started a “U-so” chant. The match included a plethora of blind tags. Early on, Ryback took down Jimmy only to smacked with a right hand and cut off. Ryback came back with a shoulder tackle then got cut off again and knocked down with a leg lariat from Jimmy. Jey tagged in and, as Jimmy held Ryback in the corner, Jey splashed Ryback. Afterwards, Ryback tagged in Sheamus and bailed out of the ring.

After a few moments, Ryback blind tagged back in and tied up with Sheamus. RVD made a blind tag as Sheamus gave Ryback a rolling fireman’s carry slam. RVD followed that up with rolling thunder. The crowd chanted for RVD. He jumped to the top rope and Axel caused a distraction so Ryback took a powder. RVD dove off the top on to RybAxel at ringside before a commercial break.

After the commercial, Sheamus clubbed Ryback while on the apron. Sheamus kicked Axel off the apron only to turn around and get caught with a powerbomb by Ryback. After draping him on the top rope, Ryback clubbed Sheamus with an ax handle off the second rope. RybAxel made some quick tags as they got heat on Sheamus. Ryback gave Sheamus a spinebuster to cut off a comeback. Ryback applied a chinlock and the crowd chanted “Goldberg” at him. Sheamus powered out and went for a battering ram but Ryback caught him and held him in a fireman’s carry. Sheamus escaped and hit white noise before making the hot tag to RVD.

RVD proceeded to run wild then delivered a springboard kick and a standing moonsault. Jimmy made a bling tag and used a crossbody off the top for a nearfall. Jimmy hit Axel with an enzuigiri then went for the Rikishi splash. Axel avoided the splash only to fall prey to a whisper in the wind from Jimmy. Ryback tried to interfere and Sheamus clotheslined him over the ropes to the floor. Jey did a dive over the ropes on to Ryback and Sheamus. Jimmy was distracted by the scene at ringside and Axel used a schoolboy for a two count. Axel took a Samoan drop from Jimmy for a nearfall. Jimmy climbed the ropes and Axel slammed him off the top.

Before Axel slammed Jimmy off the top, RVD made a blind tag. Then, RVD dove off the top with a kick on Axel. RVD covered him and Ryback broke up the pin. Sheamus delivered a Brogue kick that knocked Ryback out of ring. Jey superkicked Sheamus out of the ring and Axel gave Jey a running knee lift that sent him to the outside. RVD hit Axel with a spin kick and went to the top. Axel tried to cut him off but got knocked off the top and fell back down to the mat. During the top turnbuckle jostling, a Uso made a blind tag. When RVD hit Axel with a frog splash, Uso followed that with a superfly splash on to RVD for the pin.

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