TMZ reports Justin Credible's family's house robbed and family tied up

Peter Polaco, the former Justin Credible for ECW and WWE, claimed in an interview with TMZ that his family's home was broken into by three armed robbers who threatened to kill the family.

Polaco said he and his wife were sleeping in the family home in Waterbury, CT, when armed burglars broke through the kitchen window and went to an upstairs bedroom, where his brother and nephew were sleeping.

Polaco said the men tied his brother up with zip ties and told him if he made any noise they would shoot him.  They then went to his parent' bedroom and woke them up, tied them up and asked where the family safe was.

The parents said there was no safe.  The men ended up taking $5 in cash from the fathers' wallet and took the mother's cell phone, and then left the house.

Polaco said he didn't believe it was random because the burglars kept mentioning the name of his brother.  Story is at

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