Coughlin: Legends of the Ring is helping Invader #1 make money

Invader #1: Making Money from Murder

A Column by Mike Coughlin

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July 16, 1988, Puerto Rico, Bruiser Brody was murdered by José González.  More commonly known as Invader #1, that day, González asked Brody to discuss business in the showers.  González approached Brody with a towel over his arm, concealing a knife, then  proceeded to stab Brody in the stomach.  Brody was left to die.  González was, is, and probably always will be, a huge star in Puerto Rico.  Witness subpoenas were lost, or wrestlers were simply intimidated to not testify against González, and he was later found not-guilty by reason of self-defense.  OJ Simpson for Puerto Rican wrestling.

Legends of the Ring - Pro Wrestling Fanfests is organization that produces Meet and Greets with a number of pro wrestlers; you’ve probably seen and heard of these events, and maybe even gone to one or two.  This company announced that at an upcoming event, González would be appearing to sign autographs and take photos.  There is some confusion over whether LOTR booked González, or one of their approved vendors booked González – either way, LOTR is running a show where they will make money off the man who murdered Bruiser Brody.

This has upset a number of wrestling fans.  They have gone to the LOTR Facebook fan page and protested, posting negative comments, and asking the quite obvious question, “How can you do this?”  Without fail, every negative comment, post, or question has been removed.  LOTR is attempting to ignore and/or hide all negativity surrounding this appearance.

I’m well aware that the wrestling business is filled with everything from pedophiles to rapists.  None of this excuses in any way the attempt by people to promote for money the murderer of a human being.  It’s irrelevant that Brody was a wrestler, or famous, or well-known – González murdered a human being; that is all that matters.  He was the Chris Benoit of his day.

“Get your picture taken with a wrestling legend” may be more palatable, but “Get your picture taken with a murderer” is more accurate.  González’s main claim to fame these days amongst modern North American wrestling fans will no doubt be as the man who killed Brody.    Bringing him in, or permitting him to be brought in, to sign autographs and take pictures with people, as if he is just another wrestler, another past star like any other, is wrong.  People do not “remember the wrestler” in the case of González; they remember the murderer.

If LOTR doesn’t care, hopefully everyone else does.

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