World's oldest wrestler, Angelo Savoldi, passes away

Angelo Savoldi, believed to be the world's oldest living pro wrestler, passed away today at the age of 99.

Savoldi dated back to the 1930s and wrestled into the 60s.  He held the world junior heavyweight championship five times.  He dropped the title for the final time to Danny Hodge when Hodge was a rookie, in a match where Hodge's irate father, not part of the show, stabbed Savoldi when he was getting heat on his son.

Savoldi was later a minority owner of Capital Sports, the parent company of the World Wide Wrestling Federation in the 70s, along with Gorilla Monsoon, Phil Zacko, Willie Gilzenberg and Vince McMahon Sr.

Later, after the current Vince McMahon bought the company, Angelo and son Mario Savoldi ran independent shows in the Northeast under the ICW and later IWCCW banner in the 80s and 90s.

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