Jerry Jarrett talks about his days as a promoter, notes on TNA

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I conducted an interview with wrestling legend Jerry Jarrett on March 25th, 2014, and we talked for over 40 minutes about all things pro wrestling. Among the highlights were:

How he came to buy Word Class Championship Wrestling from the Von Erich family:

“Kerry Von Erich called me one day and said “We didn’t make it when my dad stepped out of the business and we’re filing for bankruptcy. And I just thought before we throw away all this history, because I really enjoyed working for you when I did, I wondered if you’d have any interest?”  I said “No, I don’t think so.” My wife was sitting on the sofa and overheard the conversation and afterwards she said “Well, I’m really surprised you didn’t at least take a look at it…..””

Where the Andy Kaufman angle rates in wrestling history:

“Because it got the national attention, sometimes it’s blown out of proportion for what it was. It was like a season…….It was great, but it was just another wrestling angle.”

How close he came to buying WCW in 2001:

“I had an investment group in Boston that was going to put up a whole lot of money, but they had already made a deal with Vince McMahon.“

His thoughts on Vince McMahon:

“Several times Vince and I talked, and he expressed strong interest in me coming back…….To work for the WWE – Vince is a workaholic and thinks it’s normal to work 18 hours a day…..I was staying out at Vince’s house, and Linda would say goodnight and go to bed. I’d almost doze sitting on the sofa and Vince would be wired like it was 7 o’clock in the morning when it was 2 o’clock in the morning!.....He will outwork everybody else.“

His regretting that he set up TNA and how it affected his relationship with Jeff:

“TNA came about by a father trying to make his son’s dreams come true……Do I regret starting TNA? Absolutely……It wasn’t good for our family.”

In the rest of the interview we talk his current life, his views on wrestling, Jeff Jarrett and his new promotion, Jerry Lawler’s wrestling legacy, Jackie Fargo, Eddie Graham, the Von Erich family, Paul Bearer, Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan, WCW, the NWA and much more in the interview. It’s a great listen! Click on the link below to listen to the entire interview:

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