Traditional Championship Wrestling TV report

Traditional Championship Wrestling TV Report

By:  Nathan Favel

Original Air Date:  3/29/14

Announcers:  Brandon Baxter – Play-By-Play

             Brian Thompson – Color

Michael Barry w/ “Cowboy” Bob Orton vs.  Alan Steele w/ Rich Rude – TCW International Championship Match

                This was another excellent match between these two, with the theme being that they are evenly matched.  This was easily the best bout I’ve seen between the two yet.  The inclusion of Orton added a fun change of pace to the proceedings and helped add some levity to the finish, which was…

Winner:  AND STILL TCW International Champion – Michael Barry

Matt Riviera & Greg Anthony vs.  Sigmon and John Saxon

                The story of this fine little bout was that Riviera tried to force Saxon to betray Sigmon in the match, which didn’t happen.  This was nothing monumentally special, but for what was needed of it, this bout delivered.  Also, in a rare wrestling moment, the winning team won by pinning both opponents!

Winner:  Sigmon and John Saxon

Lars, The Hurricane and Tim Storm w/ Lily vs.  Kincaid, Roosevelt, Titan w/ Boyd Bradford – Six-Man Tag Team Match

                This was a solid tag match that focused on the angle between Lily, Lars and Titan.  After Titan and his massive boots kicked around Lars for most of the match, Lily betrayed Lars and sided with her former kidnapper and current stalker, Titan.  That’s wrestling logic for you.  That all said, they did a nice job with the turn itself. 

Winner:  The Bradford Family (Kincaid, Roosevelt, Titan)

                Final Thoughts:  This was a good show that started off strong and lost a bit of momentum by the end, but was still thoroughly enjoyable.

                Thank for reading and I’ll see you next time.


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