OVW TV report 3-19 show

By Trent Vandrisse


 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for March 19th, which is episode #604. This show was taped on March 16th. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and the returning Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. No Jim Cornette this week. The crowd looked about the usual level the TV tapings have been doing, maybe a little on the high end of the usual level. OVW has a show at the Davis arena next Saturday, March 26th, called "Diva on a dime". Part of the proceeds of that show will go to a local cancer support group. Long time OVW talent "Lowrider" Matt Barela is now in TNA as "Estavo", and is teaming there with Hernandez.

1. "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat Randy Terrez

This was the return of Johnny Spade, who is an "OVW original". Fast paced match from the get go. Spade was quite aggressive early, and kept it up the whole match. Terrez took control with whips to the turnbuckles, followed by submission attempts. Spade took back over with an Enziguri. Spade went for a Superkick, but Terrez blocked it and hit a Spinebuster. Spade came back with a Tornado DDT, but couldn't put Terrez away. Spade with chops. Terrez went for his Firemans carry into a forward roll, but Spade sunset flipped Terrez for the win. Spade took the mic and said he was back in OVW for awhile.

They showed clips from last week when Rudy Switchblade beat Mohammad Ali Vaez w/Mr B to retain the OVW TV title, plus win $2,500 of Vaez' Fathers money, and Vaez' $11,000 Rolex watch. Vaez put the money and watch on the line to get another shot at the TV title. Vaez attacked Switchblade in the post match, but the returning Jamin Olivencia made the save.

Back to now, Gilbert Corsey was in the ring, and out came Vaez, w/Mr. B. Corsey asked Vaez about the phone call he had to make to his father when he lost last week. Vaez took the mic and said he doesn't owe Corsey an explanation. Vaez said he also doesn't answer to Jim Cornette, or the fans. Vaez took his Arab headdress off, and then took his sport-coat off, as he cut a promo on Switchblade. Vaez said he wants Switchblade at the April 2nd Saturday Night Special, and told Switchblade to "name his price". Out came Switchblade, wearing the Rolex, and a cheap while t-shirt. Vaez screamed at Switchblade to "name his price". Switchblade said thanks but no thanks, he's not interested. Vaez said Switchblade maybe wanted a house for his broke mother. Vaez said his reality was bigger than Switchblade's dreams, and again said "name your price". Switchblade said Vaez has nothing he wants, but there is something Switchblade doesn't want Vaez to have. Switchblade wanted Vaez to put his long, black hair on the line, saying Vaez looks at himself in the mirror in the locker room constantly. Vaez was reluctant, but accepted, and then suggested Mr. B hold what's left of the money and the watch until April 2nd. Switchblade said no, and bought out Jamin Olivencia, who is going to hold the money, the Rolex watch and the TV title at ringside during the match on April 2nd, it will all be on the line against the hair of Vaez. Vaez was good on the mic here, Switchblade, who is not a great talker, was ok, Olivencia was bad on the mic here.

2. Lady JoJo w/Taryn Shay beat CJ Lane to retain the OVW Womens title

Lane went for pin attempts right away here. JoJo took over after Lane missed a charge to the corner, but JoJo then missed a charge to the corner as well. Gilbert Corsey said Lane was looking more ladylike now, since breaking away from being Paredyse' "man-servant". Lane hit an X-Factor, but Taryn Shay smacked Lane in the face when she was on the ropes, and JoJo rolled her up for the win to retain the Womens title. Just a so-so match. Lane didn't seem comfortable with her outfit during the match. Lady JoJo and Taryn Shay beat on Lane in the post match, but the returning Blossom Twins, Holly and Hannah, made the save. They lost a loser leave OVW match to JoJo & Shay back in December. At the desk they said the 90 days were up, but when the Blossoms lost the loser leave OVW match back in December, nothing was said about it being for 90 days. The Blossom's are legit from England. I'm glad they're back, they bring a certain something to OVW, and obviously they're now going to pick back up with the feud against Lady JoJo and Taryn Shay.

They took it to clips from last week when Jim Cornette was in the ring with "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton, Mo Green, Rocco Bellagio and the Paparazzi guy. Cornette informed Compton that Mo Green went behind his back and told Corny to give the April 2nd title shot against OVW champion Mike Mondo to James "Moose" Thomas instead of Compton. Thomas came out with his manager Prince Bolin. Thomas then attacked Compton, as did Compton's former entourage, who turned on him and sided with Bolin and Thomas. Thomas gave Compton the "Moose kick", and then two big splashes. It was said during the show today that Compton suffered broken ribs from the attack by Thomas last week.

Back to now, Gilbert Corsey was in the ring, and out came OVW heavyweight champion Mike Mondo. Mondo was supremely confident here, and talked about facing James "Moose" Thomas on April 2nd in a comical way. Mondo said he was the "giant killer", and called Moose a "little guy". Mondo said he's slayed more giants than Moose has Big Macs.
Out came James "Moose" Thomas with Prince Bolin, and their new entourage of Mo Green, Rocco Bellagio and the Paparazzi guy. Bolin said Mondo always had a soft spot in he and his fathers heart, but Bolin said the "giant killer" tag they put on Mondo was always just manufactured. Bolin said Mondo could never beat Moose, and that he couldn't even beat Rocco. Mondo asked Prince Bolin to repeat that. Bolin did, so Mondo said make the match now against Rocco. Leading to.....

3. Mike Mondo beat Rocco Bellagio in less than 10 seconds

Before the match started Mondo went in his trunks and put brass knuckles on his hand. He hit the charging Bellagio with one shot, and got the win instantly. Mondo then bailed out before Moose Thomas, and the rest of the entourage, could get to him.

4. James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin & Mo Green beat Lennox Lightfoot

Kenny Bolin, who talked about it being his and Prince Bolin's birthday many times this show, was outraged at what Mondo had just done. Lightfoot used his above average athletic ability to avoid Moose early, but didn't get away for long. Moose caught Lightfoot, then dropped him down, and mauled him in the corner. Moose press slammed Lightfoot, then dropped him down. Thomas won it with the Moose kick. Short, but entertaining enough while it lasted.

5. Fighting Spirit(Raphael Constantine & Christopher Silvio) beat Ryan Nemeth & Paredyse to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team titles, and Nemeth and Paredyse must now split up as a team

This was the TV main event. This stipulation was set up last week, with the losing team having to split up. Paredyse and Nemeth got the better of Constantine early. Constantine went out and got a chair, but the ref stopped him from bringing it in the ring. It remained at ringside though. About Nemeth and Paredyse, Kenny Bolin said one of them is gay, and the other one is Paredyse...Heh. Silvio and Paredyse had a fun back and forth exchange of moves. Paredyse made Silvio run into Constantine on the apron, and then flipped Silvio over the ropes so he hit Constantine on the floor. Paredyse then dove thru the ropes and took out both members of Fighting Spirit. Constantine though, tripped Paredyse as he came off the ropes, leading to Paredyse taking the heat for a good while. Silvio landed his sweet top rope legdrop on Paredyse, along with a lot of other punishment Fighting Spirit piled on him. Constantine missed a second rope Moonsault, leading to Paredyse making the hot tag to Nemeth, who ran wild. Nemeth had Silvio beat with his top rope crossbody, but Constantine made the save. All four guys started fighting. Nemeth and Paredyse gave Fighting Spirit stereo Bronco busters in the opposite corners, and then gave Fighting Spirit a double catapult spot into each other. Remember the chair Constantine placed at ringside earlier in the match though? It was the deciding factor as Silvio was on the apron and Nemeth came after him. Silvio grabbed the chair, swung it backwards over his head, clocked Nemeth with it, and Fighting Spirit won the match to retain the tag titles, and causing the end of the "odd couple" team of Ryan Nemeth and Paredyse in OVW. Of course, as has been noted Ryan Nemeth has signed with the WWE, so he will be leaving OVW soon. This could be it for him here, not sure. I hope he's at least back next week so he and Paredyse can have a splitting up ceremony, that could be entertaining. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it By

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