Feedback from ROH & Strikeforce

Best match:Strong vs.Richards
Worst match:None

There was not a throwaway match on this card. Strong outing from ROH. The last 3 matches were all 4 1/4 stars or better. Center Stage was great atmosphere again.These guys deserve another TV deal somewhere.
J.C. Gethicker
Thumbs Up
ROH Honor Takes Center Stage Chapter 2 feedback
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Jay and Mark Briscoe vs Rhett Titus and Kenny King
Worst match:Tommaso Ciampa vs Homicide
Another really solid show from ROH. The opening match with Hero and Castagnolli vs Cole and O'Reilly was quite good, with a feeling that Cole and O'Reilly might win based on the work of Hero and Claudio in making it seem possible.
I would have liked more out of Cabana-Taylor but it was fun.
I didn't think too much of Ciampa-Homicide, I can't say it was bad, just nothing special.
Elgin vs Daniels was fun and played well into the angle later in the show of Daniels joining the House of Truth.
The joshi match was pretty good, although it seemed like the crowd would have liked a title change. Good tag team work from all four women.
I was quite impressed with the second half of the show. The Briscoes vs King and Titus was really impressive to me because not only was there color but it was used so effectively, to make Jay Briscoe seem intense and crazy and to also get Titus over as a sympathetic babyface which is what the feud needed most. I'm looking forward to more from this feud.
Strong vs Generico was expectedly good. I suspect that Strong will be in WWE in the next year but it's great to see him working solid matches in ROH right now.
And the main event was really good. The two teams seemed like they belonged in there together. Haas and Benjamin seem to have fit into ROH really well and have added to the start power. I don't know who'll beat them for the titles but watching this reign should be fun. And the storytelling for the Edwards vs Richards build-up is basic but solid. I assume it will take place in June, although i would have thought Davey might be in NJ at that time for BOSJ. September could be good as well if they wanted to stretch it out but I assume it would be June in the Hammerstein. It's really impressive how credible Edwards is coming off as champ
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

Thumbs up

Best match: Daniels vs. Edwards

Worst: maybe Generico/Elgin but nothing was bad


Overall, this seemed to have more highly rated matches than previous PPVs (I gave 3 matches between 3.5 & 4 stars), but this one didn't have the anticipation and long builds for most of the matches like Final Battle. FB left me with the impression of being a "must see" show due to culmination of feuds whereas this was just a really fun, really good wrestling show.

Tim Noel


Thumbs in the Middle
Best Fight: Lorenzo Larkin vs. Scott Lighty
Worst Fight:  Wayne Phillips vs. Damian Douglas
1) Wayne Phillips vs. Damian Douglas:  In Damian Douglas's pre-taped
promo during his ring entrance he said he was he fights not for money
or fame, but to be the best martial artist.  That is all fine and good,
but have fun on a Challengers circuit for the rest of your life. 
Damian Douglas looked good in the opening few minutes of Round 1, but
gassed out.  Wayne Phillips never took advantage.  Many times
throughout the fight Douglas looked like he was one hard shot away from
defeat, but Phillips never took advantage.  In Round 3,  Phillips never
took advantage of the gassed Douglas, who later came to life in the
Round 3 and actually won that round.  In one of the biggest rip offs of
2011,  Damian Douglas won the decision even though it was clear
Phillips won Round 1 and 2.  In Damian's post match interview he said
he felt he won the fight because he hit harder. Bullshit, you got lucky
judges call.  Douglas's hometown crowd of Stockton, CA booed him out of
the building.   Should not Mauro Ranallo the Strikeforce play by play
commentator made a reference to Wrestlemania and CM Punk which I
thought was funny.
2) James Terry vs. Josh Thornburg:  Thornburg took this fight on short
notice, so it was was  catchweight bout.  James Terry has a ton of
charisma and people should keep an eye for this kid.  Great movement
and great strikes and finally Terry connected with one clean on the
button and KO'd Thornbug.  After the fight Terry challenged Ronnie from
the Jersey Shore.  Well,  Snooki is in the WWE, Jwoww is in TNA, and so
why not a Jersey Shore guy in MMA?
3) Lorenzo Larkin vs. Scott Lighty:  Fun fight, and Larkin who took
this match as a replacement looked like Strikeforce or I mean ::Cough
Cough:: UFC has found a young star in the making.  He is fast on his
feet and he hits and kicks hard.  Also bonus he has a star look to him
as well.  Though not Jone Jones level of exciting, he did do some wild
kicks and moves.  Lighty kept Larkin at bay sometimes and even I
thought Lighty was going to catch Larkin, but the Larkin was too much
and hit with too much power for Lighty to handle.  Remember Lorenzo
Larkin fight fans.
4) Carlos Fedor vs. David Douglas:  David Douglas is the twin brother
of Damian Douglas who fought earlier.  These Douglas brothers both look
like two space cases.  Not that exciting fight, but Fedor dominated
Fedor and finally finished Douglas with some nasty knees against the
cage.  Damian Douglas earlier came off as a total douche bag, I was
actually hating David Douglas before he even came out.
5) Justin Wilcox vs. Rodrigo Damm: Poor fighters had to stand in the
middle of the ring for a minute a half or more waiting for the State
Athletic Comission to get their doctors at ringside.  They where still
busy in the back attending to fighters earlier on the card.  So lame
and it came off very bush league.  Crowd was really upset about this
and referee Josh Rosenthall wasn't happy either.  Justin Wilcox is one
of my favorite young MMA fighters today.  He has it all and has the
ability to be one of the best fighters.   Wilcox dominated Damm and
with elbows now legal in Strikeforce, Wilcox used that to his advantage
and split open Damm.  Blood was everywhere and between rounds the
referee called the fight.   It is time for Justin Wilcox to graduate
from Challengers Series to the Strikefoce or I mean the UFC cards.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA


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