Mania feedback #3

Best match:  Taker/Triple H
Worst match: Cole/Lawler
Debate is over.  The Undertaker is the one and only God of Wrestlemania.  For the 5th straight year, match of the night goes to the Deadman, and this was the best of them.  Early but strong match of the decade candidate.
Brian Fowler

Thumbs Up (slightly)
Best Match: Undertaker vs Triple H
Worst Match: Cole vs Lawler
A mixed bag for this years Mania offering, which is a shame as I was really amped going in. The show gets the thumbs up due to the amazing HHH/Taker match, on par with the HBK encounters on 1st live viewing. So different in thier structures but both just amazing matches. CM Punk and Orton had another great showing on this card, they relied on storytelling and sultelty and produce a much better match than I thought going in. Del Rio/Edge, while not the choice to start the show also had a really entertaining match.
Snooki's spots got a pop from me, well done to her. Ziggler and Morrison didn't have much to do though. The Corre fell and fell quickly, but with time a quick babyface win was probably the only option. As for Rey/Cody, didn't really click for me, Rey seemed a touch off.
Then comes what was wrong with the show....
Cole/Lawler needed to be a demolition, instead we got stuck with Cole's comedy offence which King sold like death. Dragged way to long. Enjoyed the ending though, also great to have JR in the booth. The main-event was just off. Cena looked off. The crowd was off. Miz off at times. And Rock just sucking the air out of the match untill he came out after the poor finish, and then didn't give much air back.
To be honest I though Rock greatly hindered the show tonight. His opening promo was stuff we had seen before and ate up so much time Sheamus and Bryan got relegated to the pre-show. Also his countless backstage skits ate up more time and were not flash (besides the Austin bit). Sure he will bring the buys, but he didn't bring up the quality sadly.
I'd say a 6.5/10 from 1st viewing.
 Matt Vallence

Hey Dave,
   Thumbs Up for Mania 27.
   Best Match: HHH / Taker
   Worst Match: 8 man tag
   I've been a fan for much of my life, most recently from the attitude era onward. I'm 34 now. The last few years has seen my interest waning, mostly keeping up with the product through the website as opposed to actually watching the shows. The slow paced product currently being presented just doesn't compare favorably in my opinion to the balls out action of the early 2000's. It actually reminds me more of the late 80's WWF, as far as workrate goes. I don't miss the racy programming, but I do miss the spectacle. The current crop of performers just can't seem to "go" the way guys like Rock, Austin, Jericho, Benoit, Angle, RVD, etc.
   I ordered Mania for one match really, that being HHH Taker. I didn't expect much from the rest of the card. I found the show enjoyable overall, and don't really understand the hate it seems to be getting. "Worst Wrestlemania Ever?" Not even close people. Some of these folks must not have seen Mania's 2, 4, 7, 11, 12 or 13. 
   Edge/Del Rio was good, as was Orton/Punk. Nothing really stunk actually, the 8 man tag was pointless but also harmless. Pee Wee skit with Rock was ugly. Snooki match was cute, that bump Trish and Michelle took from the top rope to the floor made me cringe, not sure that was intended. 
   Taker / HHH was superb. I had faith that this match would deliver, and boy did they. I love how much the streak matters to people. It adds an extra layer of tension to every Undertaker mania match. I remember a few years back the sentiment was that Taker should lose to an up and coming star at Mania to put them over. Now I think the sentiment is he shouldn't lose at all, and I agree with this. The way WWE books nowadays, would it really matter if somebody like Alberto Del Rio or Miz beat Taker's streak? You know it would be forgotten about in a few months, and Takers streak would be sullied. I think the real value lies in the attempt, and his opponents gain more by struggling mightily and coming up short. At the very least, it makes these matches increasingly legendary. I think the best way to wrap up their careers is for HHH / Taker to follow this up next year with one more classic, than call it quits with Taker at 20-0. 
   As for Cena / Miz / Rock, I think WWE has booked themselves into a corner with this one. They went with what people seemed to want, which was Rock laying out Cena. If it stopped there, I would have been fine with it. Then of course Rock takes out the Miz, who again looks like a chump when its all said and done. Now what? Cena is the present and future face of the company, how does a match with Rock help him? You know the fans will side with Rock in this fued. Cena will be heavily booed in the inevitable match. Rock is such a tremendous star he makes Cena look pathetic in comparison. Miz is an afterthought. In fact, this Wrestlemania, while perfectly fine, shone a great big light on what huge stars Austin and Rock are, and how pale the new crop of Cena, Miz and Orton are in comparison.
                                                                                              Dan LeBlanc

WrestleMania 27

Thumbs up

Best match: Undertaker vs. HHH
Worst match: Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

I attended the event in person and thoroughly enjoyed it.  A few thoughts:

-Taker vs. HHH was fantastic. Plenty of people in the building bought the near falls on Taker. Both guys pushed it to the limit. It reminded me in some ways of a circa mid-'90s All Japan style match with a big spot, a near fall, and both guys laying on the mat selling exhaustion for 20-30 seconds.
-The video production elements live were over-the-top great. The audio was hard to hear up in section 310 for the skits, which may have been a blessing, but the giant video screen added to the big-time show atmosphere.
-It was astonishing to see so many adults toting around replica belts at the event. Many looked quite expensive.
-Cena vs. Miz wasn't a great match, but a group of young kids in front of me loved Cena in a hero worship kind of way. The look on one of the kid's face of shock/sadness after Miz pinned Cena was remarkable.
-I liked Punk/Orton, though I greatly prefer Orton as a heel. Punk is fantastic and carried Orton to a solid match.
-Lawler/Cole disappointed me. I expected Lawler to squash Cole, multiple piledrivers and the like, but the match drug on and on.
-I wore a Bubba Army shirt to rep the radio show I once worked for (Bubba the Love Sponge) and got positive feedback on that. I also wasn't the only one in the Georgia Dome wearing a BTLS shirt.
-Snooki doing the handspring was a surprise. More than I expected from her.
-Bummer about Bryan/Sheamus being bumped from the main show. Plenty of people live were less than thrilled about how that was handled.

Overall I had a blast at WrestleMania 27 and it was worth the time/money/effort required to attend the show.

Lou Pickney
Nashville, TN



Thumbs down.
Best match: Taker vs. HHH
Worst match: Show/Kane/Kingston/Marella vs. Corr.
Really can't believe the amount of thumbs up for this show, I thought it flat out sucked, especially for the amount of money those who still pay for these things decide to shell out. I give props to Taker and HHH for telling a great story while not having a great match per se. Both guys really laid it all out there. Orton/Punk was good, but predictable. Most of the matches were just average to too short to be awful. I still didn't get the point of The Corr burial. Miz versus Cena was a total bore, and had a weak ending even with the Rock showing up. Same thing with the Cole/Lawler deal, which was as bad as Bret/Vince last year though not as sad. Bottom line, I don't order PPV's anymore other than Mania, and this really makes me feel like there is nothing now that could get me to order another one again.
Brian Moran

There’s usual a sense of conclusion or new beginnings at Wrestlemania, but the Cena-Miz finish was like a regular ol’ episode of RAW merely setting up the following Monday.  I was also a little surprised that they went with the obvious and uncreative finish of Rock costing Cena the match as a basic receipt from Cena’s FU on RAW the week before.  I think they went obvious because everyone assumed they wouldn’t do the obvious.  And if the end result of this was just going to be Rock vs. Cena they should’ve done the Kerry Von Erich-Ric Flair-Michael Hayes angle with Rock in the Hayes role, laying out Miz, with Cena refusing to win that way, and gets a Rock Bottom for refusing the “gift”.  And also as expected, nothing that happened elevated Miz in the slightest. 


I would also acknowledge the Undertaker for having yet another great match and one has to rank him very high on lists of top working big men of all time.  As someone who didn’t necessarily need to improve in the ring, with his true starpower having peaked over a decade ago, to have the best matches of his career in the past five years at his age and health, is pretty remarkable.  I recall Rey Mysterio wanting to work with Cody Rhodes to elevate him.  I say mission accomplished.  This version of Cody has been great and he showed way more main event star quality than Ted DiBiase ever did.


Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


Thumbs slightly Up
Best Match: Undertaker vs. Triple H
Worst Match: Corre vs. Big Show, Kane, Santino, & Kofi Kingston
Worst Match Dishonorable Mention: John Cena vs. The Miz
I thought this was a mildly thumbs up show, but I can totally empathize with people who thought the show was bad.  Wrestlemania is always held to a much higher standard than other ppv shows, and with good reason.  However, I feel when you match the good with the bad, I can't say this was a thumbs down show.  The main event, however, left A LOT to be desired, and some of the booking on the show, or overbooking in many cases, was head scratching.  I will say this:  had it not been for Undertaker and Triple H, this would have been a thumbs down show for sure.  They absolutely stole the show with a spectacular match, much better than my expectations due to Undertaker's injuries and Triple H's long absense from the ring.  The storytelling in the match was on another level from most wrestling matches today.  On a whole, while certainly not one of the best wrestlemanias, I wouldn't say it's one of the worst.
- Dan Marsiglia, NJ
I just realized that for 20yrs I have been reading the Observer.
Good times Dave.
My girlfriend says I treat wrestling like its some kind of dirty secret.
The only time I ever invite my friends over for a PPV is WM. My one buddy
was stoked about Austin, Rock, Trish and my friends really enjoyed
HHH/Taker. The only thing that was truly embarrassing was the Snoop Dog
skit but I would like to thank my DVR (my lord and savior) and I fast fowarded
that garbage quick status.
FOR THAT REASON...Jesse O give this show....Thumbs in the middle!
Best match-HHH v. Taker
Worst match- Cole v. Lawler
No Sheamus v. Bryan...really bummed. Very bad call.
Didnt mind the Rock promos cause....its the Rock, but I actually watch
WWE for the second W (it still means wrestling as of today....i think)
Very happy they did a Austin/Rock encounter. It was a must and at least,
they delieverd on that.
Edge v. Del Rios- Happy Edge won.Needed to end his WM losing streak.
                          Del Rios can win on the next PPV. Really wish Christian was
                          in the match. Did you have to kill the car? Good match BUT
                          bad call as an opener.
Cody v. Rey- Always enjoy Reys ring gear for WM. Good call on Capt. America.
                   Really into CodyKind (or RhodesKind) Better entrance, just better
                   character all together. Crowd hurt the match, but it was ok.
Barretts Brigade v. Big Kane Kofi Marella- Just happy Kofi and Santino got
                                                             got on the card. They deserve it.
Punk v. Orton- I really dislike Ortons style and Punk is one of my favorites,
but I felt this match was pretty good. Called the finisher days ago. I would be
a rich man for all the worthless information I know. Hope Punk is used well this year
AND give Nexus more time...I enjoy Punk in that roll.
King v. Cole- Cole EXPOSED...his HAGGARD tattoos! Did Cole work that bad on
                   purpose? Austin swearing up a storm. This was really bad. Just
                   happy Swagger got a spot on the card, Jerry got to work WM, and
                   Austin stunning everyone WILL NEVER GET OLD.
HHH v. Taker- LOVED HHH entrance. FUCKING Metal!
The boys worked hard. I always gasp when Taker does his traditional
dive. Thought he would have hung it up after last yrs near tragedy. HHH tombstoning
Taker was an awesome spot. Kinda hoped for a Cliq run in, but best thing on the show.
I NOW wish this would have ended the night.
Snooki v. Vicki- It was short. I applaud Snooks on her spots.
Miz v. Cena- DMX intro w/Cena was sweet, but they are trying to hard to get us
to feel bad for the negative feedback on Cena. Really scared Cena was gonna come out
dressed up as Jesus. The Miz intro was really well done too. I enjoyed Rock laying out Cena w/the Rock Bottom
BUT I wish that if Miz was going over, that it would have been stronger. Gonna have to watch this one again.

 Jesse Otawka
Thumbs WAY down
Best Match: CM Punk vs Randy Orton
Worst Match: 8 Man Tag
This night for me is one of the worst Manias ever! WM 9 bad! The Miz 
was the bright spot in a horrible WrestleMania. What happened in 
Atlanta tonight shouldn't even have such a prestigious title. Edge & 
Del Rio as the opening match? Awful decision! Undertaker & HHH knew 
they couldn't touch Taker's matches with HBK so they went for high 
impact moves...Failure!! Daniel Bryan & Sheamus get booted from the 
show for what?!? Snoop Dogg, Pee Wee Herman & Mae Young?!? AWFUL! This 
is right up there with WM 9 for worst of all time. When you can't even 
call Snooki(whom I like) the worst thing on a wrestling card you've 
got a failure.
Jeremy Pok
Charlotte, NC
Thumbs slightly up.

Best Match - Taker vs HHH
Worst Match - All things considered Cena vs Miz

Edge vs Alberto was a solid match, with an ending that seemed to be counter-productive to the company. I'm pleased that they avoided the Christian turn, however they missed a chance to strap a rocket to Del Rio. At this point i assumed Miz was going over because they made sure we had a feel good finish in this match.

Rey vs Cody was a good performance by Cody. He seemed to step it up and put in the sort of performance that might see him get more opportunities in the future. How Rey is still able to walk let alone wrestle is beyond me at times.

8-Man match left me thinking "And we cut Shemus vs Bryan for this?" Pointless. They did the same match for free on Monday minus Kofi.

Randy vs Punk I enjoyed. A good story, and Punk can work that slower Orton style well without it feeling like time is standing still. The psychology was good, and the match itself was well wrestled.

Cole vs Lawler needed to be shorter. Can't they work out these matches are a demolition, and that's what the crowd should see? Lawler worked hard, and Cole looked like Mae Young out there (sadly shane helmes posted the same on his twitter, and i hate agreeing with him) I know they did what they did with the GM after to get a 2 man booth, but really? The GM gimmick needs to die.

Taker vs HHH. You knew it would be a slower paced match, with lots of smoke and mirrors...but they pulled out one hell of a match. The WWE made me think something I never really believed. I thought the streak was over. And i've never bought that would happen.

6-person match got them TMZ coverage. And everyone else got popcorn.

Main event was a massive let down. I know part of the time they had Cena selling a beating, but his work looked really off. I don't hate cena, but he has become really stale, and to me, it was clear the fans didn't want Miz to win, but they really didn't want Cena either. So no one reacted until the Rock. And i know they restarted the match...but a double count out? Come on. Not good enough.

Last point on the announcing - Cole needs to listen to what JR and King did in the 2nd half of the show. They made everything seem bigger and more important. They made you care. also big props to Josh Matthews, who I thought did a very good job, and is getting better all the time.    

Chris Buchanan
Sydney, Australia

Thumbs slightly up

Best match: Taker vs HHH

Worst match: Cole vs Lawler


First off I really liked the set up they had this year and the intro video for the rock was pretty good. I thought the rocks opening promo was more of a time waster but was fine. They bumped the Daniel bryan vs. Sheamus match off the show which really pissed me off considering this is a four hour show and like I said before the rocks opening promo was more to hype the crowd. I think the first match started a half hour into the show.


World Title Match: Edge © w/Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Brodus Clay ***1/4

I was really surprised this opened the show and thought he made a mistake and meant to say united states champion but nope. I liked this match which was a good opener. They had some cool reversals with the cross arm bar. The match didn’t feel short but when I checked the times on the site it only went 12 minutes. I was surprised edge retained but they worked well together and adding Christian to the mix can only make it better.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes ***

Rey always has cool costumes for mania and he didn’t disappoint. I thought this was a pretty good match. It was a nice win for cody and I think it’ll be interesting to see where the feud goes.


The Corre (Barrett, Jackson, Gabriel & Slater) vs. Big Show, Kane, Santino & Kofi Kingston *1/4
This was fun but uneventful because it was was pretty damn short. It was fine.


CM Punk vs. Randy Orton ***1/2

This was another good match. I was worried they might not click as well with punk as the heel but it worked out well. I liked the ending but was sad that CM Punk lost.

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger NR

This was actually kind of a letdown. There were parts of it that were funny like when swagger was doing his pushups and then Austin’s music hit and swagger’s reaction was great. I thought cole in his goofy orange wrestling attire was funny. But the whole thing was just meh. Cole didn’t even get a stunner. I thought it was funny that Austin forgot it was a pg show and they had to keep blanking out what ever he was cursing about. The ending was stupid with the decision being reversed but it’s probably going to lead to another match.

No Holds Barred Match: Triple H vs. The Undertaker ****1/2

I’m glad JR was back to announce the rest of the show at this point because he’s awesome. I really liked this match. It was very physical and they used the no holds barred stipulation very well. By the mid point when HHH really started beating taker down after the 3rd pedigree and the hit him with the chair shot and gave him the tombstone I swear I thought hhh had ended the streak. The ending was a little anti-climatic but to me it actually made sense because the idea is taker dies when the streak ends and because hhh was so close was why he was so beaten down after ward and had to be helped to the back so to catch hhh in the triangle choke and just not let it go until hhh tapped was a smart ending.

 Dolph Ziggler and LayCool w/Vickie Guerrero vs. John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki  *

I was a little surprised that john Morrison and ziggler never got in the match it was just between the ladies. I thought snooki was fine and did her thing well even if the crowd didn’t like her.

WWE Title Match: The Miz © w/Alex Riley vs. John Cena **1/2

Well after it was said and done I have to say that HHH and taker should have closed the show. This was a very disappointing main event. I liked the intro packages for both guys especially miz. I thought cena’s was odd though and the person I was watching with was like Oh my god are those people booing the gospel singers and I immediately thought of the bryan and vinny argument from last year about the marines being booed. I agree with what Bryan had said they’re booing cena not the people on the stage. They’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyways the match was okay Alex riley didn’t interfere as much as he usually does but he still did. I thought the double count out was a horrible idea. The rock came out and did his thing which for some reason just came off really flat for me. Maybe because the match wasn’t much before and the bad ending. I was glad the miz retained but it didn’t do much for him as it could have.


I did enjoy this year’s wrestle mania. There was some wacky comedy segments also that were okay. I was really annoyed about the US title match being bumped. Most of the matches were pretty good and the Taker/HHH match was awesome but the main event was a pretty big disappointment.


Al Dinkelspiel

New Jersey

Thumbs down!

Best Match: HHH vs Taker, did better than I thought it would.
Worst Match: Cena vs Miz, and Edge vs Del Rio for the way they ended more than anything else

With the way Rock kept saying Wrestle I pictured Vince sizzling back stage. Hes going way too far lately, Bryan was right last night on the audio show. Thought the yabba dabba thing was stupid and patronizing even if hes trying poke fun at Cena.

I cant believe Alberto lost. That ending just killed the show to me AND IT WAS THE FIRST MATCH! God, that title means absolutely nothing. Im not a car guy, please tell me that wasnt actually an expensive car. My families older car windows were busted out by idiot kids a few years ago and weve never replaced them and keep it as a back up, fuck them pulling a page out of Russo's old book. And I bet Alberto gets the title at Extreme Rules, like anyone will care. Why should I even care anymore.

Was hoping to see a negative star classic with the 8 man tag match to at least laugh at. Santino needs to go, hes not funny anymore and his finisher is the fakest thing ever, but its just "acting" isnt it? What happened to Wade, he has a belt that is as important as Sheamus wears? Why not have them defend their titles instead of putting them in stupid matches? Oh yeah the tag champions were in this match too, Slater is a 3 time world tag team champion in less than a year, and The Rockers never held the belts really........

I cant get excited for Cody winning, his legs will just get cut out from under him, and I loved the Smoke and Mirrors theme music more.

Lawler and Cole should have been a minute long after some stalling and Lawler giving Cole the pile driver, but how many kids know thats his finisher? At least we got JR back, that was great.

Rock and Austin looking at each other took me back to when wrestling was cool, wait I mean entertainments was cool. God, what two guys since have had that cool of a rivalry in this company?

Knew Orton and Punk would be good, wished Randy's wife made a run in, but whos side would she have been on?!

Duggan got a reaction cause hes been on tv occasionally through the years, just plain and simple.

I really hope Snooki doesnt join WWE in any capacity after this,

At least we got the Rock Bottom on Cena. Miz will keep that stupid looking belt, Id like to say maybe theyll start booking him better, but the way he won tells me other wise. .Might as well have put the title on Rock, he looks like a champion and would get more good publicity than Miz and David Arquette.

Knew this wouldnt be a great show, it was okay, but the booking is what killed it for me, or is that too much of a pro wrestling term? Maybe they should stop booking matches and just give people scripts and have them do a show in arenas without any wrestling on the shows? And bring back Vince Russo while their at it.
 I watched this with a friend who ordered it, thank god i didnt pay. he was drunk and liked the set and loved Rock but doesnt watch Smackdown so he didnt get why I was so mad. he liked undertaker and HHH, and was bored by Orton.

Willian Bren
Thumbs up!
Best match: The Undertaker vs. HHH
Worst match: The Corre vs. The Oddities 2011
First of all, to set the context, I watched this in a pub in England
with 299 other people that had sold tickets (and sold out) to see the
show. A lot of the atmosphere in the Dome didn't cone across to me as
we were making our own noise, so any reactions I refer to are from the
pub and not what we heard on the TV from those in Atlanta. It was
interesting to be surrounded by casual fans and first-time viewers (of
which there were a fair few) and gauge their reactions.
For anyone interested in the make-up, there were about two guys to
every girl, but a surprising amount of first time girl viewers. The
crowd mostly consisted of rock fans in Affliction gear, and a handful
of wrestling merch-wearing people (almost all in Randy Orton, CM Punk
or original Nexus shirts - but Orton shirts were far and away the most
popular. Not a single Cena shirt, either). There were very few
stereotypical wrestling fans, overall.
The Rock, for the most part, was loved. One girl next to me couldn't
stand him, though, and shouted for him to shut up a bunch of times.
But the others were overwhelming in favour of him. In fact, one of the
biggest cheers all night came for the Rock/Austin staredown.
Edge/Del Rio was fun, and people really bought into Brodus Clay as a
scary bastard. Shocked that Edge won, and can't think of any
semi-decent reason for it, but it did what it had to do as an opener.
Rhodes/Rey told a good story, but was a little dull and got very
little reaction. Rey did get a big pop for his outfit, though.
People LOVE Zack Ryder. The same cannot be said of John Cena, who we
booed mercilessly all night.
The eight-man tag started and finished in the time it took my friends
to order a pint from the bar. A complete nothing match that didn't
need to be on the show at all. That said, the pub was clearly in
favour of Santino, Chanting his name and singing his theme song.
Orton/Punk was okay, but again couldn't keep anyone's attention. No
one knew who to cheer for, and Orton's offence was just far too slow
and full of stalling. Didn't see the need for Orton winning, even if
the feud is over. If it isn't, it makes even less sense.
Cole/Lawler, I REALLY enjoyed. Everyone played their roles to
perfection, particularly Cole. Was also great to see Lawler in classic
King attire. I love the use of Mania for new costumes as it adds a
little something extra to the spectacle. The reversal of the Lawler
win was a total cop-out, but if it leads to something with the Raw GM
then I guess it can be forgiven. I just don't feel that they needed to
make that decision on this night and it sadly took away from the match
a little. Also, good to hear JR back where he belongs.
That said, from the snippets of JR that I heard, did he seem subdued
to anyone else? Both he and Lawler, for the rest of the show, sounded
like they were recording voices for a video game than calling the
biggest PPV of the year. Maybe he just needs time to re-find his
Undertaker/HHH was fantastic. It was predictable move-by-move, but the
entire room was shouting and screaming and dual-chanting. People
actually jumped up and cheered when Undertaker won, which tells you
how good this was. You'd never have known that Taker was an old,
broken down man. He worked his ass off, and HHH took some mean bumps
too. I wouldn't say that it was better than either Taker/Michaels
match, but they did a fantastic job.
The six-person tag was perfectly acceptable. Nobody came out of it
looking bad, especially not Snooki. Would I mind seeing her as a
permanent diva? Probably not, to be honest. But she doesn't work as a
babyface. No one even knew who she was in the pub, so this was a bit
of a waste internationally.
Cena/Miz opened so promisingly. The video packages were out of this
world. Once the bell rang, no one gave a damn until the screwy
'ending'. Everyone knew what was going to happen, but unlike
Taker/HHH, people weren't interested in playing along. Rock got a huge
cheer for the Rock Bottom, but that's almost literally it. Nobody
wanted Cena to win, so there was a happy ending, but The Rock standing
tall was what everyone paid to see, so it lessened the bitterness of
the crappy booking of the match.
If I'd have watched this show alone, i feel that I'd have given it a
thumbs in the middle. With a large and excitable group around me, it
became so much more enjoyable. The hype around the show was unreal and
everyone had fun in the end, so I can't say that the show wasn't a
success on that front. If it did anything, it showed people how much
fun watching wrestling with other people is. I can't see them not
doing this next year due to the overwhelming success of tonight. So,
in the long term, Mania may have just set itself in stone as truly
being a huge must-see event like the Super Bowl. In the long term,
they couldn't have gained anything better. It's just a question of how
ling they can ride this wave of good grace with their current (and in
many cases, completely new) fan base.
Mitchell Jones
Thumbs Down
Best Match: HHH vs. UT
Worst Match: The Corre vs. Big Show and friends
I admit that when it comes to all forms of entertainment and pop culture these days I am very cynical. Everything in TV, movies, music, and pro wrestling (if we're still allowed to call it that) is all sizzle and no steak. Nothing much seems original either.
That being said, I was excited going into WM for once. I was telling all of my friends that this year's WM looked "really fun" on paper and I didn't expect any classic matches. I was just looking forward to having fun. Well, I didn't have much fun.
This show was produced just like it has been for countless years and that needs to change. We got the quick squash match like every year. We got the usual backstage comedy skit with singing and dancing along with a couple other comedy skits to boot. We got a match with a celeb and she went over just like every celeb does at WM. And we got WWE's current golden boy getting the grand entrance.
UT vs. HHH was really good. Everything else felt rushed and like a total waste of time thanks to the usual WM segments cutting into the show.
             Jake Koch
Show: Thumbs down

Best Match: Taker/HHH
Worst Match: Lawler/Cole or the absence of Bryan/Shaemus

The Rock's intro promo was unnecessary. This is PPV not Raw. We purchased the show so lets pretend that it is a wrestling event. I used to think that is what I paid for.
Edge and Del Rio was an okay match, but nothing great. Why is a World Title match the opener? Where did Daniels/Shaemus go? I actually wanted to see them work 7 minutes.
Cody/Rey was all right, but nothing more than a TV match. 8-man tag... didn't care. Squash match where the jobbers actually won. Orton/Punk- slow match with a few highlights. 
Nothing to write home about. 

The show absolutely derailed at the Lawler v Cole match. How in the world did they mess this up. This was the best angle of the year. Stone Cold as the ref basically guaranteed that we
would see Cole get laid out. Not only did Cole escape without 1/2 a beating, but then the GM DQ's Lawler and gives Cole the win? We get to listen to Cole brag about this for god knows how long.
I think I might be sick. After this debacle I pretty much couldn't stomach the rest of the show. Taker/HHH was great, but the bad taste of the Cole match really made this match sour for me.
Snooki won and shocked me with the cheerleader butt smash. I still didn't care. Miz retains over Cena with another dirty finish that didn't help the Miz's standing and didn't make Cena look like a loser.
The Rock was less than stellar for this as well. I felt like this was TNA. What a let down. JR sounded like they had a tight rope on him for commentary. He wasn't his usual self. 
I paid approx. $7.00 per match and the only one worth that was HHH/Taker. What a terrible let down. 

Chris Stein

Hey Dave,
Best Match: Taker v. HHH
Worst Match: John Cena v. The Miz
I didn't hate the show. Taker and Hunter was fantastic. I had a moment during the HHH "stay down" business where I actually questioned whether or not the streak would continue. That's saying a lot. The fact that even for a moment I was convinced HHH was actually gonna win this thing - that's no easy task. They gave their it all and without them this show would have been wildly unforgettable.
Everything else was fine, except for the Main Event which was awful. I didn't envy Miz and Cena having to follow HHH and Taker, but jeez...the false finish was brutal, especially with time running out. I thought Edge/Del Rio, even though they were only given a little over ten minutes bell to bell, was pretty good but it felt more like the beginning of an angle than a blow off. I was glad they didn't turn Christian heel. Though it would have made sense it would have stripped Smackdown of virtually every main event level babyface. Another standout, especially after a second viewing, was Punk and Orton. Slow and methodical, but well worked, it was probably the third best match on the show. But again, it certainly didn't feel like the conclusion of a story.
I don't know why anyone's complaining about Cole and King. Did they want a clinic? It was fine. The bit in the "Cole Mine" was pretty great though, I agree, there was certainly too much Michael Cole offense.
Lastly, if last night didn't convince Vince that JR should be announcing full-time, I don't know what will. Jim Ross was my MVP of the night. He just makes everything feel important.
Thanks, Dave
Pat Driscoll
 Thumbs Up

Best Match:  Taker/HHH
Worst:  Lawler/Cole

It was a good, not awesome, show.  Matches like Edge/EDR and Rey/Rhodes got time and were good midcard matches.  I think this show was superior to the Detroit WM.

Couldn't Cole practice more with Lawler?  It made sense to keep the match grounded, but for a guy who has seen every major card for 15 years, Cole didn't have a lot instinct in the ring.  I would have traded any of the 'comedy' for Danielson/Sheamus.

It's smart to keep belt on Miz.  He can go do something else while Cena/Rock feud.

I feel alot of the criticism is from people who take their wrestl...I mean entertainments a little too seriously.
Jim Valley
Good evening to Dave and those at the Wrestling Observer,
Thumbs Up
Best Match: CM Punk vs Randy Orton
Worst Match: Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler
I haven't purchased a wrestling pay-per-view since Wrestlemania 18 and I wasn't disappointed spending $55.
Three non-wrestling and two wrestling fans watched the show and we were extremely entertained.
This Wrestlemania, in my opinion, featured limited botched spots, minus Michael Cole's attempt at "sports entertainment."  It's pleasing to watch a show where most of the matches featured near flawless execution.
"(Cole) is a pimple on the buttocks of life," Jim Ross said.
I felt the crowd could've been more involved during certain parts of the show, but they were good enough.
I was SHOCKED to see Miz kick out of Cena's finisher, Alberto Del Rio losing to Edge and Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus absent from the four-hour show's card.
Thanks for taking my email and I appreciate the good work the Observer does.
Erik "T-Bo" Thibault

Thumb in the middle.


Best match : Undertaker/HHH

Worst Match : Cena/Miz 


This Wrestlemania was a disappointment, considering all the hype created for the Rock.


The thing that bothered me the most was how bad the pacing / booking for the show was. I didn’t minded the short amount of time given for the tag matches since no one cared for the 8-man and, quite frankly, the inter-gender match was all right for what it was. 


However, I’m perplexed trying to understand why anybody would book time-wasters like the horrible skits with Snoop Dogg and Pee Wee Herman or purposely book bad wrestling and bad finishes in the Cole/Lawler match. We all knew Cole was supposed to suck in the ring, but was it really necessary to give Cole a long heat segment with him attempting horrible wrestling on Lawler?   The G.M. reversing the decision was stupid but I guess it was necessary if they want to continue Cole’s character as an announcer.


The main-event came off flat.  A total by-the-number WWE style match that felt more like a house show match than a PPV main-event.  Granted, any kind of near falls or teasing for a finish were useless since the only way the match would end was with the Rock’s involvement, but the main-event, as a whole, came off more like a Raw angle than your big finale at your year’s biggest show.


Thankfully, matches like Rhodes/Mysterio, Edge/Del Rio (despite its mind-boggling position as the opener) and HHH/Taker counter-balanced the negatives. HHH/Taker could have shave off 5 minutes by limiting the “finish, kick out, pause, repeat” spots, but that’s what you get nowadays if you want classic matches.  They were trying their best to be on par with the last two HBK matches. While not as good, the match ranks with the other good Taker matches he had at Wrestlemania since the last 4-5 years, and it was certainly the best match Undertaker had in the last year. A small miracle if his shoulder is as bad as the reports say.


If the main-event actually had delivered its promises, it would have been a thumbs up. However, since everything came off so rushed at the end and ened flat, I didn’t felt like I had my $60 worth.


Eric Bonin


Thumbs in the middle, pointing slighty down.
Best Match: Taker vs Triple H
Worst Match: The COrrrrE vs The Peanut gallery
I don't know if this will be a dupilcate post. Sorry in advance
Didn't feel like a Wrestlemania show, built more around TV level feuds and bad comedy. Taking Daniel Bryan and Sheamus off the card in favor of some of the awful skits they felt were better proves that the writing staff think they are the stars and not the wrestlers.
Edge vs Del Rio
Nice while it lasted. I really think that putting the belt on Alberto on this show would do better for his long term career as a main eventer instead of having him win it in a gimmick match at a PPV not half the people will buy. Edge could've smashed the car on the the go home show and Del Rio could win tonight for vengance.
Rey vs Cody
Decent match with less of the energy of the first. I like the new Rhodes, but how far will it take him?
The Corre vs Big Show, Kane, Santino, and Kofi
...........Just why? Did you see the them rushing through their entrances? "Come on! We got their money, now get out there and end it!!" I felt like I was having New BReed vs ECW Originals flashbacks. Just a waste of time better used on Daniel Bryan v Sheamus.
Cm Punk vs Randy Orton
A pretty good, slightly longer TV match. Randy Orton's knee selling really sucks.
Lawler vs Cole
Pretty good for what it was, though I felt the GM reversing the decision took some heat off the much needed pay off. Booker T took a great Stunner. My pillow is in better shape than Michael Cole.
Undertaker vs Triple H
A fantastic match! While the work rate wasn't on par with Shawn and Taker (being a year older doesn't help), the story the match told was phenominal. I shriek like a girl everytime Undertaker goes for that dive, it looks freakin scary, like watching a Kurt Angle cage match.
John Morrison and two girls vs Blonde jobber and two pigeons
So, by this point, I realized that there was no US title match and gave up on being angry
John Cena vs The Miz w/ Alex Riley
Worst main event for a Wrestlemania I've ever seen, and that's no hyperbole. The crowd didn't care, I didn't care. The video package for the Miz only displays how badly they've handled his push as a main eventer. He comes out wearing Edge's jacket with Riley and a briefcase, and it hit me that I over paid for this. And to top it off, the Rock kills him AGAIN!!!!! At least he got as clean a win as he can get, thought that doesn't say much.
                  This is the first feedback I've ever posted since joining. love the site, guys!
                                            Mike Lind from Ohio

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Triple H/Undertaker
Worst Match: 8 man with Corre (too short)

Being at the show live, we had a good time.  The Triple H/Undertaker match had great intensity and almost a mystic quality to it.  It was fun.  The Miz/Cena match wasn't nearly as captivating as several of the earlier matches.  Still, people were into the performers but the match was clearly lacking.  While people loved enjoyed the Edge/ADR match and the Orton/CM Punk - neither had nearly the crowd dynamic live as what Cena/Rock/even Miz brought to the table.  And I can't hate too much on the mixed tag since Snooki's big move did pop the crowd big.  We had a good time and my wife, who has never been to a live WWE show before, enjoyed the entire spectacle - but told agreed that HHH/UT was her favorite experience of the whole night.

Chris Harrington
St Paul, MN


Hi Dave,

No need to go into much detail. This didn't feel like WrestleMania in the slightest. Everybody phoned it in, with the exception of Undertaker/Triple H, Orton/Punk, Edge, and Trish. I saw no sense of urgency or willingness to make a name for themselves from the younger guys (del Rio, Rhodes, Miz). Just calling it WrestleMania doesn't make it WrestleMania. Effort is required. But the booking was rather stupid too, at least from my perspective. All in all, a hot mess, and I'm so glad I didn't pay for it.

Thanks for your work,
George Fistonoch

Los Angeles

(And yep, I stand by my prediction of a double retirement rematch for next year, especially after this epic match!)
Worst Match: A technicality. No Daniel Bryan on PPV card. BOO!
Mildly surprised by Snooki's Muta like springboard highspot. Nice and short.
There are PPVs, and then there is Mania, and this had that aura.
Weak spots for sure, but the aura carried us through those.
The announcing was wacky.  Just stick with JR already. That whole thing is becoming a clusterf##k more now than ever.
Josh and Jill Jabcuga
Buffalo, NY
Thumbs In The Middle, Leaning Down   
Best Match: Cody vs Rey
Worst: Corre vs Show/Kane/Kofi/Santino
Honestly I'm not sure what to think of Mania.  Everything just seemed slightly off, especially once the second half hit.  Going straight from America The Beautiful to video packages and an extended monologue from The Rock IMO killed momentum out of the gate.  To then go straight to the World Title match, which had significant build, also seemed odd, as did the finish.  Alberto has gone from several months as cocky babyface killer to losing to Christian two weeks in a row (a man Vince has a notoriously middling opinion on) and now a clean job at Mania?  The only upside was the lack of a Christian turn on Edge, as I was certain they were going to pull a Matt vs Jeff and try and forcefeed a fundamentally broken program on the public again.  Rey was Cody was solid, with the right guy going over.  I'm still struggling to see the purpose of The Corre match - they blew the program off on RAW two weeks ago.  Punk vs Orton was a well done match, but the wrong guy won, leaving Orton once again a flat babyface with no viable challengers.  Cole vs Lawler is where the ship really started taking water.  Who thought it would be a good idea to give Cole an extended heat segment?!  How they screwed up something as easy as this, to the point where it got scattered boring chants, blows my mind.  The finish with Austin being VERY thorough in ascertaining if Cole truly wished to submit was great, but I don't see why they can't do a piledriver spot unless it is being saved for a rematch, which seems to be where it was heading.  As enthused as I was for the return of JR, he was silent waaaay to much of the evening, as was Lawler.  Their banter has elevated a lot of the recent Manias I have been watching in the last week or two, and it was mostly absent tonight.  Was Vince screaming at JR all night?  Was Lawler too tired to be announcing for another two hours after his match?
Taker vs HHH was a paradox - awesome and a sad trainwreck all at the same time.  If there was any element of truth to Hunter's promo on RAW last week, then it falls upon Michaels to go up to *both* Taker and HHH tomorrow and say "It's time."  They put out a Herculean effort, but a Herculean effort at half speed (and sometimes less).  It was a strong farewell performance for both of them, but it's clear this should be the last match for both.  This was a match where Ross and Lawler could have contributed significantly, but again they were incredibly sheepish.  The mixed tag match was fine, booked at the time limit it needed to be, and surely got WWE the pub they were looking for.  The main even was weak - Cena *must* have someone to push and carry him in order to bring the goods at Mania, and Miz just isn't there.  Either Cena got his bell rung early, or he was being a little too into the babyface in peril act.  The match picked up by the end, but then came the crap double-countout. 
While I understand the need to build for Rock vs Cena, for Mania you do main event caliber matches - screwjob finishes meant to build an upcoming PPV are for RAW the night AFTER Wrestlemania, not Wrestlemania itself.
Nick Graham
I have not watched WWE programming at all in about two years. Just about my only connection to what's going on comes from your newsletter. So I had never even really seen guys like Del Rio and Miz, only read about them.
So why the buy? I wanted to see what the Rock would do.
Thumbs up
Best Match: HHH vs. Undertaker
Worst Match: The 8 man, though that wasn't so much bad as it was pointless.
Thoughts: Not that the titles mean anything anymore, but does it really make sense to have a "World" title match first? With the separation between brands non-existant, is it really smart to have two world titles when one of them opens the show? I doubt most fans will even remember that match by the end of a four-hour show.
Good match though.
I think the Orton-Punk match and Rey-Rhodes matches were good, but that was all.
Cole and Lawler was about as good as it could have been. I was worried it would end up like Bischoff-Zbyszko from Starrcade 97, and it was much better than that. The ending was fine, since it allowed Ross and Lawler to announce the last two matches.
Undertaker HHH was really, really good. I can't say I liked HHH yelling "why won't you die?," and I think I actually like their WM match 10 years ago better in some respects. But the two worked like crazy, sold the emotion and told a great story. It stole the show.
No thoughts really on the six person match, although wasn't it odd to see Undertaker sell the beating he took like it was serious, serious business, and then see his wife come out for her match like she just saw Toy Story 3?
Miz vs. Cena
Few things here: I was under the impression Rock would be out for the whole match, even though I don't think they ever said that directly. But with him not out there, the fans never really got excited, because they ended up just waiting for Rock to come out. I suppose one could argue he would distract from the match if he were out there, but the buildup for the match focused on him and Cena anyway.
The ending was lame. No one had any reason to buy the double countout. And I think it would have helped things had Miz and Cena gone five minutes with Rock out there. I'm not sure if fans had a subdued reaction because they didn't like Rock costing Cena (unlikely), or because they didn't like the finish (possible).
Then again, it was a four hour wrestling show. There is something to be said for not going that long.
Thanks guys, keep up the great work.
Zach Baker
, Tiffin OH
Thumbs in the middle
Best match: Lawler-Cole
Worst Match: 8 man tag
Great crowd, excellent production values, and the Rock were all good -- but somehow the show fell flat.
Lawler-Cole was most entertaining. Snooki's brief in ring appearance was surprisingly good --
that and Lawler getting into the Cole Mine were highlights.
HHH and Undertaker tried hard, but it was way too long.  Looks like Atlanta fans were happy with
the Miz win.  Del Rio should have won the title, but I assume that's coming on another day...
a very good opener. There were no bad matches, but somehow this didn't click like Wrestlemania.
 --  Mike Omansky
Best Match: Triple H/Undertaker
Worst Match: John Cena/The Miz: Round 2

I was really considering going to Wrestlemania for the first time this past year. I had never gone before and I figured this might be my one chance. After seeing this show I think it's safe to say that I'm glad I didn't.

The show was just full of odd booking.that seemed designed solely for surprises. Unfortunately the only surprise that it resulted in was myself at being surprised I spent money on a glorified B show, aside from the admittedly grand Taker/Triple H encounter.

Honestly you could have taken out the aforementioned match and all of the spectacle and this could have been the line up for any show. It certainly didn't come across to me as a Wrestlemania. And don't get me wrong, there were things to like about the show and it was far from the worst. It just didn't seem worth what I paid though.

The main event ending was just awful. That's the kind of stuff you'd expect on a B show. Certainly not something for what's supposed to be the biggest show all year round.

The fact that guys like Kofi, Ziggler, and Morrison were all wasted was just ridiculous and maybe it's just me but I think that I would have taken Bryan/Sheamus over the "shocking" revelation that Hornswoggle can actually speak. (Which had already been proven years ago anyway.)

It also was a waste that the guy who won the Royal Rumble this past year was relegated to the opener and lost in ten minutes. So much for Del Rio being the next big superstar.

Triple H and Undertaker wasn't even worth the price in my opinion. Granted, it definitely was a highlight of the show, but the problem was it was about the only one really.

Tonight was basically a pattern to me: other than Cody Rhodes, and even that's debatable, none of the new talents really got to look like stars tonight. I include Miz in that statement as well considering as the guy only retained via both a double count out and interference. It's like they have no faith in them whatsoever and they keep trying and trying to squeeze each and every last drop from the past as well as celebrities in order to be relevant again. Well I think it's safe to say that well is about to dry up.

Though it was good to hear Jim Ross again. That's one past name that definitely needs to stick around.

Brandon Crauswell



What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


Whcih show are you most interested in?