Interview with Sinn Bodhi on his career and future


Turnbuckle Madness -with-

Sinn Bodhi The Warlord of Weird!!!! (a.k.a. Kizarny)

By: George Wren

GW: Where were you born:

SB: Toronto, Ontario Canada… Right across the street from Parts Unknown!

GW: Where are you currently residing at the present time?

SB: Tampa, FL & Sinn City, NV

GW: How did you get your break into the wrestling business?

SB: Originally I went to the same school as Edge & Christian in Toronto (Sully’s Gym ran by Ron Hutchenson) I grew up with Edge & Christian so Sully’s kinda was the Ontario alma mater…

GW: Who trained you?

SB: Ron Hutchenson, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Rip Rogers, Al Snow, Dr. Tom Prichard

GW: How would you describe your training?

SB: Intense, first day ever we didn’t take a water break until someone puked (approx 3 hours in)…We didn’t finish class until someone quit (4 ½ hours total)… My black belt grading was in the same ball park! Although I did train with Trish Stratus, Gail Kim & Tracy Brooks soooo that was a perk!

GW: Do you remember your first match?

SB: First match was against some Rock-wanna-be… Don’t remember his name… I get hit in the head for a living!

GW: What titles have you held that really stick out?

SB: Various HeavyWeight & tag titles across Canada & northern States… NWA Bluegrass Title which was special to me.

GW: You have a background as a black belt. Tell the readers a little about your martial arts background?

SB: Martial Arts is the closest thing I have to a personal religion… It taught me to ‘do onto others’ & use my common sense… Any idiot can destroy BUT it takes true creativity to create!

GW: In your early career you worked for Apocalypse Wrestling Federation (AWF) in Ontario and also worked for Scott D' Amore's Border City Wrestling (BCW) was there actually "heat" between the two promotions because you went under a name change while working for both to avoid of getting "heat"?

SB: As a wrestling student I was not allowed to work outside AWF (That’s a common bullying technique to scare guys into sticking around used by lots of promoters)… I was told Sinn couldn’t wrestle for BCW so Sinn didn’t BUT Lucifer Love did! :) I hope that is water long gone under the brizidge!

GW: Who has been some of your toughest opponents?

SB: Too many to include!... Bobby Roode, Eric Young, UltraMantis Black, FunnyBone, Road Warrior Hawk, Jake The Snake, Eric Escobar, Dolph Ziggler, Manu, CM Punk, Umaga, Gangrel, Raven, Rock "N" Roll Express, etc… All great competitors!!!

GW: You performed in Carnival Diablo what did you actually do there?

SB: I was the Carnival Diablo Strongman: bending iron bars in my teeth, Human Dartboard & I would get BBQ’d in an Electric Chair! Diablo is where I cut my teeth into the freak show world… Eventually working all over the world with the biggest Sideshows like Ward Hall’s World of Wonders (Where I filmed my Kizarny promos) & the Jim Rose Circus all over the world (where we opened for Alice In Chains, GodSmack, Guns N Roses & more!)

GW: Did you have any idea what role TNA had planned for you once you was contacted?

SB: Team Canada’s Coach D’Amore brought me into TNA in the early stages of the company. He toke a chance on me & I will never forget that! I was thrown together with Gangrel & Crowbar (two awesome guys that took me under their bat wings!) Gangrel was very kind & protective of me since I was a relative of the Brood… We faced 3 Live Kru in their debut TNA match… The spotlight was aimed on Truth, Konnan & Road Dogg but we beat the crizap outta them & next thing I knew I was recruited into The New Church!

GW: How did you enjoy working with James Mitchell and Slash (Wolfie D.) or would you have rathered be placed single to do your own thing?

SB: I am friends with Mitchell & Wolfie to this day… I love those guys! My wife Stacy, & I got to hold Wolfie’s new born son (newest member of the New Church!) this past summer & I am very proud to be his friend! Wolfie, just like Gangrel really taught me a lot about the rasslin’ biz!

GW: What was the reason for your release with TNA?

SB: Crappy politics?!?! Wasn’t given a straight answer which is typical of the lack of accountability in the biz! Some people in the locker room didn’t like how when the TNA lights turned red---people chanted EVIL EVIL EVIL to the New Church music… I still get goose bumps about that. I miss it & would love to hear it again…

GW: Where did you go after TNA?

SB: I wrestled everywhere I could go… Back to UK & Europe quite a bit… Puerto Rico, across Canada & the States… That’s where I always found myself staring across the ring from some legend who I would study & learn from...And beat the pizoop outta! Ain’t that right Big Poppa Pump! Al Snow! King Kong Bundy! Tracy Smoothers!

GW: Around 2005 or 2006 you went to Memphis to work for Corey Maclin's Memphis Wrestling as Nicholas Doom. What made you decide to come to Memphis?

SB: I was living in Nashville for TNA then moved to Alabama when Tracy Brooks & I broke up so I could rassle all over… Kid Kash got me booked into Memphis where I wrestled with Brian Christopher, Bill Dundee, Visera (King Mable), Koko B. Ware, & Jerry Lawler… That was my favorite territory. Characters & style was fun to me and since we were in the Bible Belt I could scare the Bible thumpers with my eccentric devilish ways---Insert evil laugh HERE!!! PLUS, being in the same locker room with Jamie Dundee is the funniest experience EVER!!! He puts Jimmy Carey & Larry ‘The Cable Guy’ to shame!

GW: Didn't you leave Memphis to go to work for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) ?

SB: Jake The Snake & I were traveling the road together & had meetings with TNA about us working as manager & protégé but after Jake was a special guest ref at a TNA PPV during a Monster’s Ball with Raven & Abyss it just didn’t pan out due to Crizappy Politics… That’s when I got tired of waiting & took up Al Snow’s invite to OVW where I got signed to WWE soon after!

GW: On July 12, 2007 you were signed to a WWE developmental deal who actually approached you with the deal, and how did it come about?

SB: During an OVW promo-day ODB & I both cut heart-felt promos in front of Nova (Simon Dean) who was the hiring guy at WWE at the time… He was moved by our passion (especially since we were the only two starving wrestlers there without contracts). That helped BUT it was Edge believing in me & putting the word in for me to Johnny Ace (John Laurinaitis )that got me the WWE gig!

GW: When you was signed to a developmental deal you was quickly sent to Florida to work for WWE's developmental farm known as Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) . How did you adapt working there?

SB: I enjoyed FCW… I was proud that myself, Shawn Gavin Spears, Tyson Kidd, Manu, Colt Cabana & several others were sort of the Bull Durhams of FCW helping lead the 60-70 other guys we can call the Meats of FCW! Breaking in lovable meat heads like Big Rob Terry & Tyler Reks, Ricky Ortiz etc… I am very proud to know that I had a hand in developing guys like Jack Swagger, Alex Riley, Michael McGillicutty (stupid name btw) & Sheamus! Not to sound trite but it’s fizunny how guys like me & Spears are freelancing while half the new guys on WWE were birthed by us…

GW: How was the talent actually evulated there?

SB: You throw half-cooked spaghetti at the fridge and see what sticks???... Not unlike panhandling for gold in a muddy river…

GW: October 10, 2008 WWE begin shooting vignettes of your character known as Kizarny. Did you actually have full control of your dark and twisted promos or was it scripted what Vince or Michael Hayes wanted you to say?

SB: How I looked was very much me. But that was it. I was asked if I could speak Carny (the esoteric lingo used by old-school rasslers & carnies)… Since I could & since I was a legit circus freak… Uncle Vince saddled me with the silliest (that’s being nice about it) name in rasslin’ history! I belive in Kayfabe which is the rasslin lingo for smoke & mirrors so it was ironic that I was the guy who gave away our secret talk… But whatcha gonna do brother when Uncle Vince says jump you say ‘hizow hizigh???’ NOT MY FAULT!!! LOL

GW: You made your debut with WWE TV on January 7, 2009 but was quickly released on March 9, 2009. What was the reason for your quick release?

SB: I was getting great reviews from the producers, wrestlers & fans & then SEEEEEYAAAA!!! No explanation, just more crizappy politics… I was Vince’s Billion Dollar A.D.D. play toy until I got the Tennessee Back Pat from who f**kin’ knows???...

GW: Where did you go after your WWE release?

SB: I was rasslin’ in Puerto Rico the following weekend and remain to this day wrestling on shows & doing comedy & freak-shows across the planet! I produced my own comedy stunt show called the Dynamite Death Monkiez with fellow former WWE Developemental talent Titan (Worldz Giantest Midget 7ft 395 Pounds) & Blindseed Shawn McGrath R.I.P. (Worldz ONLY blind stuntman) & Tweedle Die (Wolrdz Largest Love Machine 666 pounds)… The DVD also features interviews with my close BFF’s Jake The Snake, Angelina Love, & Adam Copeland ALSO Bonus Match: Sinn vs Awesome Kong (She’s VERY strong!) LOL… Dynamite Death Monkiez DVD available on (Part of the proceeds go to Shawn McGrath’s favorite charities)…

GW: With you working WWE and TNA how are the two different backstage?

SB: WWE is the mega machine but TNA is more of the intimate Rasslin’ company like outta the territory days… WWE has the power BUT TNA has lots of room for creativity if they play their cizards right!!!...

GW: January 29, 2011 you worked what was being billed as Jake "The Snake" Roberts last match. How did that feel to actually be able to work a friend in his retirement match?

SB: I was flattered to be hand-picked by Jake. It should have been a fun day for him but up until we went through the curtain he was too busy selflessly giving me his shoulder to cry on over the recent suiside of Shawn McGrath (Blindseed aka Badseed) just days before. Jake is an awesome guy & I’m very proud to be his friend. We have laughed, cried & fought together. He’s my Unky Jake! Highspots, PWG & Wrestle Reunion where we did the match was great BUT I think Jake deserves to retire his last match at MSG & be inducted into the WWE HOF!!! I would love to induct him even though we would make eachother cry…And/or be farting on each other or at very least Wet Willying each other

GW: Is there one person you haven't worked in the ring that you would like to work before your career is over?

SB: Sadly, that would be Edge… I am sad for him that he can no longer wrestle & we will not get to dance but I know we will both have many more adventures to come! We have grown up together. We have wrestled in training rings but not at a live show. We came close on WWE Smackdown but the match got pulled at the last minute.

GW: You are also a writer, artist, and publisher of a comic book?

SB: I wrote & illustrated ‘Fred The Possessed Flower’ a comedy graphic novel about an evil flower that is in charge of the corporate marketing for both Heaven & Hell (Gangrel & Edge are big fans)! Fred paid my way through rasslin’ school & my early road trips learning the biz… With my baby brother Stevan, we co-wrote the novel ‘Between Chapters’ which is one of my proudest accomplishments. Both ‘Fred The Possessed Flower’ & ‘Bewteen Chapters’ are available on my website

GW: You have also done some film work as well?

SB: I did stunts & acted in the campy horror comedy ‘Enter The Zombie King’ directed by Stacy Case… That was a crazy experience where I was able to play fight with one of my close pals Elvis Elliott aka Helvis my former tag partner… I just filmed my first dramatic roll in a short film in Los Angeles this past week called ‘Good Grief’ Directed by Mike Mo which was a terrific & frightening experience & I can’t wait for more!!!

GW: Edge being a childhood friend of yours what was your thoughts on his promo on 4/11 from Monday Night Raw where he announced his retirement?

SB: I think it sucks. BUT he is super talented & will always be a pillar in wrestling & entertainment! He is strong & will succeed at whatever he wants to do next in or out of the wrestling biz! Him & Christian are my non-DNA brothers & I love them both… You too Unky Jake!!! I would take a bullet for all three of them… Then I’d spit that bullet at the tax collectors!

GW: For those unaware you married the former Stacy Carter (who worked in WWE as The Kat) back on June 12, 2010. How did the both of you meet?

SB: We met at Mega Con in Orlando, FL a giant comic book convention… We were both signing guests & from the moment we locked eyes everyone else just disappeared! It was bizarre because both of our Ex’s were also signing guests. But like I said, EVERYONE, just seemed to disappear as I got picked up by the coolest, hottest, funniest, smartest, sweetest girl on the plizanet!

GW: Is there any "heat" or tension between you and Jerry Lawler concerning you and Stacy?

SB: As far as I know we are cool but Stacy & I were swamped with Facebook & Twitter messages about her being Michael Cole’s surprise blast from Jerry’s past on RAW. Vince likes REAL and we are REAL… Fans aren’t stupid and they can all relate to dealing with an evil Ex! I wrestled with Jerry & Jimmy Hart in Memphis & I would be happy to kick his ass again!

GW: There was a rumor going around that you and Stacy have had talks with TNA about coming in could you shed some light on that?

SB: You never know until it happens!... Hulkster took a liking to me when I was doing a wrestling scene for him & Bischoff in their A&E special Finding Hulk Hogan… I told me he wanted me in TNA… But he got mad when I dared to call him on it & we had a nerdy Twitter war… Knobbs was the Mrs Doubtfire in this situation and defused us if you can believe that LOL Knobbs is a great funny guy that threw my Bachlor Party with Shawn Spears so we have a reeeeeally weird bond hahahahaha what is wrong with my life???????? To this day I am saying my prayers & eating my vitamins so we’ll see what happens???...

GW: What advise would you give any inspiring person wanting to break into the wrestling business?

SB: Go to a reputable Wrestling School… Don’t get suckered by some Jbrone with a Wrestling Ring offering bargain prices! If you didn’t see them on TV Don’t go to their school… Good schools: Dudely’s #D Academy in Kissimmee FL, Lance Storm in Calgary Alberta Canada, Coach D’Amore’s school in Windsor Ontario, Nastyville in Largo FL, etc… Hopefully you’ll wind up in FCW…

GW: Do you have any regrets in your career?

SB: Not telling Uncle Vince Kizarny coulda been done a million times differently & better! But I was trying to be a good employee & do what I was told instead of what was in my heart. I’m a big boy, I’ll make my bed & sleep in it.

GW: What are likes about the business?

SB: Traveling the world… Meeting fans! Entertaining fans! Any wrestler that is too busy to sign an autograph is an idiot & a dizouche!!!

GW: What are dislikes about the business?

SB: Crizappy politics!!! Knives are stuck in people’s backs all the time from the shadows. Fans never really get to see which of their heroes are actually gutless snakes & which guys truly love wrestling & entertaining the fans!

GW: Who has inspired you in your career?

SB: Jake the Snake, Edge, Christian, Dr. Tom Prichard, Al Snow, Ricky Steamboat, Macho Man Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes, Undertaker… etc…

GW: What are your future plans?

SB: I’m currently wrestling for great shows like the bizarre Chikara Pro with awesome new talent like UltraMantis Black, Claudio Castinolli, Delerious, Quackenbush etc! & KnokX Pro Territory League which is innovative & challenging with great stars like Gangrel, Rikishi, Snitsky & Scotty 2 Hotty! I’ll be wrestling at Cauliflower Alley show against Raven next week in Las Vegas. I’m also producing my Full-Contact Comedy stage shows in L.A. & Las Vegas with George The Giant (World’s Tallest Sword Swallower as seen on America’s Got Talent & Guiness Book of World Records)… This Thurs April 28th in Las Vegas I am producing Freak Show Wrestling featuring the best sideshow, circus, magicians, comedians, burlesque & wrestling!(Sinn Bodhi vs The Invisible Man, Satan vs Jesus, Donkey Show & MORE!!!)

GW: Any closing words?

SB: Stizay Tizuned my Sinnamon Muffinz for what Sinn Bodhi The Warlord of Weird will do next!!!... If you wanna see me at either WWE or TNA then either bug Uncle Vince or Unky Hulk & Eric!!! Nighty nite, dizouches!!!

George Wren is a former Pro Wrestling Photographer/Associate Editor for New Wave Wrestling, Toxxic, and Wrestling World Publications. He has sent in past interviews to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer, and has even sent in correspondent reports as well.

Photo Credit: Sinn Bodhi collection

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