All the details on this weekend's WON/F4W Vegas Convention

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The main get together is a buffet dinner in a private banquet room on Friday 5/27 at 6pm.

It's an all you can eat buffet with three entrees, salad, veggies and dessert. Cost is $55 per person including taxes and tip. The last day to register and pay is tomorrow 5/24 at 8pm eastern. If interested or you need more details reply to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . There is a free after dinner gathering at the same location as the banquet but it's in a seperate suite.

Other activies include:

Just like last year, in the interest of providing a one-stop-shop for information on the 5th annual F4W Convention, here is a thread to do so. Reply with anything you think should be included.

Q: When is the convention?

A: Memorial Day long weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q: What is the convention?

A: Five years ago, Ed In San Antonio invited Bryan "Chico" Alvarez and others to come with him to Vegas. A good time was had by all, to the point where subsequent annual trips were planned, generally coinciding with the UFC show on Memorial Day weekend. The first year had 5 people. Last year had around 50.

Q: How is it a convention?

A: People from the website CONVENE in Las Vegas, at which point any number of things occur. There's gambling, pool parties, strippers, buffets, general revelry and the annual UFC show at the MGM Grand.

Q: How many people are coming this year?

A: At least 60, including representatives from the United Kingdom, France, Australia, at least three Canadian provinces and MANY of the continental United States.

Q: What's happening this weekend?

A: Many things.

In general, people arrive on Thursday. Some will arrive earlier, though.


-7 or 7:30pm: Dinner at Samba's (Mirage)

-9pm: Several people are going to LOVE (Mirage)

-10:30pm: Gathering at Oliver Copp's suite (MGM Signature)


-11am: Pool party hosted by Bryan's wife (Luxor)

-1pm: Doors open for Fight Club Q&A (MGM Grand Garden Arena)

-1pm or so: Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (Caesar's Palace)

-2pm: Phil Davis Q&A (MGM Grand Garden Arena)

-3pm: Doors open for weigh-ins (MGM Grand Garden Arena)

-4pm: Weigh-ins (MGM Grand Garden Arena)

-5pm: Pre-dinner hospitality suite opens (Embassy Suites)

-6pm: Dinner! (Embassy Suites)

-9pm: After-dinner gathering (Embassy Suites)

-Later: Likely drinking elsewhere on the Strip


-11:30am: Some people are meeting at the sports bar in New York New York to watch the Champions League final

-2pm (presumed): UFC 130 doors open (MGM Grand Garden Arena)

-3:30pm: UFC 130 prelims begin (MGM Grand Garden Arena)

-5pm: UFC 130 Spike prelims begin (MGM Grand Garden Arena)

-6pm: UFC 130 PPV card begins (MGM Grand Garden Arena)

-9pm: Post-UFC party (Dick's Last Resort, Excalibur)


-12:05pm: Las Vegas 51s AAA Baseball! (Cashman Field, just north of Freemont Street)

-12 or 1pm (or so): Some people are going for lunch at Chen Chen (New York New York)

-Afternoon: Rfred and his pals are getting a cabana at a pool somewhere (he'll have details)

-8pm: Mr & Mrs Peach Machine's wedding reception (Venetian)

-Later: Likely the traditional trip to Freemont Street


-Nothing concrete planned quite yet.


-Trip to see The Hangover 2

-Trip to the strip club

-Trip to Mike Sawyer's store

-Trip to the Gun Store

-Many breakfast buffets

-Pre-UFC buffet

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