TUES UPDATE: Lots of Raw notes, Averno speaks, backstage flip-out, Jim Ross, Riley stats, continuity

By Bryan Alvarez

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We're also looking for feedback to the Dragon Gate USA PPV.

TNA tapes tonight in Orlando.

We're also looking for reports on the Friday & Saturday night PWG shows from Reseda, CA, as well as Saturday night's Raw show in Sioux City, Saturday night's Smackdown in Madison, WI, and yesterday's Raw in Sioux Falls and Smackdown in LaCrosse, WI.

Smackdown and NXT are taped tonight in Des Monies. Randy Orton vs. Christian is being advertised for Des Moines. Impact's go-home show for Slammiversary will be taped in Orlando.

The life and times of one of the biggest stars in pro wrestling history, Randy Savage, is the focus of the new double-issue of the Observer. This is one of the biggest bios we've ever done, with comments from many of the biggest stars in history, looking at Savage from his days as a child playing baseball, through his years as a skinny enhancement guy, to becoming the most talented wrestler on the outlaw circuit, and how he became one of the most recognizable names in pro wrestling history.

The issue also has complete coverage of another of the year's biggest news stories, the sale of Ring of Honor, with details, future direction and thoughts on where the company is going. We also have full coverage of the Over the Limit PPV, the Chael Sonnen suspension hearing, and the story of a fighter who battled through and back to overcome one of the worst hands possible being dealt in a look at Bellator's Bryan Baker.

The issue is up on the site right now. A new back issue from early 1994 was put up earlier in the week and another will be up in a few days. Between the Observer and Figure Four Weekly, we have about 14 issues put up every month and dozens of new audio shows for web site subscribers including coverage after the shows of every major pro wrestling and MMA event.

You can also order print copies of the Observer with details below.

We look at the death of Savage, the media response, his career title record and major awards, the poem by Jay Lethal who imitated him, comments from a number of the biggest stars in wrestling, as well as a look back at his most famous storylines, how they happened, and even more important, how much luck was involved because all of them could very well have not happened.

We go back to the famous WrestleManias, the first SummerSlam, Saturday Night's Main Event against Bret Hart, the uniting and breakup of The Megapowers. We look back at his matches with Hogan and his feud with Ricky Steamboat, as well as his retirement match with Ultimate Warrior, his talks with WCW, why his relationship with Hulk Hogan has been so rocky, as well as a look back at the life and times of Elizabeth.

Ricky Steamboat looks back at his most famous match and his thoughts about it 24 years later, as well as his WCW days, Dusty Rhodes talks about his baseball days as well as his final match in TNA when Rhodes was booking.

We look at his childhood love for baseball, growing up in a wrestling household, baseball in high school and the minor leagues, how pro wrestling played a part in his original tryout, notes from baseball teammates, his second wife, his beginnings in pro wrestling while still playing baseball.

Bret Hart talks about Savage's departure from WWF in the 90s, how Savage got into WWF in the first place and McMahon and Howard Finkel calling people for background on him and Elizabeth, as well as the portrayal of Elizabeth and how it was not the original direction for her. We also look at how the popularity of female valets got started, Savage's first Madison Square Garden match and the story behind that. We look at the problems with Savage and Elizabeth, her life between wrestling gigs and Savage and Elizabeth in WCW.

We look at how Elizabeth got in WCW, what she did after WCW and her slow downfall leading to her demise.

We also look at his formative years in the business, where he got the name Randy Savage as well as the Macho Man name, and working himself up the ranks in smaller promotions. We look at his run in Georgia, Tennessee and in Canada as well as a look back at International Championship Wrestling, one of the most talked about outlaw promotions in history.

We look at Savage as ICW champion, what they would do on television, the threats of violence, grandstand angles, his near altercations and real altercations. We look at his feud in the ring with his brother, his lawsuit against the establishment promotions and why it fell apart. We also look at the angle for Savage in Mid South Wrestling with someone who went on to become one of the biggest stars in the business, and why it stared but never played out.

We also look at how the biggest enemy of the Jarrett promotions for more than a year became one of their biggest stars. We look back at the program with Jerry Lawler, his face turn against Rick Rude, his heel turn, what all-time legend he was planning to drop the ICW title to when that star no-showed a major event.

We look at how Savage first got the call to join WWF and how he did business on the way out.

We also look at his professionalism and other wrestlers talk about the respect they had for him, as well as his erratic behavior. We look at how he made Diamond Dallas Page, the Team Madness era, what happened in WCW and his post-WrestleMania feud with Hulk Hogan. We also look at his time as a recluse, and what death led to two of today's biggest names seeing him one last time. We also look at his talks that led to his appearing on video doing a promo last summer.

For Ring of Honor, we look at who Sinclair Broadcasting is, how the deal to purchase ROH came about, a background of how ROH was originally formed and the changes it has gone through. We also look at ROH changes, and historically how television has or hasn't helped the group. We look back at what weekend led to the formation of the promotion, as well as a background of who is in charge. We look at the early plans for the first television, sage of blood, how the tapings will be done, expected time slots and a station listing, as well as iPPV plans, and what happened over the weekend that is already of concern.

We've got full coverage of WWE's Over the Limit, including poll results and star ratings.

We also have a feature on a new clause that has been added to every WWE contract, and what it means. We look at how WWE and UFC both cover their fighters and similarities and differences. Chris Jericho talks future plans for the next year, WWE marriage falls apart, advertising for a HHH return, Capitol Combat thoughts and what got a WWE Hall of Famer pulled from shows this past week.

We look at the WrestleMania DVD business, Fast Five Business, a look back at the XFL including one really crazy story, developmental notes, Tough Enough notes as it comes to the finals, plus a look at the WWE weekend house show.

We've also got a rundown of the Chael Sonnen hearing, his ability to apply for a license and what happens next, what plans have changed a response from Michael Bisping. We look at comments made by commissioners and his use of testosterone therapy.

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-- For whatever it's worth, Averno claims he has talked with WWE but never did a tryout match for them and never signed a contract. He said he'll prove it by beating La Mascara for his match at the CMLL Jucio Final show in mid-June. Thanks to thecubsfan.com. We'll have Dr. Lucha on Figure Four Daily to talk all about this tomorrow, and also why he passionately hated Cirque de Soleil "O".

-- As one would expect, Vince and Kevin Dunn had a big freakout last night in the first 15 minutes of Raw when the show was experiencing technical difficulties.

-- As noted on Observer Radio last night, the only time Alex Riley ever appeared on Smackdown after being drafted from Raw was on April 29th when, in the opening segment, he walked to the ring and was immediately RKO'd by Randy Orton. That was his first and last appearance on the show.

-- Jim Ross has gotten a lot of heat from fans online over the comments he allegedly made to Kharma when she was trying out for TUF season 2 (the original TUF). He tweeted the following this afternoon: Thnx to those that understand the @Kharma issue. I met her 4 1st time 3 yrs ago @ CAC w/ Steve Austin & we both endorsed her to WWE. That's true, by the way, and she thanked him for it at Cauliflower Alley this year. He'll probably write more about it this afternoon on his blog.

-- After Raw went off the air the GM dinged and said the R-Truth wouldn't get his title shot at the Capital Punishment PPV unless he apologized next week for throwing pop all over the planted fan after the TV main event. Not in those exact words. We've got the video up on the front page right now.

-- More Raw notes from Stevie J of angrymarks.com, who was in Omaha (and also the F4W/WON Convention this weekend). Dark match was Drew McIntyre beating Chris Masters. For Superstars, Gail beat Melina and Otunga & McGillicutty beat Koslov & Santino when Koslov was double-teamed and pinned. After the GM announcement they did a dark match with Cena versus the guy who was never getting a shot at him again, the Miz, who got pinned in under 90 seconds with the Attitude Adjustment. Cena did a few encores as well.

-- Jayson writes: I wanted to pass along this note, which puts on absolute exclamation point on the lack of continuity in today’s professional wrestling scene. Two nights ago, a rerun from the final season of ‘Cheers’ was on TV. In the episode, the man who owned the bar prior to Sam Malone stopped by and for one night was put in charge of the bar for old times’ sake. This character’s name was ‘Gus.’ The episode originally aired on Feb. 25, 1993. Last night, on a different channel, I happened to catch a rerun from the second season of Cheers. An angry customer walks into the bar wanting to speak to the owner, Gus, who obviously no longer owns the bar. That episode originally aired on Oct. 7, 1982. Why is this significant? As a big fan of Cheers, I don’t recall any other episodes in which this ‘Gus’ was ever referenced. That means that in 1993, the writing crew, despite over a decade having passed, had to have taken the time to research whether or a not an owner other than Sam had ever been referenced in any previous episode, and made sure to use the same name for this seemingly insignificant character. That is a continuity check spanning 11 years-worth of television. Yet in WWE, we have Alex Riley being re-signed to RAW despite having been drafted to Smackdown only weeks earlier.

-- The post PPV Raw in Buffalo is advertising a main event dark match of Cena vs. the guy who was never getting another chance at the title again, Miz, in a title match.

-- This Friday's DGUSA "Fearless 2011" event and Sunday's "Enter The Dragon 2011: Second Anniversary Celebration" will be broadcast on live iPPV at www.WWNLive.com at 8pm EST. You can go pre-order now. Anyone can join the WWNLive.com Affiliate Program and make a 20% commission by promoting the events on their Twitter, Facebook, blog, website, any means you have online. There is no risk. Go to www.WWNLive.com for all the info. We'll have full line-ups for the shows later this weekend.

-- Foodbeast pays tribute to Macho Man here.

-- Extreme Rules 2011 is now available on iTunes and Zune.

-- Dallas Page on Raw Radio here.

-- The latest on Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson and their rocky relationship is up here.

-- Tomorrow's Juggalo Championship Wrestling PPV, titled Bring in the Clowns, has been postponed.

-- Impact Wrestling this week did a 1.19 rating and 1.7 million viewers. The 10:15 quarter with Bischoff, Hogan, Foley and the X-Division all talking did a 1.5 quarter, which is great, but then immediately fell to a 1.2 for Winter vs. Mickie James and stayed there for the rest of the show. What that probably means is more talking in the future.

-- Brad Tavares vs. Aaron Simpson is official for UFC 132 over the July 4th weekend in Vegas. Tavares replaces Mayhem Miller, who is the new coach for TUF 14 opposite Michael Bisping.

-- DREAM 17 on July 16th has added Gegard Mousasi vs. Hiroshi Izumi for the light heavyweight title and Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Kazuyuki Miyata for the featherweight title.

-- Kurt Pellegrino announced he is taking a hiatus as a fighter and may be retiring.

-- Poll on Smackdown
Excellent 12.5%
Good 44.8%
Average 29.2%
Fair 4.2%
Poor 9.4%
41.8% of those responding didn't see the show

What is June's biggest show?
UFC 131 Carwin vs. Dos Santos 39.3%
Strikeforce heavyweight tournament 26.3%
WWE Capitol Combat 10.5%
ROH Best in the World 9.5%
TNA Slammiversary 7.8%
UFC Ultimate Fighter finals 6.0%
UFC Fight Night on Versus 0.8%

Best ever on Interviews final playoff
Ric Flair 64.7%
Bobby Heenan 35.3%

-- Robbie E has a seminar June 29 in Elmwood Park, NJ at 1 Legion Place in Elmwood Park, NJ from 6:30 to 10 pm. The cost is $30. You must fill out the form here to register for the class and someone will contact you with further information.

-- Locked in the Cage promotions is set to kick off its brand new Thursday night summer fight series on Thursday, June 2 from the legendary Asylum Arena (formerly known as the ECW Arena) located at 7 West Ritner Street in South Philadelphia. Featured on the show will be a double main event featuring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Daniel Tavares vs. Joshua Key and Daddis Fight Camps bantamweight and the pride of South Philadelphia Jeff Cressman as he takes on Westwood Donnally.

-- Main Event Wrestling presents The California Cup Friday July 15th Fresno Fairgrounds, Gem and Mineral Building, 1121 S. Chance Ave., Fresno, CA 93702. Belltime: 7:30pm Doors Open: 7pm. All Tickets Just $15. Available at the door.

-- Power Trip Wrestling present 'Take Your Best Shot', Saturday 11th June 2011, Brough Park Leisure Centre, Ball Haye Road, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 6AT. Doors open 6.30pm, show starts 7.00pm

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