Ultimate Fighter finals feedback

Thumbs way up. Mostly outstanding card from the first prelim on. Maybe best card of the year to date.
Best fight: Everything but Shamar vs. Ryan,  I'll go with the first prelim, Duran vs. Rivera
Worst fight: Shamar vs. Ryan
KO: Again several candidates but I'll go with Roop for the Solar Plexus Punch
Sub: Duran
Like I said, Duran and Rivera kicked it off on a very high level with great back and forth action utilizing all techniques. Duran had the bigger gas tank and seized the moment going from the RNC to the Gable Grip for the sub.
Stone was not ready for Jorgensen and may never be but showed good skills before getting wasted. He just seems like a physically weak guy.
Justin and Clay deserved an A for effort but a D for conditioning. I thought Edwards stole the 3rd and the fight.
Shamar once again was one dimensional and seemed like he was avoiding trying to finish despit ample opportunities. He really needs to change things up. Only bad fight on the card.
Grispi jumped back in way too tough after the beating from Poirier and Roop handed him another one. Career best for Roop. Grispi looking like another one trick pony, and another physically weak guy.
Downes was nowhere NEAR being ready for Stephens and I had it 30-25 and the judge who gave all 10-9s should be disbarred, but you have to like Downes' heart and resilience.
All in all, may have been the best free prelim show ever.
On the main card, Chris just had Chuck totally confused. Good performance by Chris, and Chuck needs to find some new trainers. He doesn't adjust.
I missed the 2nd in Kyle vs. Fabio, but I thought Maldonado won the 1st and 3rd. But hey, he's got an unimpressive look and doesn't speak English, so whaddaya expect. Very good fight from what I saw with Kyle having all the physical advantages and Fabio having far greater skills. How they were in the same weight division is a joke. Fabio could make 185 or maybe even 170, and Kyle is a good sized heavyweight who can cut to 205.
Herman just poleaxed Credeur. What can you say.
Guida was just a little too strong and busy for Pettis, although Pettis made the fight interesting with his consistent attempts to strike and sub from the bottom. while Guida seemd to have slipped back to his no-finish leghumping (but give Pettis some credit for that). Guida deserved the decision but not 30-27. This problem of not scoring work done from the bottom needs to be addressed.
Had to be impressed with Tony in the TUF final. He negated Ramsey's wrestling and boxed rings around him, and the KO was clean one punch. He has some of the better boxing in MMA even at this stage of his career. Ramsey has punching power along with ground skill and could have an upside if he sharpens up his striking.
Great card. 
Crimsn Mask

I give UFC Ultimate Finale 13 a thumbs up.
Best match:  Guida vs Pettis.  Good fight. I thought Pettis was going to win and I would have liked him to because I always wanted to see him fight for the title again.  Guida winning doesn't really lead anywhere except to another fight which is fine depending on who it's against.  The main even was what it was, a decent fight and win for Fuguson.  I thought that Maldonado beat Kingsbury (29-28) and I also thought that Justin Edwards should have gotten the win over Harvison (29-28).  Daran vs. Fabrico was a good fight.  Jorgenson's KO was sick but Roop's body punch was to finish Grispi was pretty cool too.

Jason McNeil


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