WWE House show results 6-17 Lowell MA by Joe Gagne

There looked to be about 3,000 in the Tsongas Arena (the same building where Samoa Joe beat Kurt Angle at Lockdown 2008).

1. Evan Bourne vs. Seamus: I arrived in the middle of the match. Bourne went over with the shooting star press. Crowd popped huge for the finish.

Kelly Kelly came out as the hostess of the evening. She was interrupted by the Bellas, who were then interrupted by Beth Phoenix. The GM dinged in and we got the next match

2. Beth vs. Nikki (I believe): The Bellas tried a switch, but Kelly interfered to stop it. Beth hit Nikki with the Glam Slam for the win.

3. Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson (I-C title): Crowd wasn't so much into it. Jackson only did 2 bodyslams for his comeback. Barrett escaped the torture rack and got the win with a roll-up using the ropes.

4. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan: Christian got cheered coming out, but was booed as soon as he grabbed a mic. He took credit for Orton not being there due to a concussion. He and Bryan had a great little 15 minute match. Lots of back and forth until Christian got the win with the Killswithch. Best match of the night.

5. Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara: The brought out Cara's trampoline as Rhodes was cutting a promo. Good match. Cara did not do a lot of high flying but what he did looked crisp. Crowd was into him. He went over with the springboard crossbody. Cara then took forever to go to the back, slapping hands with a ton of people.

There was a dance contest between fans to see who would go backstage. Apparently one of the entrants was Kofi Kingston's brother. A little kid won.


6. Otunga and Miguilitcutty vs. Santino and Koslov (tag titles): Not much of a match. Mason Ryan kicked Koslov from behind and Miguilicutty got the win with a neckbreaker.

7. Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler: OK match, crowd wasn't all that into it. Riley won with an implant DDT.

R-Truth comes out for the main event and does some mic work, then Punk joins him and notes that while the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, they beat a Canadian team, which is like defeating a toddler, and if it had been the Blackhawks, it would have been a sweep. Alberto made his entrance, but Big Show snuck up behind him and attacked him, chasing him to the back. That left us with:

8. Punk and Truth vs. Kofi Kinston and Cena: Crowd went ballistic for Cena. Real good main event tag, Cena goes over Punk with the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Show went about 2 and a half hours and had some real good wrestling.

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