WWE Izod Center house show report Sat. June 18th

From Mike Omansky

Estimated crowd: approx. 8,000

Very good show.

1. EVAN BOURNE W SHEAMUS, pin, with 2 kicks to the head and the Air Bourne. Good opener. Sheamus dominated until the end. **

Kelly Kelly was introduced as Guest Host. Bellas came out; threatened her. Beth Phoenix ran out to chase out the Bellas. The RAW GM chimed in…if the divas want to fight, let’s do it now.

2. BETH PHOENIX W BRIE BELLA, pin, in a non-title match. Finish: Bellas tried to switch when ref distracted; Kelly Kelluy stopped the switch. *

3. WADE BARRETT W EZEKIAL JACKSON, pin, while holding the ropes, to retain IC title. Decent match. Finish: Jackson gives Barrett 5 consecutive body slams. He then charges him in the corner; Barrett ducks. Jackson hits corner, and Barrett wins with a school boy. * 1/2

n CHRISTIAN is introduced. He advises that Randy Orton can’t wrestle tonight due to the concussion, but the scheduled title match will take place tomorrow (Orton vs. Christian had been advertised for this show).

4. CHRISTIAN W DANIEL BRIAN, kill switch and pin. Good wrestling match. Fans weren’t totally into it, as Christian wasn’t that hated; and fans not greatly behind Brian. **

5. BIG SHOW W ALBERTO DEL RIO, choke slam and pin. SHOW came out and attacked Del Rio; Del Rio mostly on defense. Fans into the match. * ½

6. SIN CARA W CODY RHODES, pin, roll up, after a series of flying moves. **

7. DAVID OTUNGA & MICHAEL McGILLICUTTY (with MASON RYAN) W VLADAMIR KOSLOV & SANTINO MARELLA to retain tag titles. Finish: Ryan hits Koslov from behind while others are outside of the ring; McGillicutty hits with a neckbreaker and pin. Some comedy from Santino along the way. *

8. KOFI KINGSTON W DOLPH ZIGGLER, kick to the head and pin, to retain the U.S. title. Excellent series of false finishes; very well done. **

The main event was supposed to be a fatal 4 way for the WWE title. Miz was introduced first, and did about 5 mminutes on the michrophone. He started on how he should be champion; will win the belt tonight. He then chastised fans for being behind Alex Riley; how bad Riley really is; and how he had to fire him. Riley ran out, attacked, and destroyed.

The announcer then said that it was now a triple-threat match for the title.

9. JOHN CENA W over CM PUNK and R TRUTH in a triple threat match, to retain the WWE title.

Finish: Punk rams Truth into the steps outside of the ring; brings in Cena’s title belt. Punk swings and misses; Punk hits with the Attitude Adjustment and pin. Good match prior – Truth avoided contact for the first 5 minutes; finally Punk and Cena pulled him into the ring and double teamed him; Punk then of course turned on Cena. **

Next date in the NY area: White Plains, Sunday July 24th. Announced that Bret Hart would make an appearance.

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