WWE Capitol Punishment live coverage

by Todd Martin

The show began with a video package featuring R. Truth complaining of conspiracy.

US Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Kingston started off fast with a back elbow, high dropkick and monkey flip. However, he missed trouble in paradise and Ziggler took over with a famouser and nice dropkick of his own. Kingston slowed down the pace of the match working over Kingston's arm and applying a sleeper.

Kingston made his comeback with chops and a frog crossbody to the back of Ziggler. He hit the boom drop but missed trouble in paradise. Kingston followed with the S.O.S. for a near fall. Ziggler and Kingston exchanged rollups with Ziggler grabbing the tights. Kingston hit a spectacular frog crossbody off the top for two. Ziggler caught Kingston in a sleeper but Kingston sent him into the turnbuckle to escape. Kingston missed trouble in paradise a third time but Kingston avoided a zig zag attempt by Ziggler.

Vickie Guerrero raked the face of Kingston, allowing Ziggler to apply a rear naked choke. Kingston was getting close to the ropes but Ziggler pushed off the ropes with his leg to move Kingston back to the center and the referee stopped the match. Ziggler wins the title. This was a good opener. The announcers speculated as to whether the pushoff was a legal tactic.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler 

R. Truth arrived at the building carrying John Cena's WWE title. He ran into Eve Torres, who said she doesn't know who Truth is any more. Truth agreed she doesn't know him. It sounded like Truth was getting a lot of cheers from the live crowd, along with some boos. 

Elsewhere, Miz said Alex Riley was only good for carrying his briefcase while Miz was winning matches and titles. 

Miz vs. Alex Riley

Miz was badmouthing Riley before the match and Riley attacked with punches and kicks. Miz ran away at first but turned the tables with punches, kicks and knees of his own. Miz hit a DDT for two. Miz kept taunting Riley until Riley caught him with a wild punch. However, Miz quickly regained control with a sleeper.

Miz hit a scorpion death drop for two. He followed with a running clothesline and double ax handle off the top ala Randy Savage. He tied Riley to the tree of woe but missed a baseball slide to the head. Riley used a spear, punches to the head and spine buster. He beat up Miz around ringside and threw down Michael Cole. Miz tried to bring the briefcase into the ring but the referee stopped him and Riley hit an implant DDT for the win. This match was a little better than expected.

Winner: Alex Riley 

Sgt. Slaughter greeted a Barack Obama impersonator to the building. Vickie Guerrero came in and sang "happy father's day" ala Marilyn Monroe/John F. Kennedy before being carried off. 

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

Show attacked Del Rio from behind as Del Rio was making his entrance. Mark Henry then attacked Show from behind at ringside and slammed Show through the announce table. That was a really impressive visual. The announcers sold that nobody has ever moved around Show like that, although Show's last program featured Ezekiel Jackson slamming him repeatedly. Henry then dropped Show's knee on the remains of the table. Show slowly got into the ring selling his leg.

Show was able to use some chops and went for the choke slam but Del Rio avoided it and used a chop block. He repeatedly kicked Show in the head and covered for two before Show threw him off. Show hit the choke slam but Del Rio rolled to the outside. Del Rio leaped off the top but was caught by the throat. Del Rio avoided the choke slam and went after Show's arm. Show got out of that by throwing Del Rio over his head.

Del Rio kicked out Show's leg and applied a kind of funny looking kneebar. Show tried to get up but had trouble standing and the referee stopped the match. Kind of a different finish, although it would have been more effective to just have the ref stop it with a submission hold locked in.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage, R. Truth threatened a cameraman.

Intercontinental Title: Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Barrett came to the ring ripping the US. He said we need a king or queen. Little does he know. 
He made fun of US debt, even though UK has greater debt relative to GDP.

Barrett used some punches and kicks on Jackson. Barrett hit a cool looking black hole slam and applied a chinlock. An easily audible group of fans began chanting "we want Ryder." Don't hold your breath. Barrett hit a pump handle slam for two. Barrett missed a kick to the head and Jackson made his comeback.

Jackson hit a series of clotheslines and a corner avalanche. Jackson went for a body slam but Barrett got out of trouble and hit wasteland. Jackson kicked out at two. Jackson then hit four body slams and applied the torture rack for the submission. This was much better than it had any right to be. Barrett deserves a ton of credit for easily one of Jackson's best singles matches ever. Jackson is the new IC champ.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

After the match, Jerry Lawler asked Jackson how he felt. Jackson was happy.

Santino backstage tried to teach the Obama impersonator the cobra but when he turned it towards Obama he was tackled by "secret security." This was pretty darn amusing.

Elsewhere, CM Punk noted Washington, DC is the birthplace of straight edge but now is mostly known for political scandal. Punk said unlike politicians, he is honest. He vowed to do the most honest thing WWE has ever seen after beating Rey Mysterio. Oh my God, he's going to deconstruct those "Did you know" graphics.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Punk has a lot of supporters in the crowd, although Rey does too. Punk went after Rey's arm early. Rey tried to set up a 619 but Punk got out of the way. Rey knocked Punk to the outside and dove off the apron onto Punk. Punk caught Rey and dropped him onto the barricade.

Punk applied a leg scissors on Rey, which neither Jerry Lawler nor Booker T seemed able to identify. Somebody must have said something in the headset, because a bit later they identified it and Michael Cole made fun of the other two. Punk then applied an extended abdominal stretch. Rey went to the top but Punk knocked him off.

Rey made his comeback with an Asai moonsault and diving headbutt off the top (to Punk in a standing position). Rey used a springboard crossbody but Punk rolled through for two. Rey hit a kick to the head for a two of his own. Punk hit a back suplex off the top but only got a two. Punk accidentally ran into the post and Rey hit the 619. Punk fell to the outside and Rey had to roll him back into the ring. Rey then went for a top rope splash but Punk got up his knees and covered for two.

Punk hit some knees from a Thai plum and went for the go 2 sleep but Rey countered with a huracanrana for a very close two. Punk hit a kick to the head but Rey got out of the pin attempt. Punk went for the go 2 sleep again but Rey countered again. Rey set up for the 619 but Punk stopped him and hit the go 2 sleep for the win. The crowd reacted big to the finish. This was a really good match and the best of the show thus far.

Winner: CM Punk 

World Title: Randy Orton vs. Christian

Christian shoved Orton at the start and Orton attacked him with punches. Orton used a Thesz press and followed with more punches. Orton avoided a missile dropkick and pescado. Christian, however, sent Orton into the ring steps. Christian stood on Orton's neck and hit a neck breaker.

Orton came back with a back drop and repeated punches to the chest. Orton hit clotheslines and his quick powerslam. He followed with a belly to belly which got a two count. Christian avoided the draping DDT and hit a few head butts. Orton hit a superplex but sold the back of his head after the move. Orton used a gut wrench into a high neck breaker. He then hit his draping DDT and set up for the RKO.

Christian got out of the RKO and did Edge's old set up for a spear. Orton avoided the spear but Orton leapfrogged out. Orton went for the RKO but Christian escaped and hit the spear for two. Christian came off the top but didn't hit a move and Orton hit the RKO for the pin. Christian's foot was under the ropes. Christian complained to the referee after the match. Orton then laid him out with the title belt. This was another good match, although not as good as Rey/Punk.

Winner: Randy Orton 

The Bellas came out to plug a beer company.

Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

Some fans began chanting "we want Ryder" again. Maybe he'll issue an impromptu challenge to Cena after the main event. Ryder claims via Twitter not to be at the show, but that could be a swerve to set up the big surprise at the end. Bourne hit a dropkick but was countered with a pair of stomach breakers and a forward slam. They cut to plug the beer company in the middle of the match. Bourne came back with kicks and got his feet up when Swagger went for the Vader bomb.

Bourne dove off the top into a tornado DDT, which looked great. Swagger kicked out at two. Bourne hit a pair of kicks to the head but Swagger rolled out of the shooting star press attempt. Bourne landed on his feet. Swagger went for the ankle lock but Bourne countered into a rollup for the win. This was a pretty good little match.

Winner: Evan Bourne

The Obama impersonator came out in front of the crowd and did a terrible, unfunny monologue. Booker T then challenged him to do a spin-a-roonie. The Obama impersonator kind of did one. This was the clear lowlight of the show.

WWE Title: John Cena vs. R. Truth

Truth went to work on Cena with punches and kicks. The crowd began with the typical dueling chants at Cena. Truth used a leg drop and twisting forearm. Truth kept punching Cena repeatedly. The early part of the match has been really slow and dull. When Truth hit a clothesline, Jerry Lawler noted they probably should change the name of the move since kids today have never seen a clothesline. That's actually a hell of a point.

Truth went for another leg drop and this time he missed. Cena hit shoulderblocks, the Cena slam and the five knuckle shuffle. he went for the FU but Truth got out and hit a stunner for two. Cena caught Truth in the STF but Truth got to the ropes. Truth used the ax kick but Cena kicked out at two.  Truth came off the top with a crossbody but Cena rolled through.

Truth grabbed the cap and drink from a planted kid at ringside, but when he took a sip and handed the drink back, the kid threw the drink in his face. Cena then threw Truth back in the ring and hit the FU for the win. This match was a big disappointment. The show was good overall but went downhill at the end.

Winner: John Cena 

No Zack Ryder run in at the end. Maybe next month. 

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