June 30 Observer Radio: Luke Robinson of Tough Enough talks backstage at the show, relationship with Andy, his own portrayal, future in wrestling, more, plus news on Marquardt, TRT in MMA, Randy Orton interview on OD, concussions, Smackdown, Punk

Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez returns today with a packed show! We'll open with news on Nate Marquardt, hormone replacement therapy in MMA, Randy Orton's interview today that got him a ton of heat, his overdose in 2006 and concussion earlier this month and why more people should be talking, Smackdown spoilers, the UFC Countdown special, latest on CM Punk and more. Then we're joined by LUKE ROBINSON of Tough Enough fame to talk all the backstage details on the season, his relationship with Andy, how he felt he was portrayed on the show, his love for wrestling and what his future holds, and more. A very honest and outspoken interview. Great show today so check it out~!

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