OVW Saturday Night Special 8-6 Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse

Ohio Valley Wrestling presented its August Saturday Night Special at the Davis arena in Louisville last night. OVW is claiming a sell out for this event, and the place was full. Not far off of 300 in the building. OVW continues to have decent to good momentum going for it, and several good storylines working at once, several of which came to a head on this show, though not everything was blown off here. The show was good for the most part. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the announcers for the upcoming DVD release of this show, which I would recommend checking out this DVD. Brittany DeVore was the ring announcer.

The show opened with clips on the screens of the finish of the non-title OVW champion Jason Wayne vs Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni match from this past Wednesday nights TV taping. The finish saw many of Christian Mascagni's goons run in and attack Jason Wayne, but Johnny Spade made the save. However, Wayne gave Spade a back elbow by accident during the melee, so Spade laid Wayne out with a superkick. The main event tonight is Wayne defending the title against Spade.

OVW TV champion Paredyse came out, wearing his oh so flamboyant version of street clothes. Paredyse announced the opening match tonight would be a battle royal to determine a number one contender to his TV title, leading to.....

1. Sean Casey won a battle royal to become the number one contender to the OVW TV title

Raphael Constantine refused to get in the ring and compete, instead he was picketing outside the ring during the match that he's the rightful TV champion. It came down to Casey, Tony Gunn, Andreas Rossi, and Alex Silva, and then down to Silva and Casey. Constantine decided then to enter the match. Silva went out, and Constantine charged Casey, who flipped him over the top rope to win it. Casey and Paredyse came nose to nose on the floor after the match, and they will meet for the OVW TV title at this coming Wednesdays TV taping. Casey was in the past Wednesday, and lost to ROH World Champion Davey Richards. Have to see if Casey becomes a regular here again or not.

2. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Vaughn Lilas

Mo Green, wearing another new sport coat, again announcer Silvio at 265 pounds, and again that's only over by 100 pounds or so. That added 100 pounds must be ego. Lilas is a former OVW heavyweight champion, still in good shape. Lilas is a tall dude, and looks even taller next to the diminutive Silvio. All Lilas early. Silvio came back, and went for his crippler crossface submission, but couldn't get it. Lilas went for his cravat based finisher, but Silvio whacked Lilas with Mo Green's cane for the tainted victory, but a victory nevertheless.

The screens showed a backstage interview from earlier today with Brittany DeVore and OVW champion Jason Wayne. Wayne put over Jonnny Spade as a great competitor, but said he will walk out tonight as still the champion.

It then went to The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) arguing backstage. They are wrestling each other tonight, and haven't been getting along for months now. Revolver didn't want the match at all, but McNaler really did, and said he would show Revolver tonight who the true leader of The Elite really is.

3. Randy Terrez beat Raul Lamotta

Grudge match here that's been building up for weeks. Lots of fast paced back and forth action early, but it was on the sloppy side for sure. Prince Bolin ran in and got up on the apron to distract Terrez. The story is Lamotta is close to offically joining up with Bolin Services 2.0, and had their full backing tonight. Terrez took a hard bump under the bottom rope face first to the floor. Terrez and Lamotta trading hard chops on the outside. Terrez went for a 'Rana on the floor, but Lamotta stopped it and swung Terrez into the guard rail super hard. Damn. Back in the ring Lamotta flung Terrez across the ring by his hair. Terrez came back, and went up for his "Thrill kill" finisher, a reverse corkscrew twisting moonsault off the top tope rope, but Lamotta cut him off and crotched him. Terrez went for a wheelbarrow like Lucha move, but Lamotta cut that off and dropped Terrez down right on his head. lamotta went for his crub stomp finisher, but Terrez fought out of it. Both guys trading big chops in mid ring, now chopping each other on their knees in mid ring. Terrez went for his Thrill Kill finisher again, and the second time was the charm as he creamed Lamotta with it and got the win. The match was on the sloppy side, but it was exciting. Had really good energy to it. Terrez forced Lamotta to work very hard here.

4. Ted McNaler beat Adam Revolver

Battle of The Elite here. Revolver wanted no part of this match early, and McNaler was chasing him around. Finally these two started pie facing, and shoving each other, and it then broke down to a brawl in mid ring, both guys rolling around on each other. Revolver got a cheap shot in on McNaler and took over. McNaler came back with his butterfly suplex. Both guys rolling around the ring with a series of two counts on each other. McNaler went for his spear finisher but Revolver avoided it, and McNaler crashed into the second turnbuckle. Revolver went to the roll up win while holding the tights, but McNaler reversed it and got the clean win over his long time tag team partner. McNaler wanted shake hands after the match, Revolver was reluctant, but finally half heartedly did. McNaler wanted Revolver to leave thru the babyface entrance with him, and again he half heartedly did. Are The Elite back together as babyfaces now? Was this the professional wrestling version of couples therapy?? We'll see.

Backstage Jamin Olivencia discovered someone had dumped his bag of clothes on the floor, and poured bleach on them. Rudy Switchblade, the prime suspect, showed up to mock Olivencia about it. These guys have a "no touch" clause in effect until their match tonight. Nick Dumeyer was there too, called "Fudd" here, due to his resemblance to Elmer Fudd. Olivencia knocked Fudds' block off, then went nose to nose with Switchblade.

5. Izza Belle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) w/Jessie Belle Smothers beat Lady JoJo w/Taryn Shay to win the OVW Womens championship

This opened fast with Izza Belle and JoJo trading hard forearms to the head. Izza Belle then took over with some crisp looking offense. JoJo with some kicks on Izza Belle. JoJo rattled Izza Belle with a big drop kick to the corner, and another one for good measure with Izza Belle sitting down in the corner. These ladies are working stiff here. Izza Belle with a back suplex on JoJo, but she's still hurt. Izza Bella with some wicked knees to the head of Lady JoJo. JoJo caught Izza Belle with a quick suplex when Izza Belle charged her. Izza Belle went for her pump handle slam finisher. Taryn Shay tried to interfere, but was cut off by Jessie Belle, and JoJo tried to fight out of it, but Izza Belle persevered and nailed it to get the win, and the OVW Womens title. Very good ladies match. Mickie Knuckles is top shelf as a womens worker. She's just flat out good, and JoJo looked really good here too. JoJo had held the title for almost a year, winning it on August 28th, 2010.

6. Rudy Switchblade vs Jamin Olivencia went to a no contest

A big time grudge match here, burning hatred between these two that's been escalating for awhile now. Switchblade out with new trunks, and a new ring jacker. His trunks say "in famous" on the seat. Olivencia came out in a football jersey with his name on the back. Today is Olivencia's birthday. All Olivencia early here as he started off quick with his running body block to the corner, and went for his clamping DDT finisher, but couldn't get it that soon. They went to the floor and traded big chops back and forth. The crowd is very loud here, cheering pretty evenly for both guys. Olivencia jumped off the apron, but Switchblade caught him on the button with a dropkick on the floor. Switchblade picked Olivencia up in a firemans carry and thru him hard shoulder first into the ringpost on the floor. Switchblade dominating Olivencia in the ring. Olivencia answered back with a dropkick off the second rope. Switchblade with some roundhouse kicks to the chest of Olivencia, who was on his knees. Both guys trading forearm shivers to the head, but Switchblade spits in Olivencia's face, hits a back suplex on him, and then hits his Frogsplash finisher on Olivencia. Olivencia kicked out. Switchblade got frustrated and took the top turnbuckle pad off. Olivencia had Switchblade pinned, but the ref was trying to fix the turnbuckle pad. A chair entered the fray. Olivencia landed his clamping DDT finisher on Switchblade on the chair, but Olivencia got the worst of it, his back hitting the chair hard. Switchblade kicked out. Both guys on their knees slapping each other across the face. With both guys fighting in the corner, the both shoved the ref down on the purpose, causing the match to be ruled a no contest. The fight continued, and became a pull apart with the geek squad running out trying to stop it. Olivencia off the top rope onto Switchblade on the floor near the announce desk. Switchblade off the apron onto Olivencia on the floor. The crowd chanting "Let them fight". Hell of a match, and this feud is far from over. Olivencia was out during intermission, and the right side of his mouth, and the left side of his face/eye were noticeably swollen. He looked like he'd been in a fight, because he had. Happy birthday Jamin! Heh.


Some lady sang the National Anthem.

They showed clips from the July Saturday Night Special where Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Michael Hayes, and won Hayes' prosthetic leg.

Gilbert Corsey interviewed the mother of Michael Hayes, Vickie Monroe, next to the guard rail at ringside. Monroe said her son was amazing, and he would be leaving on two legs tonight.

7. Michael Hayes beat Mohamad Ali Vaez by submission to win his prosthetic leg back from Vaez

Lots of people here tonight to see Hayes. Hayes was 0-4 vs Vaez going into this match. Today, August 6th, 2011, is the 5 year anniversary of when Hayes woke up in the hospital in Iraq and realized he had lost his leg in combat, and that he was the only survivor of that attack. Deafening pop for Hayes, who thru his crutches thru the curtain and hopped quickly to the ring. Vaez took the mic and said Hayes had packed the house tonight. Then Vaez told Hayes, "Happy anniversary". Hayes slapped Vaez, and the match was on. Lots of "Ali sucks" and "USA" chants during this one. Hayes on one leg, his only leg, giving Vaez forearms to the head. Hayes went for the Anaconda Vice submission early, but Vaez made the ropes. Hayes with some punches, and a one legged dropkick. Hayes again goes for the Anaconda Vice, Vaez again makes the ropes. Vaez clips the leg of Hayes. Vaez with a running kick to the head. Vaez worked over the one leg of Hayes for awhile, wrapping it around his leg and falling back, among other things. Hayes with a hope spot, but Vaez went out and wrapped Hayes' leg around the ringpost three times, while making eye contact with Hayes' Mother on the floor. Vaez tried it again, saying "This one if for you mom", but Hayes pulled Vaez into the ringpost. After some back and forth action in the ring, Hayes caught Vaez in the Anaconda Vice in mid ring, and Vaez had to tap out. Huge pop for the finish, the crowd was loud this whole match.
Hayes reattached his prosthetic leg and walked around the ring as the crowd cheered. Dean Hill on his feet cheering. Vaez had a physical confrontation with Hayes' mother on the floor. Vaez back in the ring pounding on Hayes. Crowd chanting "USA" again. Vaez ripped the fake leg back off of Hayes, and hit him with it on the chest. Referee Chris Sharpe angrily screaming at Vaez. Dean Hill on his feet angry. Vaez left with the leg, this is another feud that is not yet over. Hayes is a rookie, and on one leg is of course limited with that he can do, but this was a really dramatic match. Of course, the white hot patriotic crowd helped a ton here, and the story that this show fell on the 5th anniversary of Hayes waking up after losing the leg is like perfect.

8. James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin, Mo Green, and the personal assistant beat The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black) w/Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson to win the OVW Southern tag team titles

Thomas and Bellagio both out in new gear. Thomas with tiger stripes on the side of his new singlet. Bellagio had the state New Jersey on the seat of his trunks. The Garden state indeed. All of the seconds and managers of both teams got sent to the back by the ref before this match started. Trailer Park Trash getting the better of Thomas and Bellagio early. It looked like the ring legit moved when Jack Black splashed Bellagio back first in the corner. The huge Jack Black and Moose Thomas going at it, dual shoulder blocks were a stalemate. Thomas couldn't slam Black, but Black did slam Moose. TPT ended up taking the heat. Black back in with a sidewalk slam on Bellagio. Thomas gave TPT a "Moose kick" on the floor. Black trying to go to the top rope. Bolin Services 2.0 ran out to distract the ref. Moose Thomas slammed the 537 pound Jack Black off the top rope. Damn, that poor ring. Bellagio then pinned Black to win the tag titles. Kenny Bolin on his feet celebrating on the floor. This is the first gold Bellagio has held in OVW, and also the first title gold in OVW for Prince Bolin as a manager.

Brittany DeVore with a backstage interview from earlier today with Johnny Spade. Spade said it's taken him 14 years to get to this point, to have a chance to win the OVW title, and that Jason Wayne was the only thing standing in his way.

9. Jason Wayne beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade to retain the OVW Heavyweight title

Main event time. These two met in a quarter finals tournament match for the OVW title a little over a month ago, with Wayne winning. Wayne overpowered Spade a few times early. Wayne is a rookie, but a big strong dude, legit former Marine. Spade, the master of chops, tried some on Wayne, but had a difficult time getting a good one in. Spade kicked Wayne in the leg on the floor, and tried more chops. Crowd is somewhat quiet here, the most quiet they've been in a few hours. Babyface vs babyface here. Spade with more chops in the ring, but they were just making Wayne angry. Spade was having much better luck with kicks, and was breaking Wayne down with them. Wayne with a forearm to the jaw of Spade off the top rope. Wayne in control for awhile. Spade back with a 'Rana off the second rope in the corner. Spade went for a superkick, but Wayne blocked it. Wayne went for his full nelson slam finisher, but Spade blocked it. Spade locked the Goga Plata submission on Wayne in mid ring, ala the Undertaker. Wayne in trouble, but doesn't tap. Wayne finally powerbombed Spade to break it. Spade with a flatliner on Wayne. Spade went for his Swanton finisher, but Wayne cut him off and crotched him. Wayne with a second rope superplex on Spade. Wayne with punches. Wayne with a sidewalk slam. Spade with a superkick, but didn't get all of it and Wayne kicked out. Spade hit the Swanton, but again didn't get all of it, and Wayne kicked out. Spade openly frustrated. Spade went for the Swanton again, but Wayne cut him off and gave Spade his full nelson slam from the second rope to win it, and retain the title. This match was not bad at all, but it didn't fully click either, and the crowd was showing signs of fatigue here, though they still made some noise. I think more than anything else, after the rest of this show, this main event, for whatever reason, came off as being kinda anti-climactic. I, and others around me, fully expected Mike Mondo, Christian Mascagni, Mascagni's goon squad, and possibly Tony Gunn to interfere in this match, but surprisingly, none of that happened. Totally clean match with zero distractions or interference. Wayne and Spade shook hands, and hugged after the match. Easy thumbs up show tonight. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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